Avoid the conference room!!!

We are celebrating all the May birthdays at work today with a “Brownie Explosion” Party. Everyone is in there right now laughing and eating brownies. I don’t even want to go near it, but we’ll see how I hold up.
I started lunch with a big salad topped with light balsamic. I thought I’d get my veggie requirement out of the way early since we are going out to eat tonight. This way I can eat crap! Just kidding. Kind of.
I have been craving some kind of white cheese sauce. I wanted white cheddar mac n’ cheese the other night, but ended up making something else. I had to stop into Albertson’s for some batteries today and noticed they had the Lean Cuisine meals for $1.99. That is crazy. So, I bought a couple of my favs – this not being one of them, but it’s for the craving. Lunch was the Lean Cuisine Fettuccini Alfredo (their spelling). I know it’s overly processed and full of sodium, but I can’t deny my craving. The alternate would have been to go out to a restaurant and order this. Yeah, right. (I do like LC’s pizzas for a pizza craving and their Spa line which has brown rice or whole grain pasta.)

For dessert I had a bunch of watermelon. I have already finished one since Tuesday (my mom ate a little bit). Good thing I bought 2. Yes, I have a problem.

My lunch feast. This is a lot of food. I really eat a lot more than everyone I know. I don’t feel good about that. I have got to start hanging out with 16 year old boys or something. Wait, that sounds bad. Never mind.


So, um we kinda like cereal around here…

Today is a rest day since I have a long run planned for tomorrow. I just went for a long walk with the perros. Breakfast was a BIG bowl of a bunch of cereals with almond milk. I couldn’t decide what cereal I wanted, so I had them all!I used all these cereals to make my bowl. After I was done with the bowl I had a little more of my favorites. I shouldn’t have done that. Boo.

We also had these, but I didn’t want any since I used to eat these ones every single day for years. Plus, these are the cereals I have at home and I wanted something different.

I think it is easier for me to overeat cereal when I am having it with milk. I don’t overeat it with yogurt because the yogurt stops and you don’t go open a new container of it, but you can go get a little more milk, then a little more cereal, then a little more milk… forever! I do that.
Once I am done with this milk/almond milk I may stick to yogurt.

I’m It!!!

I’ve been tagged by Simple and Divine! Yeah for me my first tag 🙂
Here are the rules as I understand them:
RULES: (1) Link your tagger(s) and post these rules
(2) Share 5 unknown Facts about yourself
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My 5 Facts:
1. I am a red-headed Mexican. For real. My mom and dad are both Mexican and I was born with fair skin and super red hair. It’s natural folks. If you have the nerve to ask about the carpet, I will have the nerve to answer. Maybe even show you if you’re lucky. Just kidding. What is my deal today?
Anyways, I am some kind of freak-of-nature. Most people don’t believe that I am 100% Mexican, not just half or something. But, let’s be honest – this kind of booty isn’t made for white girls. Seriously though, there must be some Spanish blood in my genes, but I’ve never done the family tree thing. I know most of my old time Mexican family had some money and were light skinned so they might have had some “good times” with the Spanish Conquistadors – if you know what I mean wink wink.

2. I am crazy. What do you expect for some girl who claims to be a red-headed Mexican and grew up in the get-toe? Woo woo. Not really, well may be. But, I did get a tattoo when I was 19 years old. I went by myself and didn’t tell anyone that I was going except my BF at the time. It’s a flame on my hip. I do stuff like that. And people are always telling me, “You’re crazy” or “Go away crazy,” stuff like that.

3. I went to private/Catholic school from 1st through 12th grade. So, I am a whore.
No, but I think it did make me a little weird. I went to school with the same 38 or so people from 1st to 8th grade. Then, my high school graduating class was under 300. I had 12 years of Religion as a class every week. I should know the Bible front to back, but I’m embarrassed to say I don’t. It doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not, if you’re studying it for 12 years it should have stuck with you right? I might be slightly learning disabled now that I think about it.

4. I don’t drink unless I am going to get totally wasted. I think alcohol is a waste of calories for casual drinking. I have been trying to get into wine, but that’s been slow moving. So, I don’t really drink that much, but if I do –watch the heck out! (I mean that in a fun way.) On that note, please let me know if you find any pics of me on the ‘net in a “compromising position”.

5. I have a 2 younger brothers. One of them is 3 years younger than me (Michael), the other is 17 years younger than me (Matt). That is crazy. So, it’s like I have a kid. I take care of him like he’s mine. I lecture my mom on the things she’s doing wrong with him and everything. I’m sure she appreciates that. He’s my little 1st grade friend and I love him!

Now, I am supposed to tag 5 peeps. It looks like everyone has already been tagged though. If you have already been tapped don’t worry about it! I’m going to take a shot and tag these guys: Kath, Laura, Adriel, Pickles and your mom.

Hammer, I mean Lunch Time!

I have a confession, I ate another half of a doughnut at some point this morning. It was just okay. I think I am convinced some foods are sooo good because I used to deny myself so much, but they are really just okay. Boo.

I ate most of this packet of South Beach granola too. It’s very fruity, not your usual granol-y.
Since I ate so much already today I tried to make lunch a little lighter. (I wasn’t that hungry after so much junk either.) I had a salad with a veggie burger.

I also had broccoli and carrots with hummus.

I was full after my sugary snack filled day, so I saved the cherries for a little later.

Today I love … being an up-to-date bloggy

I am back in business friends! I finally have the blog up to date and am totally on top of things.
I feel current and relevant and successful. Okay, may be I am going too far there, but I am glad to be here!

I went for a short bike ride with the BF first thing this morning. It was about 5.something miles. Then, I went for the same distance run.
Breakfast was oat bran made with almond milk and topped with brown sugar. Very filling. I was hungry this morning and wanted the most filling breakfast I could make quickly.
Today was a “Breakfast Club” day at work where 2 people team up to bring in breakfast for the office. It is always full of junk and sooo tempting. I had half of a half of doughnut and a couple of strawberries. In my defense I always smell doughnuts when I run in the morning. Both I and the BF live near a doughnut shop, so no matter where I run they tempt me. “Why?” I think during my run. So, I’ve been craving a doughnut anyways and I thought this is better than stopping and getting a whole one by myself or worse – more than one.

I had a yogurt and some watermelon – this was supposed to be the rest of my breakfast.

The doughnut’s siren song got me again. I really wanted something with pink frosting, so I cut off a little piece of one and had it with coffee. It was so good, but that is it for me on the doughnut front for a long time! Please help hold me accountable!

Wednesday All Day

I went for a short run in the morning then took the perros for a walk. It’s was probably about an hour total
Breakfast was an oat bran pancake with a couple of blueberries tossed in. I also had about 1/2 a cup of egg beaters with ketchup. It was a very satisfying breakie since I’ve been craving pancakes so bad!
I had a doctor’s appointment before work. I stopped back at home to grab some stuff and had some cherries and watermelon while cleaning up and stuff.

Lunch was a veggie deli meat sandwich on a sprouted bun with lettuce. I also had carrots and broccoli with hummus. These are new carrots I bought from TJ’s not the poison carrots from the other day – which I am still taking back if I can find the receipt.

Doesn’t this meal look so healthy?
I snacked on a couple of Kashi crackers with PB because I wanted to.

I had some greek yogurt with a splenda and some cereal mixed in for snack. The container probably only had about 1/3 left so I ate it right out of there. I also tried this soda – it’s Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Chocolate. Doesn’t it sound disgusting? I got it from the 99 Cent Store, so I figured it was no real loss if I hated it. It was okay, not disgusting, but I don’t think I’d get it again. It did taste like chocolate though. It was weird. That is my friend Adriel in the background. He’s funny.

I had half a mini Cliff Bar because I like to eat half of things? I don’t know why okay. It is what it is.

Dinner was a big salad with which I ate a ton of croutons. I love croutons, especially garlic cheese ones. Mmm. I made a shrimp/hot sausage stir-fry for the BF and I. I put it on ww couscous with ICBNB spray and a bunch of salt. I also had a veggie burger because the stir-fry thing was a kit with shrimp and veggies (I added the sausage per BF’s request) and it didn’t have a lot of shrimp. I wasn’t going to eat the sausage and would give most of the shrimp to the BF, so I figured I needed more protein.

Dessert was a flour-less chocolate walnut cookie because sometimes you just need some chocolate 🙂 I also had a bite of No Bake cookies, which I have to come up with another name for. I am having Matt work on it.

Back to Business Tuesday

In order to get caught up on the blog I am just going to break down Tuesday and Wednesday’s eats. Sorry I am so behind on this! I will be a better blogger from now on.

I went out for an about 5.6 or something mile run first thing in the morning.
I snacked on some watermelon on my drive home.
Breakfast was a mix of Kashi Go Lean, Flax Plus and Nature’s Path granola with skim milk.

I went to Costco on my lunch and had a couple of samples – so add in about 140 calories here.
Lunch was a frozen buckwheat noodle bowl with carrots. Turns out the carrots I just bought from Costco are bad or something. They taste really weird and I have to take them back. I even confirmed it with a co-worker – bad carrots!

I needed some chocolate so I had this bar. It is just like a candy bar with 150 cals and a bunch of fiber and protein. Yum.

Since I hadn’t met my PB requirement for the day I had a couple of Kashi crackers with some PB.

On the way home I stopped at TJ’s for the ingredients for No Bake cookies. I got a box of Frosted Maple & Brown Sugar Wheats and cracked it open for a couple of handfuls. I wasn’t really hungry – this is just a bad habit 😦

I had a couple bites of the orange chicken with brown rice my mom made, but decided I wanted something else.

I made a burrito on a La Tortilla Factory high fiber tortilla. Notice the burn marks. We have an electrical stove so I put the tortillas right on the spiral burner and this happens. I like it a little burnt.

The guts. I filled it with some veggie ground meat, lettuce, cheese, tapatio and black beans. The black beans were super fresh. My mom had just finished cooking them. So good.

I was still a little hungry so I had some brown rice with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray and salt mixed with plain salad. It was so good and the lettuce didn’t have anything on it. I was craving salty and put a lot of salt on the rice/lettuce mix.

After I took the dogs for a short walk I made the No Bake Cookies everyone has been talking about. Ummm, Hello. This is dangerous. They are so good, take no time to make and can be eaten in mass quantities very easily. This is a recipe for disaster, seriously. I packed up most of them to take to the BF. The thing is I still eat the stuff I bring him when I am over there. I might have to hold him down and force feed him so they are gone. I would do that. Because I am a good girlfriend who makes him cookies and stuff.