So far so.. far

So, I have some time today and I will post breakfast early -even though I didn’t take a picture. It was some TJs morning light and soymilk. I also had a yogurt and some pumpkin pudding – I got that recipe from Kath’s site.
Yeah, I didn’t like it. I don’t know why because I love pumpkin and all things pumpkin related. Maybe I will give it another try. I used to eat pumpkin all the time in oatmeal or as pumpkin fluff. I think I am used to it being sweeter.


Today I love … Boobs

I am a bad blogger. I was out of town for a couple of days. We went to Yosemite!!! It was totally last minute and crazy and I loved it. We do so many road trips/weekend trips I am going to start a separate site to talk about all that stuff. I have a ton of tips on how to travel cheap and healthy – not that I always eat healthy on trips!
I am really good about taking pics of breakfast, lunch and snacks. But, once I get home I completely forget. This really sucks because I have made some pretty cool stuff lately – including Hungry Girl’s Chocolate Chip Cookies and a Tofu-Couscous Stir-fry. Yum! I love couscous and have just learned to make it. It is so easy.

Yesterday was more of the same, oat bran for breakfast (with almond milk and brown sugar).

I also had an orange and tea for snack.

Lunch was Veggie Noodles with carrots and TJ’s dressing.

And I snacked on a 100 cal dark chocolate bar and a piece of bread with PB (no pic).

I had a leftover HG Choc Chip Cookie when I got home – these are best straight out of the oven. The next say they were kind of soft and squishy. I popped it in the micro for about 20 seconds and it was nice and gooey again. Dinner was the tofu stir fry with whole wheat couscous and broccoli.
Dessert was light ice cream and a couple of handfuls of peanut m&ms when I was making an Easter basket.

Today I love … tissue

If not for tissue I would use my sleeve!

I was out for 4 today. Breakfast was in my car : 1/3 oat bran made with 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk and 1 tsp brown sugar. I took the picture in my car. Crazy California drivers…
B: 165 cals
I had a apple at work – it had been stabbed by something in my purse, and a big handful of Flax plus. S: approx. 145 cals


I don’t have pictures for Breakie or lunch. Breakfast was 1/3 oat bran with brown sugar and Greek yogurt. Lunch was leftover chicken soup from last night. I had a mango for snack. Note the very efficient way I cut it.
I had a couple of apple crisps ( I will post about these later) on the way to my mom’s. Dinner was more chicken soup – this time from a can and a egg salad sandwich. I also made some roasted broccoli, but I put way too much salt on it. Matt tried it anyway, but he said it was not great.

Here is Matt trying my broccoli.

Dessert was a Vitatop, 6 peanut m&ms, and a couple of graham crackers and milk.


Sunday I was still feeling sick. I slept in then, went for short run/walk.

Breakfast and lunch were combined by the time I was back and showered. I got an enlightened Jamba Juice with granola topping. I always get the original size, but since I got the granola topping they put it in a big cup. So much smoothie granola goodness – this is my heaven.

I also got a hummus sandwich from Togo’s and ate about half of it. B: approx. 750 calories

Dinner was chicken soup and salad and pizza. I have not been eating meat, but when I am sick I let myself eat whatever my body is craving and most of the time it is chicken soup. Ben got pizza and I had to take a couple of bites. He gets this fancy shmancy pizza from Round Table that is covered in meat which I pick off. We also got a piece of pizza from Costco to compare the 2 pizzas. Every time he orders Round Table I remind him that Costco pizza is half the price and you get twice as much. But, I really only like cheese or veggie pizza and I am not an expert in the area of fancy pizzas so, it’s all the same to me. So, there is a piece of Costco pizza were were trying with the fancy pizza.

Dessert was some leftover smoothie we made from Friday night and a little over 1/2 a cup of light mint chip ice cream.

Ski Day

I woke up Saturday not feeling too well. Actually, I woke up with a killer sore throat and feeling pretty weak and lethargic. So, I went for a walk/run and then we went skiing in Big Bear. Yes, this is what I do when I am sick. I am crazy folks – get used to it.
I had a fruit salad with Greek yogurt topped with Flax Plus cereal on the way up. I also had a couple of bites of Ben’s egg and sourdough toast. B: approx. 400 calories

On the way up we stopped at McDonald’s, which is the last restroom stop before you start winding up the mountain with no bathroom for about 45 minutes or more. Ben got us a Shamrock shake and a huge hazelnut iced coffee to share. He had never had a Shamrock shake before so I was excited for this new experience, but he was not too impressed. Boo. We only stop at a McDonald’s for a pee brake so, this was a nice little treat since it will be our only Shamrock shake of the season, so I enjoyed it and didn’t make myself feel guilty. I probably had a couple of sips of the iced coffee and maybe 1/4 of the shake. S: estimate 160 calories

I packed pb and naner sandwiches for lunch. I was cheap with the pb on mine to keep the cals down. I used a little over a tbsp and half a small banana. L: approx. 330 calories

After skiing for a couple of hours we stopped at 7-11 for hot chocolate. By then my throat was killing me so I got a Crystal Light Slurpee for something cold on my throat and a juice for vitamin C. The juice was gross, so I gave it to Ben. I also bought a little container of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, because it is like crack. I ate about half the little bowl thing and drank some of the hot chocolate and Slurpee. Here he is holding our stash. S: approx 220
We stopped for dinner at Souplantation and I ate about 1600 calories there. Yes, I am trying to lose weight and yes I did eat about 2700 calories in 1 day. I was none too happy with myself, but I have to move on. I wrote it down and started a new day on Sunday.

Today I love … Green eggs and ham

Actually, I loved green eggs and ham on Thursday. I went to my mom’s school (she is a 3rd grade teacher) and read Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham to her class and to Matt’s class. Matt is my little brother, he is in 1st grade. They were having a celebration in honor of Dr.Seuss’ birthday and had guest readers come in and read his books.
It was a lot of fun and I made green eggs and ham for each class. It looked so gross. Even though I was the one who put in the green food coloring I was still disgusted by it. I scrambled up a ton of eggs, added food coloring and cooked them in 2 skillets. When they were almost done I added some ham. Then, I put them in a crock pot to keep them warm while I read the story. I did taste it (but not the ham) and it was pretty good. The kids were so cute and were asking for my recipe. They loved it!

Here is a picture of a couple of the kids holding their green eggs and ham. I didn’t want to show their faces, but trust me – they are smiling!