No run on Tuesday?

This is my second week ofΒ  “4 Runs a week” and today was really weird. I have always run on Tuesdays (well, at least for the last 5 years)! Last week I had just come back from my trip and was feeling sick so the Tuesday off from running was welcome. But, today it feels wrong. I want to give it a shot because everyone that does the FIRST program swears by it, but I am having hesitations about it.

I know from training for my first marathon in February my body was rebelling toward the end of training and I wasn’t looking as forward to running. I think as the mileage increases I will be grateful for a 4 day running week, but right now I miss it. I’m sticking with it for now, just thought I’d share.

Anyways, today was an active Rest Day. I did some strength moves and the elliptical for 30 minutes.

Breakfast was a smoothie and an english muffin. IMG_1001

I put PB on one side and ICBNB with sugar and cinnamon on the other πŸ™‚ Some sugar and cinnamon may have gotten on the PB side too…IMG_1003Off to work! See ya later πŸ™‚


Butter is Back

Pumpkin Butter that is! TJ’s Pumpkin Butter is back out. It’s a seasonal item and I completely love it! I put it on toast, plain yogurt and more! Get some, seriously – it’s better than this blog, stop reading and go!DSCN2006

Sunday is a Rest Day. Ben and I did some elliptical this morning. It’s nice to have someone to workout with sometimes πŸ™‚

I’ve been wanted French Toast for a while and have to wait for the weekend to actually make it. I happily made French Toast today!DSCN1995

I topped it with a mix of mashed up banana, PB and maple syrup. Delicious!DSCN1997

Since we’re new to the area we’ve been “Church Shopping” on Sundays. We’ve been to 4 different churches now and still haven’t found that clicks. The search continues…

After church we went to Costco and TJ’s. Is it sad that I have been looking forward to this all week? I ate a bunch of samples and a bunch of this Costco style “Pirate’s Booty”. Ben wanted this stuff, I’ve actually been avoiding it when I visit Costco since this is one of those foods that I just eat and eat and eat….DSCN2002

Ben and I always joke about the Nutella at Costco. It is two containers of it! Another Dangerous food = A Costco size container of Nutella x2! To our credit, we didn’t buy it 😦 It’s for the best….DSCN2000

I just enjoyed a big smoothie with granola (more granola than shown). And some grapes (no pic).DSCN2004

Now it’s time for some cleaning and relaxing πŸ™‚ Hope you’re having a happy Sunday!


I was supposed to do 14 miles today, but ended up having a really bad run and walking most of the hills and cutting out at 12 miles. I was super defeated 😦 It really sucks to have a bad run, I feel like crap now. Boo.

But, to keep it in perspective, it’s not the end of the world I have another long run next weekend. The race must go on…

Before I left I had almond butter toast for fuel.DSCN0774

I tried out my hand-held water pack today. Usually I take my fuel belt on long runs, but it’s heavy and I didn’t feel like it.DSCN0779As soon as I got back I had half of a Kashi Crunch Bar.DSCN0781

After a shower I made a huge smoothie! Topped with granola and a scoop of almond butter πŸ™‚DSCN0789

and cereal. I am trying to make sure I re-fuel really well because it’s good for recovery and will prevent overeating later (and tomorrow when my long run hunger really hits!).DSCN0784

Have a great Saturday!

Bowl O’Smoothie

Rest day = 45 minute walk this morning before it got hot πŸ™‚

I really wish I was craving PB Stuffed French Toast this morning since I don’t have time to make “fancy” breakfasts during the week, but all I really wanted was a smoothie. So, I made a big smoothie in a bowl topped with granola and it really hit the spot! I also had a spoonful of almond butter out of the jar for healthy fats πŸ™‚DSCN0599

Ben and I were going to head into DC today for sightseeing, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen…this means I should probably get around to cleaning. Damn.

Where am I?

I love exploring new areas on foot, but it does get kinda frustrating during a long run when I hit a dead-end in the path and have to turn around and find another route – over and over! I am happy to report that it is pretty cool for July (maybe it’s always like this in July and I’m used to CA?) and it made for a pleasant run πŸ™‚ 12 miles, slow and steady.

*Oh, and I saw a groundhog or gopher or something and it scared the shit out of me.

I am training for the MCM, but I would lalalove to run the Walt Disney Marathon, it’s actually a long time dream of mine πŸ™‚

Breakfast – I wanted to make waffles in my new Foreman waffle maker, but we are in a rush to get out the door so it’s going to have to wait 😦

After a long run my body always wants something cool like cereal or a smoothie anyways…so I had both! A big smoothie and a small bowl of cereals…I put half a naner in the smoothie and put almond butter on the other half so I would stay full longer πŸ™‚DSCN0162

I have a lunch packed and we are on our way toΒ  New Jersey to pick up furniture from Ben’s family! Finally – a couch and TV!!!!

Fork it

Rachel Ray says you should separate english muffins with a fork. And since she is so likeable πŸ™‚ I choose to follow her advice.DSCN0088

I made a smoothie and english muffin breakfast. I bought a huge batch of naners from Costco this weekend and didn’t realize that even though they are still green (!) they are ripe since I just gave Ben one. But, I missed out 😦DSCN0090

Marathon Training: My run sucked today. Yesterday I averaged a 9:09 pace and today it was 9:30 or something. What is up?

Cold Breakfast

After a hot run this morning there was only 1 thing on my mind – Smoothie! I actually used to get Jamba Juice smoothies after all my long runs in the summer. They gave me something to live run for πŸ™‚

I did 5 miles that seemed pretty rough the whole time (???). I was huffing and puffing the entire time 😦

After that it was smoothie and PB/AB toast time!DSCN1285

Now I’m munching on watermelon and trying to put up a rental posting for our condo. The recycler website is crap. DSCN1286Now I have some responsible adult things to do before I get to go visit my mom and Matt πŸ™‚ I want to hang out with them as much as possible before we leave – it’s a week from today!!!