Race Week

The OC Half Marathon is 6 days away which means it is Taper Week.

Since I am not running this race like a “race”, but rather just trying to keep myself in shape with high mileage for a  full mary in the distant future I’m not too concerned with serious taper. But, I am planning on scaling back running a bit to rest up!

The Plan:

Monday – 6 miles. Done 🙂

Tuesday – Hills – 4 hills with warm up and cool down a few miles

Wednesday – 5 miles

Thursday – 4 miles

Friday – Running Rest/Walk and 30 Day Shred or yoga

Saturday – Running Rest/Long Walk, stretching, maybe yoga

Sunday – 13.1 miles!!!!!!!!

My thoughts on tapering – Resting and tapering seems like the exact opposite of what you should be doing right before you run a long distance, but it’s exactly what your body needs. It is better to be over rested than over trained! My experience has shown me that I feel best on race day if I’ve rested up.

This is very frustrating if, like me, you want to lose weight. You are running to burn calories and letting days pass without running seems like a wasted opportunity. But, if you have signed up and trained for a race you are pushing your body to new levels of fitness and that should be your focus for right now. You have plenty of days to run, but only one chance to rock this race.

Rest, taper and run your little heart out on race day!

Breakfast: After a great 6 miles to start the day  I had oatmeal w/ raisins & AB and blackberries: dscn8174

Lunch: dscn8177AB & Pumpkin Butter on raisin Ezekiel bread with an apple

Ensalada grandedscn8178

I wanted something sweet after this and decided to try a possible wedding gift bag treat: dscn8181


Dress Rehearsal

Today was my last long run before the OC Half Marathon! I like to do a “dress rehearsal” before a race and wear the same clothes/eat the same thing that I will for the race. But…I didn’t bring my favorite shorts to Ben’s so my dress rehearsal wasn’t perfect. However it was a success, as in I finished 14 miles!

Before the run – carbs &  nut butter, just like I like it.dscn8019

After the run – a smoothie with blueberries, Amazing Grass, protein powder and almond milk.foodies-1793..

and greek yogurt with a bunch of great toppings – pumpkin butter, cereals and almond butterdscn8026

After 14 miles (in 2 hours and 3 minutes) of runningI rushed to Ben’s to shower and hit the road. We were off to Paso Robles for wedding planning.

I always pack snacks for the road. Today it was trail mix with fancy organic honey O’s (I forgot what brand), pecans, cashews, raisins and honey mustard pretzels. I made a big gallon plastic baggie of it – which is a good & bad thing. We have enough for the entire trip, but I had no idea how much I was eating!foodies-1797

 And an orange.foodies-1796

I also had some other random bites of Gardetto’s, but was trying to not eat too much so I would be hungry for the tasting!

Hot hot hot!

It was over 90 degrees yesterday & today at 7am I ran past a marquee at a park and it was already 71! I am a warm weather girl all the way, but I’ve found that my favorite running temp is around 55 degrees. I get warmed up super fast & stay that way! But, I love “just hanging out” weather to be about 80 with a nice breeze 🙂

I’m looking at a potential job opportunity in a location that would take me away from my beloved Cali & it’s gorgeous weather. Boo. I love this place & seriously I am dreading living some where that snows. I can’t imagine it…

W/O: This morning I did 8 minute abs & then quickly got out the door for a run before it got any hotter! I actually felt kinda out of breath for some of my run, like I’m just starting to run or something. It was a weird feeling, like I didn’t have the energy to keep going??? Hmmm. I know I’m doing something wrong, but I’m not sure what…This has been happening way more often than usual over the last few weeks and now it’s really bothering me.

Some possible reasons for a sluggish run:

– Not fueling with a good mix of carbs to protein following my run *It should be 4:1.

– Not fueling within an hour of finishing my workout

– Not getting enough rest, as in sleep & rest days

– Not taking a cold water bath after my long run. *I didn’t do this Saturday after my run!

Breakfast – I came across 2 new finds at the 99Cent Store yesterday (can you tell I go here a lot lately). foodies-1702

Nutrition info:foodies-1695

High Calorie, but delicious cereal. Basically, think of it as granola.foodies-1690

Nutrition info: I know, almost 200 cals for a 1/2 a cup is high, but this stuff is soooo good! Remember – Everything in moderation!!!foodies-1691

I decided to combine these goodies for breakfast today – you can eat the grains cold or hot. I tried them cold first and they were way too thick and gel-like, which was not too appetizing. So, I heated them up for under a minute in the micro & topped it with the cereal, much better!!! foodies-1686

I also made a big smoothie on the side with blueberries, almond milk, protein powder & amazing greens! Day 4 of the challenge!foodies-1688 

Dinner – I didn’t post last night because I had to get to sleep, but for the record I made Kath’s bean burgers. I made fresh guacamole to go with it and ate about 10 chips with guac while cooking!foodies-1697





After dinner I indulged in a Vitatop. These things are addictive & I’m almost out! Oh no!!!!foodies-1466

and had yogurt, an apple and some unpic-ed Kashi trail mix for an afternoon snack.foodies-1701

Cold Turkey & Race Depression

Even though the Half Marathon is about 13 days away I’m kinda disappointed that I don’t have a full Marathon planned for the near future. I decided against signed up for the RnR SD because I wouldn’t have been ready in time, training for a marathon while planning a wedding & running a full mary 20 days before my wedding was just too much. But, I’m still sad about it. So, I really need to pick my next race so I can feel some purpose to my running…I’ll be announcing that soon.

Run – This morning I did 5.7 miles.

Bridal Expo – Cake samples, which made me happy 🙂 But overall it was lame, just a bunch of random vendors trying to get you on their mailing lists.

I was running super late this morning since I didn’t realize I was taking Matt to school. Before I left I had my usual oats. I have added up the ingredients and it’s about 400 calories. The RD wants me to hit about 600 with breakfast, but I don’t feel comfortable with that so I’m shooting for 500. But, I don’t know what to add that’s 100 cals – I was thinking protein powder to my oats or an egg? I have to change up my breakfast anyways since it was too hot here for warm oats today!!! I’ll be switching to overnight oats and cereal soon 🙂 dscn7870

Cold Turkey – I came home yesterday and once again randomly snacked on too many things to remember. I was supposed to keep track of all of this for the RD, but the habits are so ingrained I am really struggling with it. She said it was fine for me to continue to snack, but I should eat at the table so I can keep track of what I’m eating.

I think the problem is too big for me just to make a little adjustment like that. I have tried to do this after our first appt too, but was not successful. I’m going to try and quit cold turkey. Wish me luck!

When I went to register this weekend at Crate & Barrel  I finally found those cute little spoons that are regulars in blog land!dscn7845

Hold that thought & I’m super fancy

Before my run I decided to try Amazing Greens for day 1 of the challenge. I was scared of this big ol’ glass of green stuff, but I went for it! I was taking a risk trying something new before a longer run, but I figured this stuff is healthy & shouldn’t hurt me too bad. dscn78231

My Review of Amazing Greens – It was pretty good (considering it’s just a green veggie powder)! It is not a chocolate shake, but is definitely pleasant. I easily drank it straight up with water. It was very mild and didn’t taste grassy. The only bad thing was it took me a few minutes to drink it and the powder ended up getting really thick towards the bottom of the glass. I added more water rather than drink a big thick clump of green goo. I am so going to rock this challenge!!!!

I also had a piece of raisin toast with Almond Butter.dscn7824

Hold that thought: Now on to my long run…I was upset with Ben about something and just kept thinking about it while I was running. As I went a long I got more and more mad until I was absolutely livid! So, rather than continue to plan how I wanted to sock him in the face I called him to let him know I was upset. I stopped running and walked while we sorted it out. Moral of the story – I completed 14 slow miles today and probably walked 1 to 2 miles of that.

When I got back I had a big handful of cereal and hit the shower. No pic, but I’m sure you believe me.

After I was done I made a massive & fancy bowl of cereal…I love that on long run days I feel completely free to eat whatever I want 🙂dscn7829

I also made a smoothie with frozen cherries, greek yogurt, almond milk, a little protein powder and some Amazing Greens. dscn7832

I’m super fancy – Ben bought some tickets to a fundraiser his co-worker is having. It is a formal event at some country club in Beverly Hills. I normally don’t like fancy events like this because I just feel uncomfortable. I told him,
“I’m not fancy, I’m from Pico!”  I have no idea what to wear, but I’m not too worried about it. I am who I am 🙂

But first I have to go to South Coast Plaza and register at Crate and Barrel. Talk about a fancy mall…this place is ridiculous. This is my reality people – South Coast Plaza (full of 3K dresses that I can’t afford to even take off the rack!) by day and Beverly Hills by night. Who the hell do I think I’m kidding?

Today is the prettiest day outside!!!!! I am such a California girl it’s going to be devastating to ever leave….See ya later.

I like you

While on my long run this morning I thought, “I like my blog readers, I should tell them this…” It was one of those random, yet deep and meaningful thoughts that run through your brain as you are running through the streets by yourself.

I know that there are a ton on blogs out there and I totally appreciate that you stop by here to see what’s going on with “that red headed girl who blogs about running and eats too much ice cream”.

Always feel free to comment or email me with questions, comments, complaints 🙂 or general feedback/suggestions about R.E.R – Thanks for reading!

Now on to other things I thought about on my run:

– Food

– Wedding stuff

– How I would quit my job if I could

– Dyeing Easter Eggs/making an Easter cake

I ran 14 miles today and it took me 6 minutes long than last week – that’s almost 30 more seconds a mile! If I want to speed up my time I really have to work for it. This includes pushing myself on runs, but also getting enough:

1. Sleep

2. Rest (for my legs) and cross training

3. Fuel

Before I left I had an english muffin with BBdscn7577

I could not decide between oatmeal or a yogurt bowl when I got back and showered. I almost had both, but decided I should make a HUGE yogurt bowl since I eat oatmeal a lot during the week. I added even more cereal and BB after I took this pic:dscn7580

Paso Turn Around

Sorry I was MIA yesterday.  I did a long run in the morning and then we rushed out the door to drive to Paso Robles (about 4 hours away) to get some wedding stuff done. We ended up getting a late start and didn’t accomplish too much, but we have to go back up in 3 weeks for a menu tasting and we’ll get more done then 🙂

My friends Adriel and Lisa are helping me a lot with the wedding. They met us up there to check out the venue. Since we were in SB wine country and all, we figured we should do a tasting, right…dscn7331 

Run – I had a great run yesterday too!!! I was in a hurry since I knew we had to get on the road, so I gave myself a goal – Run 14 miles in 2 hours. That is very fast for me, so I was just going to shoot for it and see what happened. I did it!!!

Miles : 14

Time : 2 hours 9 seconds 

That is amazing for me – I guess, a girl will do a lot to get to her wedding planning 🙂

In Paso – We ate at a Mexican restaurant while we were up there to see if it was a good place for the rehearsal dinner… I completely attacked the chips…dscn7340

A side of guacdscn7343

I got red snapper with rice and beans 🙂 dscn7342 

Of course I ate snacks on the way there, but nothing worth mentioning. We got home around 1am and hit the sack.