Mini Batch of Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have been dying to bake for a week now and finally got the chance today. But, since baking is a major danger zone for me I decided to make a mini-batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies! I made a small batch that made 9 cookies total. I didn’t want to bust out a recipe so I made this up as I went along…IMG_1029

Ingredients – Makes 9 Healthy Cookies

1/2c oats

1/2c whole wheat flour

1/3c brown sugar

1/4 tsp baking powder

dash salt and cinnamon

1 egg

1  applesauce (snack pack size)

1/3c chocolate chips

Mix dry ingredients, then wet ingredients. Drop spoonfuls on a greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. *I spray the pan to prevent sticking since the cookies don’t have butter. **You can’t eat more than a bite of the cookie dough since it doesn’t make that much. Yes, I eat the batter even though it has raw egg. Have you ever heard of anyone dying from eating cookie dough? If you ever do, it will probably be me and I won’t regret it.IMG_1025Let’s remember that these are healthy cookies and may disappoint Ben your significant other.

The whole batch on a plate! Dee-lish!IMG_1030

I didn’t just have cookies for dinner (not that I’m above that). I had some polenta left over from the other night and recreated that meal. I love cooked spinach with tomato paste and spices. Love it.IMG_1018

IMG_1014My afternoon snack was kiwi and a yogurt. I was hungry and also ended up eating a handful of Kashi crackers! Maybe two handfuls?DSCN2053

When I got home and started making dinner I thought I would be “good” and plate my snackage of Pirate’s Booty. But, let’s be honest and say that I ate handfuls of this stuff straight out of the bag too.IMG_1007

In other news…I’m going to Mississippi next week for work! I’m covering a story about a church building a house for a family who lost their home in Katrina. Exciting life of a reporter!?


Time for Dinner!

After a few cold dinners on the table Ben and I have declared 7pm Dinner Time. This way he knows when he should be home and I know when I will be eating dinner and can plan my snacks accordingly. I am thinking between 3 and 4pm is the best time for my afternoon snack so I’m hungry for dinner. Do you have a dinner time? I never had one before, but we’re trying this whole shack-up marriage thing and we want to eat dinner together 🙂 How cute.

In case you were wondering what I look like when I get home from work…I was trying to explain to friend that I look like I am coming home from a walk in the part – not work, when I get home. This is because I change out of nice, work clothes and put on walking clothes for my “commute” home 🙂DSCN2025

My afternoon snack was supposed to be this…but I ended up ditching the yogurt for a Kashi  bar. It was good, but the yogurt would have been better 🙂IMG_0996

I also had some of these True North Nut Clusters. The company sent me over some samples of their goodies and this was the first one I opened. I have to say that they are delicious! And I sent some in Ben’s lunch last week and he came home asking about them, saying that he loved them! Two good reviews in one and we haven’t even tried the other samples 🙂DSCN2035

Here are the nutrition stats.DSCN2036

My only hesitation with buying these  is that 5 clusters is a serving size. It’s hard for me to stop at 5! But if you pack them in your lunch it’s perfect. You get to enjoy the clusters and have portion control 🙂DSCN2039

Visit the True North website for a $1.00 off coupon! I will let ya know what I think about the other kinds too 🙂

Dinner was leftovers from Indian food on Saturday…DSCN2033

And I really really wanted dessert so I had a handful of chocolate chips before deciding to make cinnamon toast with chocolate chips! DSCN2044A little later I  was craving hot chocolate and Ben reminded me that we bought chocolate in Guatemala that turned out to be for making  (Mexican) Hot Chocolate! Have you ever had Abuelita? The best hot chocolate ever. You break off pieces of the chocolate bar and mix it with milk. DSCN2046

It is seasoned with cinnamon and other spices – it reminds me of my Aunt Martha since I rememeber her making this for me and my cousins 🙂DSCN2047Someone asked about the ingredients of my precious Pumpkin Butter…here are the stats…DSCN2041Cut the Crap – I have gotten a lot of emails about how my Cut the Crap Month seems to be hurting my Intuitive Eating. After much thought, I agree. As soon as I said I am not going to eat something my instinct is to eat it! It’s very frustrating, but years of restricting/binging has completely screwed up my head and body.

I feel like it is a complete cop out to say I am stopping my efforts to Cut the Crap 😦 So, I am going to continue to make an effort to eat foods that make me feel good and fuel me well! But, I am not going to restrict myself to x number of treats a week.

My small goals each week are building on eachother am I’m doing well with those so I’m going to continue

1. Not eating for 30 minutes after I get home

2. Brushing my teeth after dinner/dessert and closing the kitchen

Sunday Snack-down

I always snack my way through the weekend. It’s due to a couple of things…I usually eat breakfast late so I’m not hungry at “lunch time”. Then, I have a snack (or three) and have dinner and dessert. I actually don’t mind it, but the trouble comes when I think I should eat lunch or dinner even though I’m not hungry.

I ate grapes, a few chips with hummus and more Pirate’s Booty through out the afternoon. Come dinner time I wasn’t hungry, but figured I should eat. I made a BIG salad topped with hummus.IMG_0975Look how colorful my salad is with my very colorful place mats!IMG_0976

Baked potato on the side (with ketchup!)IMG_0979*Next time I’ll make a small salad and hold the sides  if I really feel like I want to eat with Ben when I’m not hungry.

I really wanted to bake cookies for dessert, but I need Ben to light the pilot light to do that and he was caught up in something else. I really need to teach myself how to do that, but I’m scared.

Other things I’m scared of:

  • The dark (seriously)
  • Spiders, bugs in general actually
  • Getting injured
  • Falling asleep in church and farting really loud

So, I ended up makes a fruit plate – BORE-RING! IMG_0982I am sad that Sunday is coming to a close 😦 It was a great weekend though! Both Saturday and Sunday were gorgeous days and I feel like I got a lot accomplished 🙂

Dangerous Things

Things I think are dangerous:

  1. Running by yourself through a dark alley
  2. Going to Iraq
  3. Base Jumping
  4. Juggling Knives
  5. Eating Almond Butter right out of the Jar

My afternoon snack was an apple and almond butter. I ate the AB right out of the jar = VERY DANGEROUS!DSCN1895

Despite my decision to “Cut the Crap”, or really probably because of – I came home and ate a bunch of random cereals. Actually, now that I think about it,  this may be due to my lunch being on the lighter side. Anyways, I am truthfully and ashamedly admitting I ate way too much “crap” today. It all started with a small bowl of granola. Granola was a forbidden food for me for a very long time and I am still working on giving myself permission to eat it, hence the binge. I’m really trying to have my forbidden foods around and eat them like a normal person!DSCN1899

The dinner I made was tacos – eh, I was already full at this point and should have passed, but I did eat one. I am okay with it since my weight was down today and I’m not going to beat myself up over it.DSCN1902

Question: Is there anything “food wise” that you think is dangerous???

I also think baking is dangerous for me. The last time I made cookies I think I ate 5 of them and a bunch of batter 😦

I think I’m wasted

Earlier I posted about how I have a rash. Well, it didn’t get any better over the course of the day and I was feeling super run down when I got home so I took a Benedryl since I think it may be an allergic reaction. Now I feel completely disorriented and lethargic. It’s so weird. I’ve never taken Benedryl before.

Before I took it I snacked a bunch at home and realized the Number One Reason Why I Overeat/Binge is = I’m tired. I actually discovered it last week and after a few episodes of snacking in the kitchen I identified why I was doing it – I’m tired! So, I have to make a huge effort to do something else and stay away from food when I’m tired.

Here are the eats I recorded from today…no explanation as I am wasted.

Even though I’m high I was able to add beans to Annie’s Mac ‘n Cheese for protein. I am a genius.DSCN1868DSCN1871

Other foods from today…DSCN1837DSCN1853DSCN1857DSCN1859DSCN1867

I’ve got to go to sleep! I feel weird.

Tomorrow – I thought up a Personal Challenge for myself on my walk home – Stay tuned as I’ll talk about it tomorrow!

Belize plans & Yogurt x2

I had two great yogurt experiences today. The first one was when I finally tried the new Pineapple flavored Chobani that everyone has been raving about. I ate it without cereal or toppings to truly experience it – Loved it 🙂DSCN1397

I had some trail mix on the side.DSCN1371

A bit later I was going to eat this bar, but it was just okay so I stopped after this piece.DSCN1398

When I got home I was hungry, but didn’t want to ruin dinner. I decided an apple would put something in my stomach without making me full. I also grabbed a few of Ben’s Pringles – oops.DSCN1406

We didn’t have many options for dinner since I wanted to use up what we had on hand so dinner was random. I had salad, half a sweet potato that wouldn’t have lasted until we got back and a pita pizza. Our dinner plates are HUGE!DSCN1399

I fancied up the salad with cashews, feta and cranberries  🙂DSCN1403

After dinner I was full, but I have had frozen yogurt on my mind all week! I saw the Yogiberry booth at the mall yesterday, but they are “Cash Only” right now and I didn’t have any cash 😦 So, I fully intended to get some frozen yogurt tonight. It was not necessary given my big dinner, but at least now it’s out of my mind. I think that is an unhealthy mindset, and I should work on having to get my hands on a certain food just because I’m craving it.DSCN1405

Belize & a Healthy Lifestyle!

I do try to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling. For me this means exercising when I can and trying to eat a balanced diet. This is not always possible, but I do my best.

Exercise on the trip – My goal during this trip is to get in 2 short runs  and a lot of swimming and hiking. The runs will have to be during the first half of our trip while we are near the ocean, I don’t want to run in the rain forest and become jaguar bait!

Eating on the tripI am going to enjoy the foods available and try to make healthy choices 80% of the time with full permission to eat “fun stuff” the other 20%. This is actually what I aim for in my day to day eats too!

I went to Europe while in college (when I had a problem with disordered eating/thinking) and brought a ton of protein bars so I wouldn’t have to eat the food and risk gaining weight. I was so proud of myself at the time for being so “healthy”. When I mentioned this to the R.D. she said something to the effect of, “That  is so sad for you. Wait, let’s think about that for a second and just realize that you missed out on a life experience because of dieting.” Noted.

I am going to enjoy local foods and drinks in moderation. I am going to enjoy my vacation, my honeymoon – but I’m not going to let all hell break loose either. I hope to stay true to my 80/20 healthy lifestyle on this trip and continue back home 🙂

We are mid-packing for Belize. Ben and I are notorious for waiting until the last minute to get things done. It’s bad that neither one of us takes the initiative to get this stuff done early – oh well.

I have some fun guest posts lined up for while I am gone. I hope to be able to log on once or twice to say “Hi”, but other than that I’ll save the full recap for when I get home September 12th!

I am off on a plane for Belize in 6 hours! AHHHHHHH!!!!

Success! Just Kidding.

I wish I could tell you guys that I was successful at not eating while cooking, but that would be a lie. We all know that RER is not perfect, but at least she doesn’t lie. (Yes, I’m talking about myself as RER in the third person, sue me.)  I need to stick with the plan! Gum while cooking, not eat anything unless it’s on a plate, get out of the kitchen unless I am cooking/cleaning.

My afternoon snackage consisted of fruit…DSCN1308

and yogurt with frozen cherries (now thawed, duh) and cereal. It wasn’t good, but I thought I needed some protien and dairy in my life.DSCN1309

I really wanted Beans and Rice for dinner, but beans from scratch was going to take too long and that’s all we had. I went with tomorrow’s dinner – Spaghetti with Veggie Meatballs.DSCN1316

TJ’s veggie meatballs are okay. They get dry in the micro & aren’t that flavorful. I probably wouldn’t get them again.DSCN1311

For dessert with dinner – wine. I needed this. Wine makes my neck and back muscles hurt because that’s where I keep all my stress. When I drink and start to relax it hurts! Does that happen to anyone else?DSCN1318

On the IE front –  My slip-up today is super frustrating because I am reading the book and I want to succeed – I just am not disciplining myself to do it!

Oh, and there is a dead raccoon on my favorite running route. He is dead in the gutter and I have to run by him 2 times every time I run this way. I am sorry he is dead, but someone really needs to clean it up. The smell as I run by makes me gag. Sick. 😦