Time for Dinner!

After a few cold dinners on the table Ben and I have declared 7pm Dinner Time. This way he knows when he should be home and I know when I will be eating dinner and can plan my snacks accordingly. I am thinking between 3 and 4pm is the best time for my afternoon snack so I’m hungry for dinner. Do you have a dinner time? I never had one before, but we’re trying this whole shack-up marriage thing and we want to eat dinner together πŸ™‚ How cute.

In case you were wondering what I look like when I get home from work…I was trying to explain to friend that I look like I am coming home from a walk in the part – not work, when I get home. This is because I change out of nice, work clothes and put on walking clothes for my “commute” home πŸ™‚DSCN2025

My afternoon snack was supposed to be this…but I ended up ditching the yogurt for a KashiΒ  bar. It was good, but the yogurt would have been better πŸ™‚IMG_0996

I also had some of these True North Nut Clusters. The company sent me over some samples of their goodies and this was the first one I opened. I have to say that they are delicious! And I sent some in Ben’s lunch last week and he came home asking about them, saying that he loved them! Two good reviews in one and we haven’t even tried the other samples πŸ™‚DSCN2035

Here are the nutrition stats.DSCN2036

My only hesitation with buying theseΒ  is that 5 clusters is a serving size. It’s hard for me to stop at 5! But if you pack them in your lunch it’s perfect. You get to enjoy the clusters and have portion control πŸ™‚DSCN2039

Visit the True North website for a $1.00 off coupon! I will let ya know what I think about the other kinds too πŸ™‚

Dinner was leftovers from Indian food on Saturday…DSCN2033

And I really really wanted dessert so I had a handful of chocolate chips before deciding to make cinnamon toast with chocolate chips! DSCN2044A little later IΒ  was craving hot chocolate and Ben reminded me that we bought chocolate in Guatemala that turned out to be for makingΒ  (Mexican) Hot Chocolate! Have you ever had Abuelita? The best hot chocolate ever. You break off pieces of the chocolate bar and mix it with milk. DSCN2046

It is seasoned with cinnamon and other spices – it reminds me of my Aunt Martha since I rememeber her making this for me and my cousins πŸ™‚DSCN2047Someone asked about the ingredients of my precious Pumpkin Butter…here are the stats…DSCN2041Cut the Crap – I have gotten a lot of emails about how my Cut the Crap Month seems to be hurting my Intuitive Eating. After much thought, I agree. As soon as I said I am not going to eat something my instinct is to eat it! It’s very frustrating, but years of restricting/binging has completely screwed up my head and body.

I feel like it is a complete cop out to say I am stopping my efforts to Cut the Crap 😦 So, I am going to continue to make an effort to eat foods that make me feel good and fuel me well! But, I am not going to restrict myself to x number of treats a week.

My small goals each week are building on eachother am I’m doing well with those so I’m going to continue

1. Not eating for 30 minutes after I get home

2. Brushing my teeth after dinner/dessert and closing the kitchen


Read/Walk and the Weirdest Dinner

I didn’t take a picture of the temperature at work today, but you’re going to have to take my word for it that it was 91 degrees. WTF. I always joke that I wish I was a lizard that could just lay on a rock in the sun all day, but this is too much.

I welcomed the walk home today since it was cooler outside than in my office! And today I brought along reading material. I’ve decided to start from the beginning of Intuitive Eating. When I first discovered the book/RD/lifestyle I was at the height of planning a wedding/shopping for a condo/finding a new job/starting a whole new life! I really really wanted to follow Intuitive Eating, but my life was so chaotic it was very hard for me to break all my old bad habits and start fresh. But, now I am at a better place mentally and really think I should take it from the top. So, the walk home flew by with my book.

Intuitive Eating Challenge – I am actually going to start an Intuitive Eating Challenge with myself and document it here. Beginning Monday, Each week I will take one of the principles of Intuitive Eating and work on that one. I’ll explain what the book says it is and what that actually means to me. I know it’s a long process to find your Intuitive Eater, but I’m hoping one week for each principle will lay a good foundation πŸ™‚

I had the weirdest dinner tonight…it all started when I got home from work around 5:15pm and was hungry. So, I ate some random snacks like cherries (these used to be cherries), a handful of chips, trail mix and other random stuff.DSCN0739

I was super pissed at myself, until I realized that I was hungry and I should have had a good snack instead of random snacking. I always over-do-it with snacking in the kitchen! But, I couldn’t eat this emergency stash granola bar at work because the f-ing heat melted it!DSCN0738

When it came time for dinner I considered eating cereal or a salad, but I figured I needed protein after a day of carby snacking. The only protein that sounded good was deviled eggs…and I had it with my leftover Thai food from last night.DSCN0743

But, earlier today I got hungry around 10:30am for lunch. I was reluctant to have a snack for some reason (I didn’t think I should have been hungry), but I caved and ate my fruit.DSCN0734

Lunch was a “Salad Sandwich”. I stuffed hummus, tomatoes, spinach and pickles between two slices of bread. I would have put more veggies, but cutting and cleaning them was not in the cards.DSCN0721

I also had yogurt and cereal…DSCN0736

Oh, and I was very happy to find a kiwi at work that I forgot about πŸ™‚DSCN0737

I really wanted ice cream for dessert so I made banana soft serve and topped it with chocolate and cereals πŸ™‚DSCN0746

I’m wrapping up my Disney Marathon Training tonight so that should be posted soon.

Question: Is anyone out there training for a race???

Ben’s Random Comment of the Day:

Ben: “Stop quoting me on the blog!”

Save the best for last

Today I was thinking about why I always eat snacks after dinner. It is a habit I’ve be writing about since I started the blog, yet I’ve made no progress on! So why am I still doing it? I think there are 2 reasons:

1. The RD said that some of the time it’s because I don’t eat enough during the day. This is true sometimes, but not everyday.

2. I save the best for last.

By saving the best for last I mean – Sometimes I don’t eat what I really want during the day and all my inhibitions go out the window by the end of the day. Like I will want a cookie or something after lunch, but I won’t have it because it’s not good for me. After a whole day of eating certain things I’ve allowed myself during the day I want a “treat” for my good work. Why can’t I have a cookie or frozen yogurt in the afternoon? I only allow myself to eat these treats at “treat time” after dinner. So tomorrow I am going to eat a treat when I want it and stop letting all hell break loose after dinner.

Okay, that was my rant to myself. Done.

I packed an okay lunch today, which kinda sucked because I was super hungry by 11am! Since I am waking up earlier I am hungry earlier (I run and eat breakfast earlier too). I don’t know how I am going to switch this around because I don’t really want to be eating lunch at 11am… AB&J and fruit and carrots (no pic).DSCN0464DSCN0466

My afternoon snack was yogurt and a Fiber One bar. Perfect to fuel me for a my walk home! The walk home takes me an hour which I don’t mind, but I need to remember that if I want to accomplish things after work.DSCN0469

When I got home I had some cherries and maybe a few chips.DSCN0471

Dinner was a big salad topped with chickpeas that I soaked over night…BeforeDSCN0458

After – They get so big πŸ™‚DSCN0459DSCN0474

Ensalada with hummus for dressing. I get the hummus from Costco and good thing it’sΒ  big container or I would slap Ben’s hand away from it. I love it.DSCN0475

Dessert! Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. I would have had ice cream, but we don’t have any. x4ishDSCN0476

Trigger – Even though I originally started this blog as a tool to help me lose weight, I try not to talk about weight too much. I think talking about my weight would help others realize that these struggles are normal and you can still eat (a lot!) and lose weight. I am still working toward my goals, but I don’t want to talk about my frustrations too much because I don’t want to trigger those with ED issues. You guys know I am real as all shit here, so I’m sorry if anything I say triggers your ED tendencies.

I’m writing about this because one or two of the blogs I read trigger me sometimes and I am struggling with whether or not I should continue to read them. When someone feels super guilty or apologetic about eating a piece of dessert or something fried it makes me feel like I should feel guilty too. F-that.

Question: Do any of the blogs you read make you feel like you should Eat Less? Eat More? Be perfect? Feel guilty if you so much as touch something fried (the other F-word)?

Gathering sticks

I feel guilty that I sometimes think I need certain material things. I think it’s ridiculous that Target has so much crap and we are almost trained to want this stuff! That being said, I went to Target today to get some stuff for the apartment. As I was driving home (feeling guilty) I realized in my own little way I was gathering sticks for my nest. Our apartment is in a tragic state and I want to make it feel home. I’m gathering the same “sticks” that my mom and my friends gathered to make their homes “homey”. Birds of a feather? I don’t know…I still feel like it’s kinda sad, but here are my “sticks”.DSCN0197

I just snacked through lunch on cherries, carrots and hummus, chips and something else I can’t recall…DSCN0195DSCN0193

I did take a de-stressing walk before dinner πŸ™‚

I just heated up the leftovers from dinner on Friday – brown rice and veggie “chicken”, I added broccoli.DSCN0199

I have been meaning to try baking chocolate since I love super dark chocolate πŸ™‚ I took a small step toward that with this 90% chocolate.DSCN0201

I melted some of it on a sandwich thin with almond butter – Delicious!DSCN0203

Now I am watching the Best of “True Life” because we finally have a TV. We didn’t have one in our new place in Orange County after the wedding and haven’t had one since – it’s been a month!

I’m going through the pics of my past eats to see where I can improve I feel like I’m still missing the mark…