Mini Batch of Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have been dying to bake for a week now and finally got the chance today. But, since baking is a major danger zone for me I decided to make a mini-batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies! I made a small batch that made 9 cookies total. I didn’t want to bust out a recipe so I made this up as I went along…IMG_1029

Ingredients – Makes 9 Healthy Cookies

1/2c oats

1/2c whole wheat flour

1/3c brown sugar

1/4 tsp baking powder

dash salt and cinnamon

1 egg

1Β  applesauce (snack pack size)

1/3c chocolate chips

Mix dry ingredients, then wet ingredients. Drop spoonfuls on a greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. *I spray the pan to prevent sticking since the cookies don’t have butter. **You can’t eat more than a bite of the cookie dough since it doesn’t make that much. Yes, I eat the batter even though it has raw egg. Have you ever heard of anyone dying from eating cookie dough? If you ever do, it will probably be me and I won’t regret it.IMG_1025Let’s remember that these are healthy cookies and may disappoint Ben your significant other.

The whole batch on a plate! Dee-lish!IMG_1030

I didn’t just have cookies for dinner (not that I’m above that). I had some polenta left over from the other night and recreated that meal. I love cooked spinach with tomato paste and spices. Love it.IMG_1018

IMG_1014My afternoon snack was kiwi and a yogurt. I was hungry and also ended up eating a handful of Kashi crackers! Maybe two handfuls?DSCN2053

When I got home and started making dinner I thought I would be “good” and plate my snackage of Pirate’s Booty. But, let’s be honest and say that I ate handfuls of this stuff straight out of the bag too.IMG_1007

In other news…I’m going to Mississippi next week for work! I’m covering a story about a church building a house for a family who lost their home in Katrina. Exciting life of a reporter!?


Steak Prostitute

I am a “Steak Prostitute”.

Let me explain…There is something I really really want to do and I kinda need Ben to agree with it before I do it so I needed to persuade him. I had it – a genius idea! Steak! Now, I know I am a hypocrite because I don’t eat meat*, but these are desperate times people. (*I do eat fish.)DSCN1222

When Ben came home and saw that I made him steak he was so happy he agreed to my crazy scheme and now we are both happy. Everybody wins (except the cow, but I’m trying to put that out of my head). Don’t judge me, I’m from Pico.DSCN1216

> In all seriousness, I don’t eat meat for a couple of reasons. But, I do not judge anyone who does. What I put in my mouth is my choice and what other’s eat is their choice. I married a guy who describes himself as “meat and potatoes”. Since I do most of the cooking he does not actually eat a lot ofΒ  meat. Every so often I will make him a meat dish. Really, he compromises a lot more than I do in the food department. I hope you’re not offended by this off-color joke.

Back to eats: I swear by rice and soy sauce (with protein and veggies) for carb loading. I didn’t eat this the night before my last long run and I’m hoping that’s why I had such a bad run 😦

Tonight I’m making brown rice to go with some random leftovers I have. If this doesn’t work I don’t know what to do!DSCN1219

Lunch was a deviled egg sandwich and kiwi. I was totally craving deviled egg recently and finally got around to making it. I use light mayo – not yogurt or some other “healthy” substitute, I figure once in a while you should have a real deviled egg sammie!DSCN1209

The huge iced coffee kind of upset my stomach this morning and I wasn’t hungry until after 12:30 today – this is weird because I’m normally starved by 11!

In the afternoon I had some dark chocolate covered pretzels and finished off the bag when I got home – oops!DSCN1210

I also had some of these in the afternoon:



Now I am making chocolate chip cookies and relaxing with trash TV. I have a major craving for chocolate chip cookies after watching that Martha Stewart show where her daughter makes comments with her friend. Random.

I used this recipe, until I realized that it said to process the oats! I just put them in whole. Oh well. DSCN1228Let’s just say I had more than 2 but less than 4 I just had another one, make that 4 total…DSCN1229

I need to be responsible this weekend and do adult things like cleaning, food shopping and paying bills. I am actually really looking forward to getting these tasks off my mind! Isn’t it a relief to cross things off your to-do list?

Have a great Friday night/Saturday morning πŸ™‚

Sloppy Seconds

I had leftovers for dinner – I like them, but I thought Sloppy Seconds was a more fun title πŸ™‚

Leftovers are so great – you don’t have to cook, but you still get all the deliciousness of a home cooked meal. I had the Peanut Noodles from the other night – those are chickpeas (the first time I made it I topped with peanuts, but chickpeas were inside the dish).


Dessert! These were a little stale, but still tasty πŸ™‚DSCN1198Before I left work I had a kiwi andaΒ  serving of TJ’s Peanut Butter Pretzels πŸ™‚Β DSCN1192DSCN1193

While packing lunches for tomorrow (see, I am responsible) I ate a bunch of random trail mix and bites of other stuff.

So, I have one habit broken – eating when I get home. I wait 30 minutes before eating anything. It works for me πŸ™‚

Now I have to figure out a way to break the habit of eating after dinner. I am snacky and out of control. I’m brainstorming on this right now!

DSCN0068Ben and I just bought a bunch of furniture from strangers on Craigslist. If you remember we moved to CA with only what we could fit in the truck – which didn’t add up to much more than clothes! Now I have to go help him bring this stuff inside – fantastic. I hate moving big heavy things.

OC Half – Carb Loading

I have said it before on the blog my carb loading of choice is rice with soy sauce with some main dish of Thai or Chinese food.

After a long day I decided quick Chinese takeout was the easiest way to get my hands on my salty carb of choice. I started with wonton soup.dscn8363

The place we went to didn’t have very many choices, but I decided on steamed rice(they don’t have brown rice in my city at all!!!) with chow mein and shrimp and chicken chop suey. I also stole some of Ben’s Walnut Shrimp. I ate a lot, more than this.dscn8362

Earlier in the day I had some Mother’s Cookies that Foodbuzz sent over in partnership with Mother’s to sample! I’m going to post about them later…dscn8345

I also drank half of this – another out of character move for me, but whatev. At least it was the sf kind! dscn8334