Burning a hole

Marathon training – today called for an easy 4 miles. I feel like I should do some yoga when I get back from short runs like this, but I didn’t have time today 😦

DSCN1196Like I said last night – I have a lot of spinach to use up before it goes back, so a Chocolate Green Smoothie was in order! I used a handful of spinach, frozen naner, frozen blueberries, half scoop chocolate protein powder and almond milk. It was great!


DSCN1195Mini-bagel with PB on the side. I got PB all over when I was trying to make this, it was a delicious mess!





DSCN1197These cherries were burning a hole in my lunch box! I don’t think I was that hungry yet, but I couldn’t keep myself from eating them right now 🙂 I love cherries, but now I’m all out! This means I’ll be heading to Costco tomorrow 🙂


I think I’m going out to lunch since we were all out of sammie bread. Where to go…where to go…

Porno Comment

Who is trying to add porno spam to my blog? Ha, I saw a comment was flagged today and thought it was something bad, but I laughed when I realized it was just that.

Today was eventful because I had to tell my boss of many years that I’m leaving.  My current position has worked with me through me attending college full time – they let me change my schedule each semester. And then when I graduated they worked around my internships and side reporting jobs. I am very lucky to have found such a flexible company 🙂

DSCN1175I was just breaking into my afternoon snack of an apple…and Fiber One bar when I remembered I picked up a new treat at Target – DSCN1179

So, halfway through the bar I decided to break open one of these packages.











The nutrition info: DSCN1180

They are all shaped like hearts ❤ Love it! They tasted very good too! I would get these again. Even though individual packaging is bad for the environment I like it because it’s vital for portion control. I don’t think me being sad and fat is good for the immediate environment around me…


And the ingredients, though still super processed,  are much more recongnizable than Fiber One Bars…DSCN1181

I made a HUGE salad for dinner since the spinach is on it’s last leg. This is a serving bowl, it’s hard to appreciate how big of a salad this is! DSCN1189

I had it with Kashi crackers  – great tasting, but only 4 per serving because they’re big – not great since I’m all about volume.DSCN1190

DSCN1191And a mini bagel with cheese.






For dessert I had some of the new Banana Cheerios with almond milk. I like them, the artificial banana taste grew on me after a few bites (but the first bite was just okay…).DSCN1192

Plus the leftover Fiber One bar. These are good, but have HFCS, which I’m trying to eliminate. DSCN1193

I will catch you all tomorrow. Since I was MIA all last week I got completely behind on reading blogs, I’m trying to catch up, but you guys need to type slower or post less or something – I can’t keep up!!!

Normal for a few days

Since my life is about to be turned upside down AGAIN in 2 weeks I am happy to have a “normal” schedule for the next few days. Today I woke up, did an easy 5.5 miles and ate breakfast 🙂

I made a big yogurt bowl with cereals…this is a re-enactment since I don’t know where my converter is…Foodies 1687

I need to show you guys a pic of the package of my bread – it’s the best. I had PB&J for lunch, plus a ton of cherries 🙂 This is an end piece with goodies…Foodies 008

I have a lot of work to wrap up before my last day next Wed! See ya later…

Run, Eat, Report

Here is the big announcement…

I’m moving to Maryland for a reporting job!

Yes folks – Run,Eat Repeat is a Reporter by trade 🙂 I’ve been just doing it on the side most recently, but I realized I need to fully commit to my goals and go for it.

So, after a lot of stressful planning (while planning a wedding!) Ben and I are moving to MD in less than 2 weeks!

This move means a lot of things…

– I’m finally going to be working as a full time reporter

– I’m taking a 50% pay cut

– I’m moving very far from my mom and little brother 😦

– I’m living the dream

I am very scared and excited for this huge life change, but I really believe I’ll be better for it.

I am a California girl through and through, so I’m scared of the cold weather and lack of “hippie” stores, but I am going to make it work.

Really, those are the only negatives of it. This is a huge opportunity for me to become a better reporter and further my career. I am so grateful to be able to do this! It’s going to be great!

I’ll be reporting for Disaster News. I will keep ya posted on my work there so you can check out my stuff.

Remember in the beginning of June when I traveled to MD for a couple of days? Well, that was to scout out places to live. It’s nice to finally be able to spill the beans 🙂

On the 10th we will be packing up all our belongings and driving across the U.S. from CA to MD. Crazy. We are in the early stages of planning the trip. I will update the blog when we know exactly where we’ll be stopping on the way!

Wedding Sleeves

Ben loves to tell the joke,

Q: “Where did the General keep his armies?”

A: “In his sleevies”

Well, I forgot my “sleevies” on the wedding day! For those who are new readers, I had my dress custom made at a local dress shop.  After trying on a lot of dresses I didn’t find one that was, “The One”. So, I decided to have someone make exactly what I wanted.

I took them pics of 3 dresses that I liked and explained how I wanted it to come all together. I also added removable sleeves. I specifically DID NOT want a strapless wedding dress because I think most girls get strapless dresses. I wanted an off the shoulder “sleeve” reminiscent of Gone with the Wind 🙂DSCN1108

Well, they made me the sleeves and in the mad rush out the door (did I mention I was an hour late to my own wedding?) I forgot them! I was so upset 😦 I couldn’t get over how dumb I was to forget part of my dress. I woke up the next morning very regretful that I was so late and that I forgot something that was important to me…DSCN1115

But, my grandma was unable to attend the out of town wedding due to health reasons and I promised her I would come model the dress for her and her friends on Saturday. This means I got to take pics with my sleeves 🙂 DSCN1116DSCN1117


Also, since I was so late to the wedding I didn’t get any good solo shots of me! The photographer spent a ton of time  taking pics of Ben, the groomsmen and my bridesmaids – but, none of me. It wouldn’t have been that big of a deal, but by the time the ceremony was over we were losing sunlight fast and I was pretty upset about being so rushed.  It made me feel alot better that I have these memories now because I really felt like I missed out on a lot of pictures. By the time we were taking pictures after the wedding I was so flustered I probably have a super stressed face too!DSCN1151

This is what it looked like sans sleeves…024_24And with sleeves…DSCN1127

The photographer just emailed me that she has the proofs up on her site! I’m gonna check them out tomorrow and fill you guys in. Also, tomorrow I have a BIG announcement – finally! And I will be back to regularly scheduled food/running blogging from here forward 🙂 I will also have the full wedding weekend recap in between boring regular posts.

I apologize for being so sporadic with posting this week, before the wedding I made no attempt to pack up my stuff to move in with Ben! Ha.


Since we had to post-pone the honeymoon until September Ben surprised me with a night in Big Sur.  It’s a 2 hour drive up the coast from Paso Robles 🙂

DSCN1012It’s an amazing part of Central California right on the coast where the mountains meet the beach. 






We actually visited here on one of the first of our numerous road trips and on the way back hit up Paso Robles for the first time. Who would have thought those two crazy kids would end up hitched 2 years later?!DSCN0970DSCN0973 

We stayed at the Big Sur Lodge. If you’re not tent camping most places around here are pretty pricey – the crowds seem to have money.  (We didn’t have our tent stuff and Ben didn’t want this one night Mini-Moon to be tent style or we would have tented it.) DSCN0990 DSCN0966

The Big Sur Lodge has a lot of different sizes of rooms, some with kitchens, all with patios or porches. But, no TV – which is good if you’re on a honeymoon and have other activities to keep you busy ;), but not good if you’re been driving here for 5 plus hours and want to catch up on news or sitcoms.

The road from Paso Robles to Big Sur is breathtaking, winding around cliffs right on the ocean. We stopped for a second to change drivers, but never got a good pic of the ocean…DSCN0969

DSCN0984After we checked in we went for a “Honeymoon Hike” – I made that phrase up on our hike and wouldn’t stop saying it for the rest of the weekend 🙂








It was Sunday night, the night after our wedding and that meant time to break into our cake! The winery kindly packed me up a piece of each flavor and you know I ate them! Oh, since we’re married now I gave Ben a few tastes too…DSCN0997

It’s not very photogenic, but it tasted delicious.DSCN0998

On the way home we stopped at the Big Sur Bakery, known for their delicious pastries. But, they don’t stop there – they made homemade granola! I had to have some. I guess I was in Mini-Moon mode because I didn’t ask how much it was and between Ben’s piece of quiche and the granola it cost over $17.00! DSCN1027DSCN1025

We stopped by an outdoors artist gallery. DSCN1022 They have huge nests – for people! Ben climbed right in…DSCN1024

and I came tumbling after.DSCN1018DSCN1019

This is the view from the nest, not bad…


On the way home we stopped at one of the usual tourist rest stops and I got what I was really craving – Tuna 🙂 


Here’s the plan…

I’ve decided to use the Runner’s World Marathon Challenge training plan for the Marine Corps. I haven’t had any time to read Run Less and really want to do that program right if I’m gonna give it a shot.DSCN1057

Today is Day 1 of training and it called for an Easy 4.

After I was done I had a naner with PB – I have realized that if I don’t have healthy fats with breakfast I am more likely to binge in the afternoon. Weird, huh?DSCN1055

Plus a big bowl of cereals 🙂DSCN1056Yesterday’s eats were not the best. I need to focus on writing in my journal to keep track of how I am feeling because I don’t realize things are bothering me until 2 bagels and PB are gone and it’s too late…

Dinner was a new try – Kashi Pizzas…DSCN1049DSCN1051

Ben and I split them both so I got to try each of them. This is the Spinach one with mushrooms. The ‘shrooms were watery when you bit into them 😦 It wasn’t very flavorful in general and really needed something. I topped it with red pepper flakes, but that didn’t fix it.  I wouldn’t get this kind again.DSCN1053

The Mexicali one was good (pictured below). It reminded me of a tostada pizza 🙂DSCN1054

I’m still sad that the wedding is over, but more pics are on the way!!!