Dangerous Things

Things I think are dangerous:

  1. Running by yourself through a dark alley
  2. Going to Iraq
  3. Base Jumping
  4. Juggling Knives
  5. Eating Almond Butter right out of the Jar

My afternoon snack was an apple and almond butter. I ate the AB right out of the jar = VERY DANGEROUS!DSCN1895

Despite my decision to “Cut the Crap”, or really probably because of – I came home and ate a bunch of random cereals. Actually, now that I think about it,  this may be due to my lunch being on the lighter side. Anyways, I am truthfully and ashamedly admitting I ate way too much “crap” today. It all started with a small bowl of granola. Granola was a forbidden food for me for a very long time and I am still working on giving myself permission to eat it, hence the binge. I’m really trying to have my forbidden foods around and eat them like a normal person!DSCN1899

The dinner I made was tacos – eh, I was already full at this point and should have passed, but I did eat one. I am okay with it since my weight was down today and I’m not going to beat myself up over it.DSCN1902

Question: Is there anything “food wise” that you think is dangerous???

I also think baking is dangerous for me. The last time I made cookies I think I ate 5 of them and a bunch of batter 😦


Things I want to post, but can’t…

Sometimes time there are things I want to post about but can’t because certain people read this blog (family, co-workers) and I should be respectable. Damn. Today I said something to Ben that I want to post, but can’t…Let’s just say I went to a salon place to get something done because I’m going to be in a swimsuit this weekend…

“I can’t believe I pay someone to get that close to my vagina, shouldn’t someone be paying me?”

I’m glad I stuck to my convictions and didn’t post it. I am a lady.

Since I was at the mall during dinner time I was dying with all the delicious food smells all around me! I got a diet Coke from McDonald’s to help hold  me off (they are $1.00 for any size!).

Ben came to pick me up after I was done and I didn’t know what I was going to feed him for dinner, plus I really was craving fries! So, I suggested that he get something from the food court for dinner (so I could eat his fries) and he took the bait! We also got a Peach Milkshake to share. I’m lucky that often Ben will eat most of certain indulgent foods, but I still get to enjoy it too.peach

I wanted fries and I ate them. Fries are off the Forbidden Food list! I ate more than I probably should, but this is my first time truly letting myself eat fries without guilt, so I learned from it. I should have been more aware as I was eating them and stopped when they didn’t taste as good or I had my fill.DSCN1374

I made myself a salad in a hummus container (it was almost empty) to use as dressing = Same idea as the Oatmeal in PB jar. And rice and beans.DSCN1376

Despite the high cal dinner, I wanted something sweet and  piece of dark chocolate did the trick 🙂 DSCN1378I was talking to my BFF (word up lady) last night about losing weight and had a “light bulb moment”. I’m gonna post about it tomorrow, so stay tuned 🙂