I was supposed to do 14 miles today, but ended up having a really bad run and walking most of the hills and cutting out at 12 miles. I was super defeated 😦 It really sucks to have a bad run, I feel like crap now. Boo.

But, to keep it in perspective, it’s not the end of the world I have another long run next weekend. The race must go on…

Before I left I had almond butter toast for fuel.DSCN0774

I tried out my hand-held water pack today. Usually I take my fuel belt on long runs, but it’s heavy and I didn’t feel like it.DSCN0779As soon as I got back I had half of a Kashi Crunch Bar.DSCN0781

After a shower I made a huge smoothie! Topped with granola and a scoop of almond butter 🙂DSCN0789

and cereal. I am trying to make sure I re-fuel really well because it’s good for recovery and will prevent overeating later (and tomorrow when my long run hunger really hits!).DSCN0784

Have a great Saturday!


Disney World Marathon Training

Here is a link to my training plan for the

Disney World Marathon January 10, 2010!

Disney World Marathon Training


I broke each day of the week down like this:

Sunday: Rest day/Yoga or strength training

Monday: MP = Marathon Pace run

Tuesday: Hills or Speed work

Wednesday: Easy run

Thursday: Rest day/Strength

Friday: Easy run

Saturday: Long Run

I change my training programs around as I go along depending on how I feel. I totally believe you should listen to your body and pull back when you feel run down (no pun intended), overall fatigue or an injury coming on. So, I may skip a day here and there, or change up a hard run to an easier one 🙂 I hate speed work, so this program is challeging in that I am trying to do hills or speed every week.

For my first marathon training I began to get tendonitis in my foot about 2/3 of the way through the program. I immediately cut my running from 5 days to 4 days a week.

*I am going out of town for a week in September and I did include that in the training plan. I usually get pretty stressed when I miss training for a race, but I am not going to worry about it this time. It is a much needed break!

**Also, this training program is during Thanksgiving, Christmas and other life events so it may be necessary to move runs around to change it up in general. I will be updating my plan as we go along!

Back to work

I left my old job 2 weeks ago and in that time I’ve packed up all my stuff in Southern California and drove all the way across the US to Maryland. It still feels like a vacation, but today I’m going back to work. I start my new reporting job and I will keep you all posted with my stories 🙂

Mary Training: I did an easy 4 miles this morning and came home (that feels weird to write) to oatmeal. It is nice to get back to my running/eating/repeating routine! DSCN0053

I don’t know if I will be able to post on my lunch, but I will be back later with the goods on my first day as a full time reporter 🙂

Cold Breakfast

After a hot run this morning there was only 1 thing on my mind – Smoothie! I actually used to get Jamba Juice smoothies after all my long runs in the summer. They gave me something to live run for 🙂

I did 5 miles that seemed pretty rough the whole time (???). I was huffing and puffing the entire time 😦

After that it was smoothie and PB/AB toast time!DSCN1285

Now I’m munching on watermelon and trying to put up a rental posting for our condo. The recycler website is crap. DSCN1286Now I have some responsible adult things to do before I get to go visit my mom and Matt 🙂 I want to hang out with them as much as possible before we leave – it’s a week from today!!!

Hill Day & Food Budget

Marathon Training – 6 miles with hills

The Runner’s World Training Program describes Hill Days like this:

Run the mileage for the day on the hilliest course you can find. This will build a base of strength in the first seven weeks.

The path nearby my new place has a gradual incline the whole way out, so I basically did 3 miles slightly up hill out and slight downhill on the way back.

Food Budget – The move and my new job mean a different financial situation for Ben and I.  We now need to stick to a budget. This is the first time that I’ve ever had to stick to a specific food budget. So, I have decided I need to start planning my meals for a few reasons:

– It will help save money, I’m planning on making a shopping list each week – Last minute trips to the store really add up!

– It will ensure no wasted food if I meal plan around what we need to use

– It will help stop random snacking in the kitchen while I figure out what to eat

– I’m buying food for two now

This  is a really good way to be aware of what we’re eating and the costs of our staple foods in order to make smarter decisions. Ben and I just moved in together last week. I am not used to buying food for two people. His eating habits are pretty different from mine so I have a lot to learn in food budgeting. I’ll keep you posted on this progress since it seems times are tight for so many right now 🙂

Last night I decided I haven’t had oats in a while so that was the plan for today…but I put too much almond milk in so they were very watery. I had to add Banana Cheerios and raisins to soak up the water!DSCN1226

It’s a short week! We are almost to “Friday”!

Here’s the plan…

I’ve decided to use the Runner’s World Marathon Challenge training plan for the Marine Corps. I haven’t had any time to read Run Less and really want to do that program right if I’m gonna give it a shot.DSCN1057

Today is Day 1 of training and it called for an Easy 4.

After I was done I had a naner with PB – I have realized that if I don’t have healthy fats with breakfast I am more likely to binge in the afternoon. Weird, huh?DSCN1055

Plus a big bowl of cereals 🙂DSCN1056Yesterday’s eats were not the best. I need to focus on writing in my journal to keep track of how I am feeling because I don’t realize things are bothering me until 2 bagels and PB are gone and it’s too late…

Dinner was a new try – Kashi Pizzas…DSCN1049DSCN1051

Ben and I split them both so I got to try each of them. This is the Spinach one with mushrooms. The ‘shrooms were watery when you bit into them 😦 It wasn’t very flavorful in general and really needed something. I topped it with red pepper flakes, but that didn’t fix it.  I wouldn’t get this kind again.DSCN1053

The Mexicali one was good (pictured below). It reminded me of a tostada pizza 🙂DSCN1054

I’m still sad that the wedding is over, but more pics are on the way!!!

Hot hot hot!

It was over 90 degrees yesterday & today at 7am I ran past a marquee at a park and it was already 71! I am a warm weather girl all the way, but I’ve found that my favorite running temp is around 55 degrees. I get warmed up super fast & stay that way! But, I love “just hanging out” weather to be about 80 with a nice breeze 🙂

I’m looking at a potential job opportunity in a location that would take me away from my beloved Cali & it’s gorgeous weather. Boo. I love this place & seriously I am dreading living some where that snows. I can’t imagine it…

W/O: This morning I did 8 minute abs & then quickly got out the door for a run before it got any hotter! I actually felt kinda out of breath for some of my run, like I’m just starting to run or something. It was a weird feeling, like I didn’t have the energy to keep going??? Hmmm. I know I’m doing something wrong, but I’m not sure what…This has been happening way more often than usual over the last few weeks and now it’s really bothering me.

Some possible reasons for a sluggish run:

– Not fueling with a good mix of carbs to protein following my run *It should be 4:1.

– Not fueling within an hour of finishing my workout

– Not getting enough rest, as in sleep & rest days

– Not taking a cold water bath after my long run. *I didn’t do this Saturday after my run!

Breakfast – I came across 2 new finds at the 99Cent Store yesterday (can you tell I go here a lot lately). foodies-1702

Nutrition info:foodies-1695

High Calorie, but delicious cereal. Basically, think of it as granola.foodies-1690

Nutrition info: I know, almost 200 cals for a 1/2 a cup is high, but this stuff is soooo good! Remember – Everything in moderation!!!foodies-1691

I decided to combine these goodies for breakfast today – you can eat the grains cold or hot. I tried them cold first and they were way too thick and gel-like, which was not too appetizing. So, I heated them up for under a minute in the micro & topped it with the cereal, much better!!! foodies-1686

I also made a big smoothie on the side with blueberries, almond milk, protein powder & amazing greens! Day 4 of the challenge!foodies-1688 

Dinner – I didn’t post last night because I had to get to sleep, but for the record I made Kath’s bean burgers. I made fresh guacamole to go with it and ate about 10 chips with guac while cooking!foodies-1697





After dinner I indulged in a Vitatop. These things are addictive & I’m almost out! Oh no!!!!foodies-1466

and had yogurt, an apple and some unpic-ed Kashi trail mix for an afternoon snack.foodies-1701