Friday recap

So, I worked from home Friday again and it was less than perfect, but not totally tragic. I did stand in front of the cupboards a couple of times and eat chips out of the bag. I didn’t binge on cereal or other crap. So, I am making progress, but not at where I want to be.

I woke up hungry and had a naner with PB. Here is a representation:I took a long walk with the dogs since I usually have been doing my long runs on Saturdays and my legs feel a lot better if I take a day of rest the day before. Breakfast was a cereal medley with nf milk.
I cut up a watermelon and this didn’t fit in the tupperware so I had to eat it 🙂 I think I purposely chose a smaller tupperware for this reason.
I snacked on carrots while making lunch to be healthy and get in some veggies.
Look at that steam! I made the last of the soy chorizo with 3 egg whites and a high fiber tortilla. So good!
I had random snacks through out the afternoon because I was so stressed with work and other life stuff. I realized this but still couldn’t stop myself from eating when I wasn’t hungry. Boo. One of the snacks that I managed to get a pic of was this Vita Top – corn flavor. This is not “corn-y” enough for me. They are just okay. I do highly recommend their chocolate flavors, but they’re expensive.
I also had turkey with cheese melted in the micro. I put one of these on a piece of wheat bread with light mayo (no pic).
I wasn’t hungry till pretty late from all the snacking, but I figured I should eat something so I didn’t keep snacking until midnight. My mom got her and Matt Chinese food for dinner so I ate their left overs. Why is greasy Chinese food so freakin’ good?!
Then, I made a big salad with wheat berries and TJ’s peanut dressing. I like wheat berries a thousand times more on a salad then in my oats. I don’t know why, but I am super obsessed with them now.
Dessert! We were supposed to go out for drinks for a friend’s b-day, but they didn’t end up going out so plans were cancelled. I really needed a drink after such a crazy week, but the BF didn’t have anything I wanted. I did pick up Golden Spoon though 🙂 I also had a couple of sips of a margarita so I was a happy camper. Ice cream and alcohol = the end to a crazy week!


Recipe Question – Lemon Cake

The BF’s B-day is coming up next week. He has requested lemon cake for his birthday cake. I should have never asked him what he wanted because I was hoping to make chocolate 🙂 Just kidding, now I’m craving an amazing lemon cake…

Anyways, does anyone have a good tried and true recipe for Lemon Cake? It has to be a winner because I am trying to impress (myself more than anyone).

Happy Thursday

I am working from home today, which means I will be a little too close to my kitchen and lots of foodies! Ahh! I am going to stick to my plan and really listen to my body and eat when I am hungry. I will NOT eat because I am stressed or bored or tired or lonely or mad or anything besides hungry. I’ll keep ya updated on how I do.

I think my cat and dogs are happy to have me around. They seem happier or maybe I am happier?

I’ll be back soon!

Crazy Day – Wednesday

It is still crazy over here! Anyways, I was running late as usual, and decided to skip making cereal or oatmeal to eat in the car and just grabbed a yogurt. and some blurry strawberries. Nice photography Monica! But, really you should give me a break since I was driving. On the freeway. In California. During morning rush hour. You get the idea.
I made oat bran when I got to work and topped it with brown sugar and some PB. Doesn’t it look gross? It actually wasn’t that good, but I was hungry so whatev.
I grabbed one of these packages while I was making the oats at work because it was there and I have a bad habit of just eating shit.
Lunch started with egg drop soup from this random place in the mall. I went there with my peep and she got Chinese food. I figured I would “be good” and eat my planned frozen meal since it was Asian inspired anyways and because we are moving out of this office TODAY and I need to take all my food home too!

Here is aforementioned frozen meal – LC shrimp something or other. It was spicy! I like spicy!
And no lunch (or breakfast or dinner or snack) would be complete without my one true love (after dark chocolate) – WATERMELON!
Dark chocolate triangle to even things out 🙂 It’s only fair.
I got hungry pretty soon after lunch, like 2 hours or something and ate this plus some muffin and rice krispy treat my co-worker had. I was just in the mood to snack today!
I saw this magazine at WF. It is based on a true story of a red-headed girl and her love for the WATERMELON. I didn’t need to buy it because I can write an article about “Why We Love Watermelon“. I am the world’s biggest watermelon fan folks! Why didn’t they interview me. I buy those suckers 2 at a time at Cost Co and don’t share with anyone!

Since I was at WF and since I think I am rich or something I decided to get dinner from the hot food and salad bar. I started with some tastes of the good stuff:
That is mashed potatoes, mac n cheese and turkey sausage with penne. Nice.
For my big ol’ salad: a ton of goodies that I ate too fast. I la la love their salad bar. But, they didn’t have my fave: couscous.

No pic: I also had a bunch of Sweet Potato chips from Food Should Taste Good. You’ll see them later though.

Dessert was a bunch of random things I shoved in my mouth when I got home, including a VitaTop. But, there were also a bunch of other crap that didn’t get a picture like raviolis and bites of a brownie and a cookie. These random bites are my worst habit because I do it all the time and I think it doesn’t “count” or something. I need to stop this. Anyways, check ya later 🙂

Lots of pics = Lots of food!

It is very stressful around here right now. At work we are moving offices so we have to pack up and get out by Wednesday. At home I have to sign up for a weekend class for the GRE, sign up for the GRE, write some articles for internships I want to apply to and figure out how I am going to pay for aforementioned class and test. I am so overwhelmed and it showed up in my eating. I have 12 pics to post and that is just lunch, dinner and snacks. I ate way too much and was NOT listening to my hunger. Also, I have found that when I wait too long to eat after running I am an eating machine all day. I think that made the eating situation worse. Here it is:

Lunch was a LC meal with lemon chicken and brown rice risotto. I put the chicken on top of a bed of lettuce and had an apple on the side.
Broccoli on the side for veggies and volume 🙂
This is the LC meal. It was good, I would get this one again. I liked how the lemon chicken tasted and it was served in two thin slices. Yum.

A dark chocolate for stress, I mean dessert.
I have frozen cherries that I need to eat before they get gross so I had a cup of these for dessert a little after lunch. I love these things.
I don’t know if I was hungry or stressed or procrastinating, but I had a lot of afternoon snacks:
A Kashi granola bar,

This Greek yogurt in blueberry flavor. I don’t like this flavor and won’t be getting it again. Boo. But, I ate it all anyways. Why?
Kashi Heart to Heart baggie.

When I got to my mom’s I had handfuls of Frosted Shredded Wheat in Blueberry something or other (it was not good) and Cinnamon Streusel. Cereal has always been a binge and trigger food for me. I wasn’t hungry, but it is comforting and familiar. I don’t know if I should just try to avoid cereal all together or what. I don’t want to “Ban” cereal from my diet because that is when you trigger a restrict/binge cycle and I am trying to truly listen to my body and not have foods I deny myself, but at the same time if I am repeatedly overeating one particular food how do you stop? I have been reading more of Geenen Roth’s books recently and actually them Kate from Winning Friends recently mentioned them in her blog too. I really believe in what she teaches – listen to your body, treat yourself good, trust your yourself to know what you need and want. So, banning cereal is not in line with trusting myself, but I don’t know how to stop overeating cereal. Ah!
Okay, sorry for that tangent. Back to business. Dinner was half a sweet potato, salad and a veggie burger.
and half of this grilled tomato that was kinda gross and too liquidy on the inside.
Dessert 🙂 Ice cream with a little sf syrup
and a homemade grape juice popsicle that my mom made.

Final score: too much snacking when I wasn’t hungry. I need to organize my work/school/tasks etc so I feel in control of the situation and don’t have to look for food outlets.

Here’s the deal…

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a restful weekend. I did 🙂 I actually have this lingering illness that I can’t figure out. I have a ton of congestion (isn’t that disgusting) that won’t go away. I hate it because I feel like there is a bunch of stuff in my chest that I can’t get out (again, disgusting, sorry). Ahh! It is very annoying and I have been trying to get over it, but it wants to stick around. Anyways, I decided a little mucus in my lungs isn’t going to stop me! And I ran a long run of about 11 miles on Saturday. I am sure this didn’t really help the situation, but I am still alive and kickin’. So, I win! I just powered through it and am proud of myself for doing that. The bad news is that I won’t be able to do the Full Marathon in October like I wanted. Between this weekend’s so-so run and a few upcoming trips I am not going to be at the mileage necessary to run 26.2. Boo. I am just going to pick another race, maybe in November and do the half mary in October. I am at least going to improve my time for the half! I am looking forward to breaking my record, so some speed work is planned for the next couple of weeks!

I ran about 5.5 this morning. I took yesterday as a rest day, I did bike for about 56 minutes, but it was at a medium to slow pace. I was super hungry on the way to work and ate a naner.

I found this cute little bowl at work that my friend said I could keep – it is the perfect size for a packet of oatmeal. This is Uncle Sam’s oatmeal with PB. The oatmeal is okay, but not sweet enough for me so I added a tiny bit of brown sugar on the top. Yum!
I ate some watermelon shortly after that. I don’t know if I was hungry or thirsty, but at least watermelon can’t do too much damage. I am trying to listen to my body and only eat when I am hungry. This is an ongoing process and I need support on this 🙂
It is going to be a crazy September coming up. I have a huge B-day extravaganza planned for the BF. We are going on a trip on the 5th. I can’t write any details because he reads the blog and it is a surprise. I am so excited and wanted to post up my plans as soon as I bought the tickets for our destination! I will post as soon as we are about to leave though. We are also going to NY the end of September for a wedding! Exciting times 🙂

Sunny Sunday

I woke up pretty hungry and made a nice breakie for the BF and I…eggs with onions and mushrooms topped with cheese and toast. Yum! It is so good to have a savory breakfast. I should make eggs more often. We went for a bike ride after breakfast. I was hungry shortly after returning and finished off the cherries 🙂 Okay, these might be the last cherries of the season since I didn’t see any when I went to Ralphs this weekend. I am not happy about that,but it’s probably best as this bag of cherries cost over 8 dollars and last me about 2 and a half days!
Lunch was random stuff I found in the fridge for the BF and I to share…carrot and broccoli with ranch.
Soy chicken nuggets (I am so happy he likes these)…
and a LC frozen meal: Salmon Mediterranean or something like that topped with a little parm.
We ran a few errands and picked up some Yogurtland when we were out. The BF wanted to just share one, which did not make me happy. I will share anything except my frozen yogurt/ice cream. This is not negotiable, sorry I tried.

Dinner was rotisserie chicken, stuffing and salad. It was so good to have stuffing, since I normally only have it around the holidays. The BF loves it so I had bought a package of multi grain stuffing awhile back and finally made it.
Wine! We drank some delicious Zin Rose with dinner – a wine I will actually drink without having to force myself. I love it. Dessert was more wine! We bought some Black Monukka the last time we went to Rotta Winery in Paso Robles. This stuff is AMAZING. Seriously, I think this is the best wine ever! I love sipping dessert wines.
and dessert wouldn’t be complete without chocolate chips. This combo is heaven. It is so good to savor the chocolate chips while sipping the Black Monukka. The chips bring out amazing flavors of the wine 🙂 I recommend this to all.