Time for a makeover!

I’m getting a makeover! Well, not me, but the blog is getting a makeover – and it may be down for a bit after 7pmEST tonight. Hope you give the new look a thumbs up!IMG_0827Actually, I would like a real makeover – I’ve always wanted to go blond.

Question: If you got a free makeover what would you change about yourself? Anything? Nothing?

I packed something other than PB&J for lunch again today! This is a very tasty and fun challenge 🙂 I’m not making anything “new”, but it’s good to get back to some old favorites.

I made a HUGE salad with tons of veggies and beans for protein. I used my favorite TJ’s Peanut Dressing too.IMG_1011

IMG_1010I also had some Kashi crackers and 2 seltzers with lunch. I may or may not have had another seltzer later. I am an addict.IMG_1043

For dessert – 2 of my chocolate chip cookies 🙂 Dessert with lunch is so fun! But, these have to be microwaved to taste best the next day.IMG_1047

I brought a lot of fruit to snacks today – kiwi and grapes. I love fruit! I ate some more Kashis since fruit doesn’t keep me full for long.DSCN2054

See ya later 🙂


Wedding Makeover

In about 5 days I am going to marry this lumberjack looking guy…DSCN9855

But, before we say our “I dos” I suggested he clean it up a bit. This was his first time ever getting a professional hair cut! He had always had his mom do it or just buzzed it himself! I think he was nervous when he got in the chair 🙂DSCN0766

Then, he looked like this…but, the makeover was not complete!DSCN0769

DSCN0768DSCN0770Oh, and since this is a food blog we ate Wahoo’s for lunch. Amazing.





He was reluctant to shave “Beardie”, but he decided this would probably be the last time he does so he went for it. Sort of.

First we went through the many faces of Ben…

There was this weird ‘stache down the sides. This is exactly how his Wii character looks. DSCN0778

and the creepy regular ‘stacheDSCN0780

and the Hitler ‘stache. Please stop.DSCN0781

Finally! The guy I am going to marry… he looks 12 in person, which makes me feel like a ped-o. DSCN0787

Please tell Ben you like his makeover or he’s not going to show up on Saturday!