One guess & Mary Announcement

I’ll let you have one guess of what I had for breakfast today…

Here’s a hint – I’m apparently totally predictable and boring.

Yep, folks another day of oats, wheat berries, almond milk, naner, cinnamon and PB. Shocking, I know. dscn6101



In an effort to actually give you something new and exciting I’ve decided to just go for it and run the OC Marathon May 3rd. Why the hell not, right? I would love to run the San Diego Rock N’ Roll Marathon (May 31st) instead. I’ve heard it’s a really fun & flat (my fave!) race, but that would not work out with my crazy June schedule.

So that only leaves  9 weeks until the race! Since my first attempt at the full Feb 1st I have really slacked offlet my self take it easy on long runs. Last Saturday 11 miles was hard! Plus the OC Mary supposedly has more hills than Surf City. Boo. The moral of the story is: I need to get it together. I am figuring out a training plan today!

We don’t have exact dates/flights/details set yet, but here is a rough draft of  how crazy June is for me!

My Life in June 2009:

June 1st -> go to New Jersey for Ben’s brother’s graduation

June 2nd -> graduation

June 3rd? to ??? ->drive to Florida from NJ

June 5th to ? ->Marco Island, FL – Ben’s family has a time share & go this week of June every year

June ? -> back to California

June 18th or 19th -> drive up to Paso Robles

June 20th -> WEDDING!!!

June 21st -> Leave for honeymoon (TBD)

Cereal pic MIA, as usual

I was doing something with my camera in the afternoon and didn’t take a pic of a bowl of cereal for an afternoon snack.

Dinner was a boring saladdscn6094

and leftover tofu & brussel sprouts with ww couscous.dscn6092

I am doing something wrong. I need to save money for my upcoming events 😉 but it’s hard to get in the habit of sticking to a specific budget and get all the things I need. This is what I just bought at the store – it was $50. This is just for the ingredients I need for a special recipe for tomorrow and a few other staples. Boo.

dscn6099PS- I ate a bunch of those grapes for dessert right now 🙂

Dream Vacation?

Ben and I are talking about where to go for our honeymoon. We went to Costa Rica last year and absolutely loved it!!! So, I kinda want to go back to a Central American country or South America. We have a bunch of travel books for everywhere from Fiji to Paris & totally can’t decide.

The only limitations are:

– We want to go somewhere with beautiful beaches (so that rules out some  places right away).

– We don’t want to go somewhere we’ve already been

That leaves us with so many options! It’s been very fun to research all these places, but I can’t decide! I have always wanted to go to the Galapagos or Peru (Machu Picchu). He would love anywhere in the South Pacific.

Q: Have you been anywhere that you totally recommend??? What’s your dream vacation?

My dream vacation would be combine beautiful nature, relaxation and exploration in far off countries. I like to go to more than one place when I’m on vacation and kind of hop around different cities/areas/countries. I need a vacation bucket list! For our honeymoon I definitely want to go somewhere tropical.

Cooking 101

Cooking 101:

Lesson for today – Don’t forget that you put something in the broiler.

Happy Thursday 🙂 I didn’t feel like running again today!? But this day just called for an easy 4miles and I was glad I did it.

Before I ran I had a few handfuls of Shredded Oatsdscn6074

Breakfast was same-odscn6077

Mid-morning colorfulnessdscn6080

Lunch – This is where the burning happened…dscn60821

dscn60831While I was putting it together I mindlessly ate a serving of these suckers – my  mom bought them and they’re addictive!

I had this soup from TJ’s. There is no point in having low sodium soup when you have to add salt to make it taste good!


Here is my super burnt english muffin with cheesedscn60851

Hey, it’s not that burnt – see the bottom!


Lent is for real

I ate lunch a little early today and was hungry for a BIG snack around 3pm. Bagel with PB&PB (pumpkin butter) – it was perfectly filling.dscn6068

I also received a package in the mail from POM Wonderful and drank a bottle of the course of the afternoon 🙂 review coming soon!

Dinner was my favorite meal – sweet potato, brussel sprouts & tofu (that can be switched with salmon depending on my mood).dscn6071

Normally I cut brussel sprouts in half to roast them, but these were so small I didn’t have to.


I love roasted brussels and seriously eat a pound of them every time I made them. It could be worse, right?

Now I am desparately chewing gum and trying not to think about sweets!!! This is going to be a rough 40 days. Ben, who knows my addiction to sugar very well, asked me, “What if you lose your will to live?”

Let me just make this clear – me giving up sweets is like an alcoholic giving up drinking. I have a history of alcoholism in my family and have the same addictive tendencies, plus I use food as an outlet.

Donde esta mis azucar?

Happy Humpday 🙂 This morning when I woke up I did NOT want to run. I don’t really know why, I just didn’t feel like I had a lot of energy, but I knew if I skipped out I would regret it later & wouldn’t have time to do it. So, I set out on a 7 miler. I am not going to lie and say that I loved every minute of it – the first 3 miles were mentally tough since I wanted to stop, but I did it.

Before I left I had a piece of bread w/ PB. Normally I would have some handfuls of cereal that would not get pictured!dscn6058

Breakfast –

Q: What is missing from this picture???dscn6060


A: brown sugar.

Normally I sprinkle brown sugar on top of my oats, but since I am staying away from sweets for the next 40 days (!) I thought I should take the sugar off my oats. I am not going to avoid all foods with sugar in it, since my goal is to avoid sweets like candy, cookies, ice cream, etc – not all sugar.

After breakfast I was still a little hungry (or maybe actually thirsty) and had some blueberries. dscn6063

(I also had a few bites of scrambled eggs I made for my bro.) Lunch was salmon salad made with this packet. I love that you don’t have to drain the can and get fish juice everywhere!!!dscn6064

I had it on an english muffin with an apple and salad on the side 🙂


My blog-aversary is coming up and I wanted to do a give away contest, but Lindsay at The Love of Oats beat me to it 🙂 I may have to wait for a belated blog-aversary contest since I don’t want to be a copier. But, I do want to participate in Linday’s contest!!!

Fat Tuesday – my kinda day

I started the day with a huge bowl of cereal. After I eat the biggest bowl of cereal I am not as full as when I eat a normal bowl of oats. Oats are so much more filling. Since I was still hungryI had a piece of bread with PB.dscn6040

What a pretty lunch! Look at these strawberries and blueberries 🙂dscn6044

I also had a PB and pumpkin butter sandwich. I don’t really like this bread, luckily Matt likes it and I’ll get some of my fave Costco bread and let him finish it.dscn6045


The King cake came with a baby to hide in the middle. Different groups have different traditions, but my friend says the person who gets the baby is the King or Queen for the day and has to bring the cake next time.dscn6048

dscn6049Here’s my piece, it was basically like a loaf of cinnamon swirl bread – and just okay.

dscn6050A little later I broke out the yogurt/pumpkin butter/cereal combo

dscn6052Dinner was chicken and brocoli salad and the biggest sweet potato ever!!! I had VitaTop and a few pieces of chocolate for dessert, oh, and maybe some dessert sherry 😉