Donde esta mis azucar?

Happy Humpday 🙂 This morning when I woke up I did NOT want to run. I don’t really know why, I just didn’t feel like I had a lot of energy, but I knew if I skipped out I would regret it later & wouldn’t have time to do it. So, I set out on a 7 miler. I am not going to lie and say that I loved every minute of it – the first 3 miles were mentally tough since I wanted to stop, but I did it.

Before I left I had a piece of bread w/ PB. Normally I would have some handfuls of cereal that would not get pictured!dscn6058

Breakfast –

Q: What is missing from this picture???dscn6060


A: brown sugar.

Normally I sprinkle brown sugar on top of my oats, but since I am staying away from sweets for the next 40 days (!) I thought I should take the sugar off my oats. I am not going to avoid all foods with sugar in it, since my goal is to avoid sweets like candy, cookies, ice cream, etc – not all sugar.

After breakfast I was still a little hungry (or maybe actually thirsty) and had some blueberries. dscn6063

(I also had a few bites of scrambled eggs I made for my bro.) Lunch was salmon salad made with this packet. I love that you don’t have to drain the can and get fish juice everywhere!!!dscn6064

I had it on an english muffin with an apple and salad on the side 🙂


My blog-aversary is coming up and I wanted to do a give away contest, but Lindsay at The Love of Oats beat me to it 🙂 I may have to wait for a belated blog-aversary contest since I don’t want to be a copier. But, I do want to participate in Linday’s contest!!!

To run or not to run…

After 11 miles on Saturday morning I was soooo hungry – I got used to eating before my long runs and was super hungry and thirsty by mile 8! I have a usual water fountain I stop at if I don’t have my fuel belt and it was broken 😦 I need a better fuel belt since I don’t like the one I have now.

Next Race : I was considering running another full marathon in May. I am on the fence about it for few reasons:

1. 2 of my toenails (not including my already blue one!) are no longer going to be with us soon from my first mary Feb. 1st. I don’t want to mess up my toe nails right before the wedding in June.

2. Training on the weekends takes up a lot of time & I have a wedding to plan!

3. I kinda want to focus on making my half marathon time better.

4. I’m trying to lose weight and it is hard to cut back on food when you’re running so much.

Hmmm, my decision will be made this week.

Anyways, since the kitchen is still out of commission breakfast was a big bowl of cereal with almonds, raisins and choc chips from my Kashi Trail mix…dscn5928

Later I snacked on more Kashi trail mixdscn5931

and fruit.dscn5930

I met my BFF (who lives in Palm Springs) at a mall for some wedding dress shopping and girl time. First thing we did when we met was eat! I was hungry. I had mahi-mahi with rice and veggies from some random mall food court place.dscn5933

Ben and I went out for Mexican food & since it was Saturday I decided to live it up and order a margydscn59571

and chips w/ salsadscn5951

I ordered a fish burrito on ww tortilla – I love their wet burritos!


Plus I got to get Yogurt Land since it was my “Sweets on Saturdays” day where I can have the dessert of my choice 🙂dscn5961 I got crazy with the toppings!!!

Eat II 2/9/2009

I had a Reese’s chocolate heart as part of my afternoon snack. It doesn’t look like a heart that much though, but it tasted good 🙂dscn5776

I was signing my name on my Valentine’s for work so I couldn’t help but have one 🙂 Look at this big pile tempting me! I better give these away asap so I don’t eat any more.dscn5773

For my real snack I had blueberries and a baggie of cereal:


Lunch did not hold me over today. Did I even post lunch? Oh well, I had a Lean Cuisine pizza and salad. I don’t know what it is, but I was hungry again in an hour.


Anyways, dinner was a veggie burger, tomato soup a bunch of crackers and string cheese.dscn5780

To keep me honest – I had half a Kashi bar and hot chocolate when I got back from a quick de-stress walk. Then, I wanted to eat more so I had an apple because I figured it won’t do that much damage. While it’s true that an apple isn’t bad calorie wise – I still ate after dinner, a habit I really want to break!!!!

Eat II 2/8/2009

Around 4pm I got hungry for a snack. I couldn’t decide between a Kashi bar since I wanted to try the pumpkin flavor or yogurt with goodies. I got around this by taking a bite of the Kashi bar and giving the rest to Ben 🙂 dscn5756and making yogurt for myself.dscn5758

W I hadn’t given Ben a taste of my fabulous lunch salad so I re-created it for us to share with dinner. I also had a “veggie” italian sausage, garlic bread and a little chicken lasagna. dscn5760

My sweet tooth is stronger than all the heat of a million suns. I had a piece of great dark chocolate and some Rotta Black Monukka. I also had a few sips of Ben’s mixed drink. I have decided I need to start drinking more to alleviate my high-anxiety tendencies. I don’t know if this is the healthiest approach to dealing with things, but as long as I don’t become an alcoholic I think it will help:)dscn57621dscn5762

Eat I 2/8/2009

Happy Sunday 🙂 I started the day with a bit of a change up in breakfast – eggs. I like eggs, but I lalalove cereal and oatmeal, so I really don’t have them that often. Ben LOVES eggs, seriously. Every time he has them I always want to steal some so I just figured I’d make some of my own. I made an egg white scramble topped with a little cheddar cheese and ketchup and grapes on the side. Oh yeah, and that’s a Perfect 10 bagel  (made by Western Bagel, 140cals) with ICBNB.dscn5750I had the joy of going to the Level 1-2 yoga class with an instructor I really like today too!!! Finally. It was really great and just the right amount of challenge that I felt like it was difficult,but didn’t feel defeated – you know what I mean?


Lunch included a lot of blueberries we picked up from TJ’s…dscn5752Plus a super fancy salad from all TJ’s ingredients too. It had lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, light balsamic, candied pecans, cranberries and blue cheese. I made sure to be light on all those high-cal ingredients so I would have “calorie room” left for a big hunk of bread with Chevre made with honey – that stuff is amazing!!! Seriously, it’s also a TJ’s find and you should try it.dscn5753

The plan for the rest of the day includes getting my taxes done and wedding stuff 🙂 We really have to get on the ball with that. My friend/wedding planner Adriel says he is going to rip my vagina off if I don’t send him the guest list ASAP. While he was drunk when he made that threat, I don’t want to chance it…

Eat I 2/6/2009

I had to be at work super early today since I had volunteered for the Breakfast Club – where my co-worker and I bring breakie into work. I just did it because she wanted to and I didn’t actually want to make anything so I bought a bunch of pan dulce and she brought fruit and juice. I ate half a piece of one and had a couple of bites later in the day – oops!

For my real breakfast I made oatmeal with the Kashi Go Lean oatmeal mixed with a packet of instant original and it was very Blah 😦 I sprinkled some brown sugar on top and that didn’t help much.

dscn5728I also attacked my cherries 🙂 dscn5729

For lunch I convinced my peep, Lisa, to go with me to Whole Foods! It’s not hard to convince anyone to go there if they realize the amazingness that is the WF salad bar. I ate this HUGE salad pretty fast and ended up feeling bloated for the rest of the afternoon (I know, TMI). dscn5730

I also got this great soda drink thinger. I liked it, but am not sure if it contributed to my uncomfortable fullness for the whole day. Hmmm.dscn5731

I signed up for a Web design class that I am taking from 6pm-9pm tonight and then from 9am to 4pm tomorrow. I am bummed that I have to be stuck in a class tonight and all of Saturday, so it better be good!!! Hopefully, this class will teach me how I can improve the blog and further my career in the same shot! Anyways, by the time I get home tonight it will be after 10pm and I will probably just hit the sack and catch up with you tomorrow.

Part of the reason I went to WFs for lunch was so that I could eat my packed lunch for dinner in class. I have a PB&Pumpkin Butter, a cup of milk (that was meant for my snack with cereal), more cherries and a cup of cereal if I want something else. Have a good night 🙂

Eat II 1/16/2009

I got hungry around 10:30am and didn’t want to break into my lunch, but finally caved and grabbed an apple.foodies-1390I had a few errands to run on lunch and didn’t get back to eat until close to 2pm. It’s weird but my hungry kinda of went away since I had waited so long. I still ate of course… I had PB&pumpkin butter and I packed a baggie full of blackberries, grapes, carrots and cherries.foodies-1392On the way to the Fiance’s (what is the web abbreviation for Fiance anyways?) I had a big baggie full of cherries.foodies-1393We took a long walk after work and just threw together some random things for dinner. I put refried beans on lettuce with baked chips and cheese for some kind of taco salad thing.foodies-13941I also threw together the leftover pasta from last night and added veggie italian sausage I found at TJ’s today. The Fiance ate most of it but I stole a lot too.foodies-1395Dessert was a chocolate bread pudding we picked up on our walk. It was super good once it was warmed up we started to eat it cold and it wasn’t tasty at all. foodies-1396