No run on Tuesday?

This is my second week ofΒ  “4 Runs a week” and today was really weird. I have always run on Tuesdays (well, at least for the last 5 years)! Last week I had just come back from my trip and was feeling sick so the Tuesday off from running was welcome. But, today it feels wrong. I want to give it a shot because everyone that does the FIRST program swears by it, but I am having hesitations about it.

I know from training for my first marathon in February my body was rebelling toward the end of training and I wasn’t looking as forward to running. I think as the mileage increases I will be grateful for a 4 day running week, but right now I miss it. I’m sticking with it for now, just thought I’d share.

Anyways, today was an active Rest Day. I did some strength moves and the elliptical for 30 minutes.

Breakfast was a smoothie and an english muffin. IMG_1001

I put PB on one side and ICBNB with sugar and cinnamon on the other πŸ™‚ Some sugar and cinnamon may have gotten on the PB side too…IMG_1003Off to work! See ya later πŸ™‚


Brisk Monday

Both the weather and my run were brisk today. The weather was cool and invigorating and the run was quick πŸ™‚ I double checked and “brisk” can be defined many ways including…

1 : keenly alert : lively
2 a : pleasingly tangy <brisk tea> b : fresh, invigorating <brisk weather>
3 : sharp in tone or manner
4 a : energetic, quick <a brisk pace> b : marked by much activity <business was brisk>

My Marathon Training Plan called for 1 mile warm up, 4x 800s (1min Rest in between)Β  1 mile cool down. I am not the biggest fan of speed work, but this was short so it wasn’t too bad πŸ™‚

I made Overnight Oats last night and took them out of the fridge before I left for my run so they wouldn’t be too cold. IMG_0989

Topped with granola and PB – deelish!IMG_0984

In case you haven’t heard, it’s Monday. This means a fresh clean slate…a week of great runs, accomplishing a lot at work, new blog posts and more. Let’s make it great!

Butter is Back

Pumpkin Butter that is! TJ’s Pumpkin Butter is back out. It’s a seasonal item and I completely love it! I put it on toast, plain yogurt and more! Get some, seriously – it’s better than this blog, stop reading and go!DSCN2006

Sunday is a Rest Day. Ben and I did some elliptical this morning. It’s nice to have someone to workout with sometimes πŸ™‚

I’ve been wanted French Toast for a while and have to wait for the weekend to actually make it. I happily made French Toast today!DSCN1995

I topped it with a mix of mashed up banana, PB and maple syrup. Delicious!DSCN1997

Since we’re new to the area we’ve been “Church Shopping” on Sundays. We’ve been to 4 different churches now and still haven’t found that clicks. The search continues…

After church we went to Costco and TJ’s. Is it sad that I have been looking forward to this all week? I ate a bunch of samples and a bunch of this Costco style “Pirate’s Booty”. Ben wanted this stuff, I’ve actually been avoiding it when I visit Costco since this is one of those foods that I just eat and eat and eat….DSCN2002

Ben and I always joke about the Nutella at Costco. It is two containers of it! Another Dangerous food = A Costco size container of Nutella x2! To our credit, we didn’t buy it 😦 It’s for the best….DSCN2000

I just enjoyed a big smoothie with granola (more granola than shown). And some grapes (no pic).DSCN2004

Now it’s time for some cleaning and relaxing πŸ™‚ Hope you’re having a happy Sunday!

Egg Scramble & 12 miler

12 miles in 1:52:something this morning πŸ™‚ I felt good, but I’m still having trouble with the hills. I have gotten a lot slower since moving to MD and I have to blame the hills!

When I got back Ben was making an egg/ham and cheese sandwich. It smelled so good! I decided to make an egg scramble sandwich. I used spinach, mushrooms, garlic and cheese. Mixing veggies with eggs is the best way to get veggies in at breakfast! I ate the extra scramble on the side. DSCN1989DSCN1987

We are out of fruit and really need to get to the store! Be back later πŸ™‚

Morning Hunger

Happy Cookie Friday! How about a quadruple stuffed Oreo? (from Natalie Dee).way-more-stuffed-than-any-other

I woke up a little hungry this morning – which never happens! Weird, but good I guess since it means I didn’t eat too much last night.

I did some strength traing in the lviing room before hitting up the apartment gym for elliptical time. But, when I got there both ellipticals were being used 😦 (One of them was being used by Ben who has been working out 5 days a week!) I walked on the treadmill for 10 minutes until someone got off. Then, I did 20 minutes switching front/back πŸ™‚

I can’t get enough cereal lately (big surprise I know). I had a big bowl with mixed cereals, soymilk, naner and PB.DSCN1981Extra PB on the naner πŸ™‚DSCN1982

Question: Do you wake up hungry? If so, do you eat right away or workout/shower/other morning stuff first??

How to pack my lunch Lesson #2

Lunch Lesson #2: Prep (or completelyΒ  make) all your lunch ingredients the night before.

Last night I made salmon salad for lunch today (I actually ended up eating if for dinner too). I thought putting it on the bread would make it too soggy, but at least I had it ready to go for this morning. I left Ben a note before I left for my run to please make a Salmon Sandwich for himself and a Salmon Wrap for me πŸ™‚DSCN1936My packed lunch and snacks – apple, grapes, nut-clusters, cereal, carrots, wrap. I have yogurt waiting for me at work for an afternoon snack so I might switch that out with the nut clusters…DSCN1946

The Night Before Lunch Prep Tips:

– Chop up veggies or fruit for salads and snacks

– Put chips/cereals/trail-mix/fruit into baggies or tupperware

– Make sandwiches or leftovers as the “main course” if it will keep overnight

– Set aside any yogurt/bars/snacks you want to take so they are easy to grab on your way out

Run – I meant to run out as fast as I could 3 miles and jog back, but I completely burnt my legs out by miles 2 and was dragging the rest of the way. I need to work on pacingΒ  myself better!

Breakfast – Ben made a double Green Monster for us to share for breakfast. GMs go best with a bagel and PB&J πŸ™‚DSCN1943I’m happy it’s almost Friday! I’ve been trying to fight off getting sick all week and have really been dragging.

Thank you all so much for the positive comments after my post last night. I am very frustrated that I keep backtracking on my journey towards a healthier lifestyle, but I need to keep it in perspective. I just got back from vacation and need to get back on track – but drastic measures don’t work long term (even short term for me!).

Today I am committing myself to a healthy, balanced eating and excercise plan – thanks for following along πŸ™‚

4 miles slow, 2 miles fast (kinda)

My training plan called for 2 miles easy, 2 miles at short tempo pace and 2 miles easy. My short tempo pace should probably be around 7:50 miles? based on my half marathon time, but I have not been able to get even 1 mile that fast yet! I did the tempos at 8:34 and 8:15 — I’ll be faster next time!

Once again we were running late so I had to throw together a quick lunch and eat breakfast in the car. I really should have asked Ben to make my lunch, but he says he doesn’t know what I like – which is kinda true. So, someone will soon be getting a lesson in How to Pack My Lunch!

Lesson #1: I bring a lot of food = a lot of tupperware!DSCN1913

Breakfast was oatmeal – 1/2c oats, soymilk, cinnamon, naner, PB DSCN1911Happy Humpday πŸ™‚ I’m currently drinking a new tea from TJ’s. I think it’s a Mango flavor!