Fruit is for being healthy…

Chocolate is for dessert. That’s how it should be. I don’t like fruit for dessert. I like fruit for a treat – they are 2 different things. Today we celebrated the April birthdays at work and had make-your- own-Strawberry Shortcakes. Ehh. I feel like angel food cake is a waste of space. Actually, all it is is space. It’ just sugar and air. I like substance to my cake. I made a little shortcake because everyone was so excited about them but I threw half of it away. I don’t normally do that.

Lunch was Healthy Choice soup. It was some fiesta flavor that was just okay. I also threw some lettuce on a plate with some spray dressing (which I jacked from someone who keeps it in the fridge at work) and called it a salad. I had 4 TJ’s woven wheat crackers and the leftover kale chips with it. My kale chips were all soggy! Are they only good fresh out of the oven? Help! *Add: I also ran to Costco on my lunch to refill my watermelon supply and had a sample of some taquito thing and a bunch of grapes on the way back.

I had a naner and some PB a little bit ago. I am way to rough to own bananas. It was a perfect little yellow guy this morning and I managed to bang it all up by 4pm.

Today I love … not windy days

My run this morning was so windy it felt like I was running in place. That is obviously very frustrating. It was a killer. So, I modified my route so that I was running with the wind on my back on the way back. Haha, I win this round wind!

Breakfast was oatmeal soaked in 2/3cup almond milk and South Beach granola on top. The South Beach granola comes in pre-portioned packages. This is great for a granola lover like myself. What is not great is that it doesn’t taste like the granola I’m used to. It’s more fruity and is not based on oats. I have come to discover that this breakfast does not keep me full for long. I think I need to change up the calorie count for breakfast as I eat pretty late (around 8:30am) and still want a snack before lunch. I might have to make those cottage cheese pancakes Kath swears keep her full for hours. I have my own version too, so I might just modify those with more protein.

I also had some grapes and a fruit salad mixed with greek yogurt when I got to work.

Last night add on …

Add a Vitatop, a glass of milk and a handful of graham crackers to last night after dinner. Night time eating is my biggest problem. I think the accountability of this blog will help. I need to stop night time eating all together. This will definitely help with my weight loss goals.

Farmer’s Market

A friend/co-worker and I went to the farmer’s market during lunch. I got a basket of cherries, which I proceeded to eat immediately. “God made dirt so, dirt don’t hurt.” Yes, I ate the whole container. Yes, I have a problem when it comes to watermelon and cherries. I estimate I spend 30 to 40 dollars a week on cherries alone during cherry season. They are the reason I live and breath during the summer. No, I am not being dramatic.

Lunch was a turkey sandy with carrots and hummus. I’m all out of my favorite hummus now.
An apple and popcorn were later in the afternoon. I always forget that even though I love popcorn it is a bad idea to eat it at work. No floss! I hate stuff in my teeth.

I plan on buying Hungry Girl’s new book after work. I don’t like all her stuff because I feel that a lot of her recipes are full of artificial crap. My aim is to be healthy while losing weight, not just to live off of diet coke and 100 calorie packs. But, I checked out some of the recipes online and I want to try a few, so I’ll buy the book and keep you updated…

Today I love … my knock off brand conditioner

Because my hair was a rat’s nest after my run this morning. I was so windy! The crazy wind managed to completely tangle my pony-tail into a ball of knots. I hate that. My trick to fix this is to put a ton of conditioner in my hair and comb it out in the shower. It is so much easier than trying to comb it out after you get out. Trust.

Today started with oatmeal. I soaked it overnight because I meant to make it Muesli thing morning, but it was too cold for that. This is the oatmeal I just use for oatmeal pancakes or Muesli, it was okay hot. Boo.
After that I had watermelon and cottage cheese with pina.

I was going to eat the world’s oldest naner with a Tbsp of PB, but I couldn’t . I like barely ripe bananas, you know where it’s still kinda hard and not squishy. This banana was on it’s last breath and I couldn’t do it. So, I ended up with a half of an english muffin with PB.

Don’t call it Supper

I had a handful of yogurt covered pretzels and a couple of raisins while making dinner. They come from the bulk bin and are horrible for you. The nutrition information says they are 200 calories for 1/4 cup. I don’t think that is right because the mix is mostly yogurt pretzels. You can only fit about 5 pretzels in a 1/4 a cup how is that 200?
Dinner was a sweet potato, veggie burger patty (with a ton of ketchup) and salad with TJ’s balsamic dressing. I have loved sweet potatoes since they were invented in 3 A.D. – I think that is accurate, but don’t quote me.
After dinner I finished off my box of Shredded Wheat with almond milk. It was just the sugar crumbs on the bottom of the bag. I let it soak and get all squishy. This is one of the few cereals I like that way.

If you use diet pills… has a good article on alli, the new diet pill. It apparently makes your butt leak. Yeah.
Here is a link to the article.