Today I love my sleepy head dogs…

Run about 4 miles, walked 1
I had a couple of handfuls of Maple Brown Sugar Shredded Wheat before heading to the store to get stuff for oatbran pancakes.
I found a new granola bar thingy too, nutritional info to come. I made extra oatbran pancakes for the week.
I also made a fruit salad with greek yogurt.
Check ya later.


Today I love … greek yogurt

Run: almost 6 miles. Wasn’t feeling that great – legs tired, felt sluggish. Boo.
After the run I had a handful of Kashi GoLean Crunch and a bite of BE’s granola.
My Breakie was a packet of Kashi oatmeal. It so did not fill me up as much as my usual oatbran. I’ll be returning to that tomorrow for sure. Also had greek yogurt with frozen cherries and a packet of splenda. I gotta lay off that stuff. Once I get my hands on a camera pics will come.

First Post

So, this is my first post…I should really write something profound, but I am all out of wise words today.
My goals are to run, lose weight, eat healthy and have a happy little life full of adventures.
The following posts will document my runs, eats, travels and adventures. Who wants in?