Taco Party Saturday

I went to my BFF’s party Saturday night. Here’s what I thought about her taco party:

Ha! I got this cartoon from Natalie Dee. She is hilarious. Just kidding Cindy! I needed an excuse to use this.

I didn’t have milk or yogurt at the BF’s so I made cereal with cottage cheese, PB Puffins and Shredded oats, blueberries and a splash of his whole milk. I also had a bad chocolate chip cookie. Bad like, it doesn’t taste good.Cutting this watermelon means I ate a ton of it too. That’s a given.
We went on a 1 1/2 hour (approx) hike. It was super hot, but nice to get out. I love the outdoors. There were a lot of warnings about moutain lions and snakes though and that freaked me out. I asked the ranger at the entrance, “What should we do it we see a mountain lion?” and he gave me a paper. I said, “So just show him the paper and he’ll leave us alone?” I don’t know if he thought that was funny, but the paper did instruct on what to do if encountered.

Chex mix for after hiking fuel.

My first Slurpee of the season!!!! I love these suckers. I get the Crystal Light ones. Not all 7-11s have them, but most of them around here do. This flavor was strawberry lime something or other. It was gross, tasted very artificial. I added ice cubes at home to dilute it.
Lunch started with some chips and guac. I made an open face egg sandwich because I already had eaten so many chips and chex mix. I wasn’t even hungry by the time I sat down to eat. Chocolate!
My best friend threw a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend Saturday night. I ate a ton of crap including this plate of potato salad, pasta salad, roll, some meat and fried wontons. I proceeded to snack on other chips and stuff through out the night.
I also had a BIG piece of cake because I love cake and that’s reason enough. Here we are the par-tay. Note to self: Don’t were horizontal stipes! Damn it Monica, you should know this!

So, I kept eating at the party like an unstoppable beast. It was not because I was hungry. I had a very f-it attitude this weekend. I over ate and snacked at every meal. I don’t know what’ s going on with me, but it’s hard to stop. It is all emotional eating and I feel like a mess. I kept eating at the party even though I was full. I felt like shit, but still didn’t stop. I am at a bad place right now with everything else in my life and try to control things with food. I know these things about myself from therapy, but I still don’t stop. I am just super frustrated! Thanks for letting me rant.


2 Responses

  1. I do that at parties, too. Not that I have any advice for you, but you are far from being the only one.

  2. Yeah, I don’t think anyone will have any advice besides, “Stop doing that.”

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