Race day eats make me happy

I did it! I PR’d at the OC Marathon and I’m very happy. Ahhhhh!!! Check out the stats from my last half and then from this one:

Long Beach Half Marathon – Oct 2008 – 1h:57m:12s

OC Half Marathon – May 2009 – 1h:52m:59s

It was hard for me to sleep last night – I was super nervous! I get really nervous  before races even though I’ve ran the distance in the past. So many fears go through my head and I start to kinda freak out. I ended up getting 6 hours of sleep, not the best race preparation, but it is what it is.

Pre-Race– I had the usual toast with PB, I didn’t end up eating the banana, but did have a few bites of Clif bar in the car on the way to the race. race-pics-028


These are the goods I took with me: race-pics-029

 Race Recap– I felt a little rough at the start of the race. I didn’t feel like I had much energy and was a little discouraged. I just didn’t feel “fresh” like I normally do after a rest day. Around mile 6 I finally hit my stride and felt warmed up. It was so good to know I was almost half way through. I had brought along a Gu in my Spibelt, but didn’t end up eating it. I walked through the water stations & took Powerade when it was offered.

There was a rough hill around mile 9 and I wanted to walk it, but there was a fuel station right after it was done so I decided to wait and walk through the water station. It did really slow me down though!

When the Half Marathon and the Full Marathon runners split off around mile 12 I felt good and thought I wouldn’t have minded running a full again, then I got some sense in me and decided to finish my race and think about that later!

I wasn’t sure what my last Half Mary time was, so I honestly didn’t know if I PR’d when I crossed the finish line! race-pics-032

Right when I was done I grabbed a water and chugged it and took a few bites of a bagel, tiny piece of orange and a few bites of these cut bars. But, more than eat I wanted to shower. I was drenched. race-pics-034

I’m done!race-pics-033 Can you see how happy I am that I didn’t sign up for the full? Ha.

After a shower it took us a while to find a good brunch buffet to eat. I didn’t end up eating until 11:15ish. While I was waiting I ate some cereal.race-pics-035

I eat whatever I want without guilt on race days. I knew I wanted to eat waffles and eggs so a breakfast buffet was perfect.

Waffle with banana and syrup. The banana was in some maple syrupy sauce – amazing.race-pics-039

I ordered a veggie omelet from the omelet bar. And I also got beans, rice, potatoes, a corn tortilla and the world’s best corn cake. race-pics-038

The El Tortito Corn Cake thinger is amazing. Seriously. I wanted to just get the biggest plate of it. I did end up stealing some of Ben’s!race-pics-037

Other things I stole from Ben – bites of Menudo…race-pics-040

Round II – Another waffle, I had to, I don’t know when I’m going to have waffles again and I love them. I also got fruit 🙂race-pics-042

Ben got arroz con leche for dessert, I tried it, but I think desserts should include chocolate or it’s a waste. race-pics-044

Now I am relaxing and putting together a race video 🙂 See you in a bit!

One guess & Mary Announcement

I’ll let you have one guess of what I had for breakfast today…

Here’s a hint – I’m apparently totally predictable and boring.

Yep, folks another day of oats, wheat berries, almond milk, naner, cinnamon and PB. Shocking, I know. dscn6101



In an effort to actually give you something new and exciting I’ve decided to just go for it and run the OC Marathon May 3rd. Why the hell not, right? I would love to run the San Diego Rock N’ Roll Marathon (May 31st) instead. I’ve heard it’s a really fun & flat (my fave!) race, but that would not work out with my crazy June schedule.

So that only leaves  9 weeks until the race! Since my first attempt at the full Feb 1st I have really slacked offlet my self take it easy on long runs. Last Saturday 11 miles was hard! Plus the OC Mary supposedly has more hills than Surf City. Boo. The moral of the story is: I need to get it together. I am figuring out a training plan today!

We don’t have exact dates/flights/details set yet, but here is a rough draft of  how crazy June is for me!

My Life in June 2009:

June 1st -> go to New Jersey for Ben’s brother’s graduation

June 2nd -> graduation

June 3rd? to ??? ->drive to Florida from NJ

June 5th to ? ->Marco Island, FL – Ben’s family has a time share & go this week of June every year

June ? -> back to California

June 18th or 19th -> drive up to Paso Robles

June 20th -> WEDDING!!!

June 21st -> Leave for honeymoon (TBD)