Tuesday 9/30

I wanted cereal today, but the banana I had would only work in oatmeal since it was way too ripe. It ended up making the oats super sweet and creamy though 🙂 I don’t know may be it’s the warm California weather, but I want cereal for breakfast more often than anything else.

Run : 1 hour, a few farteks thrown in
Eat: 1/2c oats, 1/2 light soymilk, naner, dash salt, cinnamon, brown sugar – no PB today, I just wasn’t feeling it. Isn’t that weird?

Calories : 350 (because I also had a small handful of cereal with it)

In other news – I am going to NYC tonight! I am not very excited yet because I have soooo much to do before I leave. I am working right now, I have to get my nails done, go to the bank and pack. The flight doesn’t leave until 10 so I have some time. I am going to need a drink to unwind because we are taking a red eye and I need to sleep on the flight. I will be blogging from NYC though, so you’ll see the “Adventures on Runeatrepeat” while I’m goine. I love traveling!

Monday Recap

One of my peeps came by my desk before lunch and was eating my chips and since they were there I had a handful too! Opps. I don’t even like those things (the fake Sun Chips from TJ’s) so I left them on her desk to have. Lunch was a LC butternut squash ravioli meal. So good! I have to write my name on it because people will eat your food. Lame.

Calories (with chips) – 400 cals My afternoon snackage was A LOT of watermelon,
and a kashi bar. Calories – about 250
Dinner was ww couscous, a veggie burger and salad with peanut dressing. Hmmm. Calorie estimate – 350
Dessert 🙂 pumpkin ice cream on top and cookies and dreamz on the bottom. Calories – 200
Calorie Estimate for the day – 1600ish
I am happy with that!


I am going to NYC on Tuesday and will be there until Sunday. The BF is in a wedding for one of his best friends and we thought we would make it a mini-vacay.
1. My question is – Do you have suggestions for healthy eats in the city? I have not been there since I was 12 so I have no clue where to eat/what to eat…

2. Also, where is a good place to run?

I don’t know exactly where we are staying so suggestions for anywhere in the area are fine.

Monday Breakfast

I went shopping for a dress for a wedding I’m attending this weekend and came back empty handed. I did however find this cute pink hat. I love it! I didn’t get it because I wouldn’t actually have anywhere to where it or anything to where it with, but I had to get a pic. I think I should try to bring hats back! I know I’m weird… So, I may have found the secret to staying full with cereal for breakfast. After my 11 mile run on Saturday I wanted cereal. I ate my bowl with half a banana inside the cereal and half on the side with Almond Butter. I was super full afterwards! I know I am supposed to be eating oatmeal everyday per my “Oatmeal Challenge”, but I let myself have whatever my body is craving after a long run. I think that is healthy right? The bad thing about this breakfast is that it adds up to 500 calories when I am trying to keep my breakfast calories to 400. Boo. I don’t know if I should stick to oatmeal (which is 400 the way I eat it) or take 100 cals from lunch or something. I didn’t care about the extra cals after a long run where I probably burned a lot of cals, but going forward I want to watch it.
Now for Monday…
Run : 5.5 miles, good pace – felt good 🙂
Eat: oatbran with soymilk, cinnamon, AB and brown sugar. It was delicious. Too bad we were out of naners, they make oats so much better!
I had some grapes for my morning fruit since I missed out on a banana.
Calories: 391, fat: 15.4, protein 17.2

I finally decided to sign up for Fit Day! I have been resisting it because I like to keep track of my eats in a notebook, but I need to watch my calories better if I want to lose weight. I will be posting my calorie counts for a little while so I can get a better idea of what my daily calorie goal looks like versus what I am eating.

Wednesday Recap & Pumpkin Ice Cream

I had some triscuits and a cheese stick in the afternoon when I was getting hungry. It’s really weird that my tastes are changing and I have been craving salty snacks over sweet sometimes. Dinner was salad, ww couscous and fish I made on the Foreman. I almost forgot that I had a Foreman because it’s been so long since I’ve used it. I love that thing – it makes THE BEST grilled cheese sandwiches! I want one right now.
When I was waiting for my car to get an oil change I walked around the store and found this…
Pumpkin Ice Cream! I scanned the nutrition info and it was actually not bad for ice cream – 120 cals for a 1/2 cup serving. The website has all the nutrition info here, but it says it is 100 cals for a serving I am not sure which is correct. Either way it is delicious. I love all things pumpkin and I love all things ice cream, so this is heaven for me 🙂 It has a great pumpkin flavor and does not taste artificial. This would probably work as a great base for a pumpkin smoothie! That recipe is coming soon here… If you have a Golden Spoon near you they have Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt in the Fall too!
So, of course I had to have some of each of my ice cream finds for dessert 🙂

Oats with eggs

So I tried the suggestion to put eggs in my oatmeal. I added 1 egg white and it really seemed to bulk up the bowl. It was almost overflowing!
I made it with:
1/2c each – oats, soymilk, water
1 egg white
cinnamon and dash salt
brown sugar on top
This bowl was really good, but not as good as yesterday. I think the trick from yesterday’s was that the soymilk and naner marinated with the oats for about an hour before cooking. They were so sweet and creamy!
Verdict – this bowl kept me full till lunch! Exactly what I wanted. I know some days your hunger fluctuates, but I think this is a great and long lasting breakfast in general.
I had a Lean Cuisine meal for lunch – Lemon Chicken. Here it is right out of the micro…
and here it is plated with salad. Doesn’t look so much better like this? I don’t always feel like dirtying up a dish, but I do think this helps you feel like you’ve really eaten a substantial meal when you put it on a plate all fancy like.

Tuesday Recap

So here is a quick recap of Tuesday so I can get to the good stuff. Lunch was a turkey sandwich with carrots, snap peas and couple of chips on the side – with hummus too! Afternoon snack was Kashi Trail Mix. Chocolate chips just make everything better, don’t they?
and some watermelon because it was there…

I got to my mom’s about 8pm and was super hungry. Luckily my mom had made spaghetti. I love her spaghetti 🙂
I had a piece of toast with garlic and butter. I also love garlic and bread and let’s face it sometimes butter -ha.
I tried to make my Vita Muffin mix in an individual serving like the No Pudge brownies, but that did not work…I ate it anyways.
So I made the mix for real. They are just okay. I don’t know why the frozen ones are soooo much better than the ones I made fresh at home. That doesn’t make sense. I ate 2 of them because they smelled so good, but didn’t taste as good as they smelled. Boo. At least my little bro likes them. I can pawn them off 🙂