Time for Dinner!

After a few cold dinners on the table Ben and I have declared 7pm Dinner Time. This way he knows when he should be home and I know when I will be eating dinner and can plan my snacks accordingly. I am thinking between 3 and 4pm is the best time for my afternoon snack so I’m hungry for dinner. Do you have a dinner time? I never had one before, but we’re trying this whole shack-up marriage thing and we want to eat dinner together 🙂 How cute.

In case you were wondering what I look like when I get home from work…I was trying to explain to friend that I look like I am coming home from a walk in the part – not work, when I get home. This is because I change out of nice, work clothes and put on walking clothes for my “commute” home 🙂DSCN2025

My afternoon snack was supposed to be this…but I ended up ditching the yogurt for a Kashi  bar. It was good, but the yogurt would have been better 🙂IMG_0996

I also had some of these True North Nut Clusters. The company sent me over some samples of their goodies and this was the first one I opened. I have to say that they are delicious! And I sent some in Ben’s lunch last week and he came home asking about them, saying that he loved them! Two good reviews in one and we haven’t even tried the other samples 🙂DSCN2035

Here are the nutrition stats.DSCN2036

My only hesitation with buying these  is that 5 clusters is a serving size. It’s hard for me to stop at 5! But if you pack them in your lunch it’s perfect. You get to enjoy the clusters and have portion control 🙂DSCN2039

Visit the True North website for a $1.00 off coupon! I will let ya know what I think about the other kinds too 🙂

Dinner was leftovers from Indian food on Saturday…DSCN2033

And I really really wanted dessert so I had a handful of chocolate chips before deciding to make cinnamon toast with chocolate chips! DSCN2044A little later I  was craving hot chocolate and Ben reminded me that we bought chocolate in Guatemala that turned out to be for making  (Mexican) Hot Chocolate! Have you ever had Abuelita? The best hot chocolate ever. You break off pieces of the chocolate bar and mix it with milk. DSCN2046

It is seasoned with cinnamon and other spices – it reminds me of my Aunt Martha since I rememeber her making this for me and my cousins 🙂DSCN2047Someone asked about the ingredients of my precious Pumpkin Butter…here are the stats…DSCN2041Cut the Crap – I have gotten a lot of emails about how my Cut the Crap Month seems to be hurting my Intuitive Eating. After much thought, I agree. As soon as I said I am not going to eat something my instinct is to eat it! It’s very frustrating, but years of restricting/binging has completely screwed up my head and body.

I feel like it is a complete cop out to say I am stopping my efforts to Cut the Crap 😦 So, I am going to continue to make an effort to eat foods that make me feel good and fuel me well! But, I am not going to restrict myself to x number of treats a week.

My small goals each week are building on eachother am I’m doing well with those so I’m going to continue

1. Not eating for 30 minutes after I get home

2. Brushing my teeth after dinner/dessert and closing the kitchen


15 to 15 – Cut the Crap

After a week of indulging on my vacation and also eating a lot of sweets and treats before  – I’ve decided I need to Cut The Crap. All the “crap” I’ve been eating has been affecting my energy level, running, skin and healthy mindset. It’s also become a habit – I’ve eaten dessert everyday for the last 2 weeks (at least).

September  15 to October 15 is the

Cut the Crap Challenge

The guidelines

  • Eat Whole Foods as the base of meals and snacks
  • Cut out processed foods as much as possible (cereals, crackers, bars, etc = 2 servings a day)
  • Decrease “sweets and treats” to 3 times a week maximum

These guidelines are very lenient because I am still trying to follow Intuitive Eating and restricting would mean taking steps backwards in the process. I think I.E. is working well for me, but I have gotten off track in terms of nutrition and health and it’s affecting how I feel.

I weighed myself today and was surprised and happy to see I actually lost a pound since my last weigh in 🙂 We’ll see how Cutting the Crap affects my weight!

Question: So, anyone else need to Cut the Crap?

Sorry for the weird post last night – I was really feeling bad. I actually don’t feel that great right now either, but we’ll see if it gets worse. I’ll try to tough it out till then!

Tuesday is a new Rest Day for me (on my 4 day running week) this worked out since I still feel sick. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and will do some strength training when I get home.

Breakfast was on the go! We were running late so I threw cereals, naner,yogurt and PB in a tupperware to eat on the road 🙂 DSCN1875

This weekend I discovered a New TJ’s Find – PB&J Bar. It’s supposed to be Peanut Butter and Jelly coated in chocolate.DSCN1828

The “Jelly” was too Jell-o like and kinda weird. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t as good as you would think with a name like PB&J. DSCN1830

But, do you see why I need to Cut the Crap?! I shouldn’t even have bought this!

Happy Tuesday 🙂 See you later!

No Cold Condiments

Today I totally ate what I wanted and it made me happy 🙂 My lunch was a big salad bar feast and dinner was simple, but the best!

I made a veggie wrap with my new favorite veggie burgers. I put a random carrot on the side for kicks.DSCN1359

My condiments of choice for this meal 🙂 I don’t keep these in the fridge because I hate when condiments make your food cold! I don’t care what it says on the bottle – I live dangerously.DSCN1361

I also ate a FiberOne bar after this since I felt snacky.DSCN1364

Dessert is on the menu – I broke up 2 ice cream bars (100 calories each) and topped them with apple chips and Yogi Crisps…happiness is eating ice cream while watching trashy TV 🙂DSCN1363

Since I ditched my lunch for today I don’t have to make lunch right now!

My Food Find of the day is Yogi Crisps. These were in the “healthy/organic/expensive” cereal section of the store. I was expecting granola, but this was more like cereal.DSCN1350

Here are the nutritionals…DSCN1352

These are a lot like corn flakes, but thicker. They have granola pieces stuck to them, but it’s not granola. My search for the perfect granola that isn’t 200 calories for a half a cup continues…does it exist???DSCN1356I had a few handfuls of that with an apple and seltzer for an afternoon snack. DSCN1357Why do I watch Top Chef? It just makes me hungry….

P.S. – FoodBuzz Fest – I need a roommate for the FB fest – email me if you know anyone 🙂

New Veggie Burgers

I have been eyeing these Veggie Burgers at Costco for a while, but didn’t want to get them because of the nutrition info.DSCN0924

DSCN0927They are a little low on protein for a girl who uses veggie burgers as her main source of protein some days (when breakfast is cereal and lunch is PB&J…).


But, I knew based on their similarities to Dr.P burgers that I would love them, so I went for it. And I was right – LOVE IT!





I stuffed a patty into a wrap with hummus, spinach and tomatoes for lunch.DSCN0946

My co-worker was eating pretzels today and totally gave me a craving, so I went next door to grab some to go with my lunch. DSCN0941 DSCN0949




DSCN0935My morning snack was a container of blubes.






I was actually super hungry all day today and ate half of this Kashi bar around 11am, plus some trail mix. I figured it would push back lunch, but it didn’t I was hungry at 12pm on the dot!DSCN0940

After lunch I ate an apple and the rest of my trail mix. Then, I was overly full! I am so bad with reading my hunger level 😦

DSCN0950 DSCN0953

I stopped at the store on the way home to pick up an ingredient for dinner and ended up buying croutons and eating a few handfuls of them. Then, I ate a cup of cereal and a handful of crackers. Once again I ruined my dinner, but I finally realized why/how.

The first thing I do when I get home is go to the kitchen. It’s kinda the way I unwind after a long day (some people get a drink, so it could be worse). I’m going to make the kitchen/food off limits for 30 minutes after I get home each day to get distracted with anything else. If after that time I want a snack that’s fine, but I think if I find something else to do I’ll be fine.

Porno Comment

Who is trying to add porno spam to my blog? Ha, I saw a comment was flagged today and thought it was something bad, but I laughed when I realized it was just that.

Today was eventful because I had to tell my boss of many years that I’m leaving.  My current position has worked with me through me attending college full time – they let me change my schedule each semester. And then when I graduated they worked around my internships and side reporting jobs. I am very lucky to have found such a flexible company 🙂

DSCN1175I was just breaking into my afternoon snack of an apple…and Fiber One bar when I remembered I picked up a new treat at Target – DSCN1179

So, halfway through the bar I decided to break open one of these packages.











The nutrition info: DSCN1180

They are all shaped like hearts ❤ Love it! They tasted very good too! I would get these again. Even though individual packaging is bad for the environment I like it because it’s vital for portion control. I don’t think me being sad and fat is good for the immediate environment around me…


And the ingredients, though still super processed,  are much more recongnizable than Fiber One Bars…DSCN1181

I made a HUGE salad for dinner since the spinach is on it’s last leg. This is a serving bowl, it’s hard to appreciate how big of a salad this is! DSCN1189

I had it with Kashi crackers  – great tasting, but only 4 per serving because they’re big – not great since I’m all about volume.DSCN1190

DSCN1191And a mini bagel with cheese.






For dessert I had some of the new Banana Cheerios with almond milk. I like them, the artificial banana taste grew on me after a few bites (but the first bite was just okay…).DSCN1192

Plus the leftover Fiber One bar. These are good, but have HFCS, which I’m trying to eliminate. DSCN1193

I will catch you all tomorrow. Since I was MIA all last week I got completely behind on reading blogs, I’m trying to catch up, but you guys need to type slower or post less or something – I can’t keep up!!!

Here’s the plan…

I’ve decided to use the Runner’s World Marathon Challenge training plan for the Marine Corps. I haven’t had any time to read Run Less and really want to do that program right if I’m gonna give it a shot.DSCN1057

Today is Day 1 of training and it called for an Easy 4.

After I was done I had a naner with PB – I have realized that if I don’t have healthy fats with breakfast I am more likely to binge in the afternoon. Weird, huh?DSCN1055

Plus a big bowl of cereals 🙂DSCN1056Yesterday’s eats were not the best. I need to focus on writing in my journal to keep track of how I am feeling because I don’t realize things are bothering me until 2 bagels and PB are gone and it’s too late…

Dinner was a new try – Kashi Pizzas…DSCN1049DSCN1051

Ben and I split them both so I got to try each of them. This is the Spinach one with mushrooms. The ‘shrooms were watery when you bit into them 😦 It wasn’t very flavorful in general and really needed something. I topped it with red pepper flakes, but that didn’t fix it.  I wouldn’t get this kind again.DSCN1053

The Mexicali one was good (pictured below). It reminded me of a tostada pizza 🙂DSCN1054

I’m still sad that the wedding is over, but more pics are on the way!!!

Hopeful Honeymoon

Because of some stuff going on right now Ben and I may have to postpone the honeymoon to September 😦 I am so bummed because we have put off taking a vacation this year for this trip! Boo. I’m hoping it will work out and we’ll be able to go to Belize like we originally planned. I don’t want to say “pray for us” because this isn’t that important in the grand scheme, but maybe cross your fingers?

I ordered these “Just Married” flip-flops for the trip. They are a little small, but I don’t have time to send them back. Plus, I don’t know if they make a bigger size since this is a 9-10.DSCN0022

They leave “Just Married” in the sand as you walk 🙂DSCN0023

Friday is my Rest Day from Running. I woke up and did 8 min Abs, a little bit of weights and took a long walk.

Breakfast was a Perfect 10 Bagel with PB and the last of my Pumpkin Butter. I’m so sad it’s gone. If you guys haven’t tried it you have to get some from TJ”s next October. DSCN0024

DSCN0030The other part of my breakfast was a Green Monster for the road.








DSCN0028I picked a new find at TJ’s this week – I got one for myself and one for my TSL Buddy. But, I didn’t really like it. It’s just peanuts and almonds covered with pieces of dried strawberries. It’s okay, but I like trail mix with more goodies and variety 🙂DSCN0026

Wedding Stuff – In addition to picking up my marriage license yesterday I got my dress!!!!! Ah! I am so relieved to have it in my possession 🙂 It came out great and I wish I  could just show you now. I’m going to post some good pics after the wedding, I promise.