Snacky Sunday

Sunday started with a handful of cereals and a waffle with PB followed by a 75 minute bike ride outside. It was a beautiful morning.
I grabbed some grapes when we got back.
Cha for Tea! We love this place lately. The BF and I started with some fancy tea smoothie type drinks with Bobas. We ordered a blended Thai tea and an Almond Black Tea – both with the Bobas on the bottom.
We ate here for the first time. I got the grilled chicken. It came with rice, salad and corn. I ate so fast I felt sick afterwards. I don’t know why this pic is sideways…
A treat… chocolate square

Appetizers before dinner : nachos!
I snacked so much while making dinner that I wasn’t even hungry by the time we sat down, but of course I still ate. Dinner was chicken sausages with spinach and fontina cheese on a ww bun with salad. Dessert! The BF and I shared some warm cookies and a Vita Muffins with ice cream. It was super decadent.
Oh yeah, I had a glass of wine with dinner. I actually drank this glass, unlike normally when I pour it in the BF’s glass when he’s not looking. This is my favorite wine ever! It’s one of the ones we got in Paso Robles on our road trip. This is from our fav place – Rotta Winery.



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