Monica Does Connecticut

Have you noticed how I love writing suggestive titles? ‘Cause I do…

My Saturday started with a 9 mile run. I changed my long run this week so we could get a early start to CT. So, I ended up doing 9 miles yesterday and 9 miles today. It is completely NOT the same as an 18 miler. But, next week I will get back to a long run. I have to admit it was nice to have a week off 🙂

After I got back I made pumpkin oatmeal in a PB container (I don’t say jar because it’s plastic).IMG_2407

Topped with the devil trail mix. I am giving that stuff away today. After I have a little bit more that is…IMG_2409

Then, it was a l-o-n-g drive from MD to CT. We packed lunch, but planned to pick up drinks. The easiest thing was to drive through McDonald’s. I got a diet Coke and Ben got a coffee and fries. Great Ben, bring fries within arms distance. I had a few of course. IMG_2413

The rest of lunch consisted of a week-old tuna in a wrap. Yes, you read that correctly – tuna that was a week old. I live dangerously, are you impressed? IMG_2411

And these chips. Chips are necessary for any road trip. IMG_2414

And so is road mix – oh, I mean trail mix, even though we weren’t on a trail.IMG_2405

Finally we got to Ben’s brother-in-law’s sister’s house (Emily)! We finally got to meet Owen, our new nephew! He is adorable and Ben loves him so much. Ben loves babies. I don’t know what to do about that right now. No comment.  IMG_2426

Emily made vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie! She is an amazing cook and I was sooooo happy to find a vegetarian dish for dinner.IMG_2422 I loved loved loved the Whole Foods Shepherd’s Pie I used to eat in CA, but never could make it for Ben because he swears he doesn’t like it! Well, he loved it so now  I am totally going to recreate it at home! Loved it. IMG_2424

We brought an apple pie, let me rephrase that – HUGE apple pie from Costco. So, dessert was apple pie, ice cream and home made whipped cream. For real. IMG_2430 I feel like I’ve really been overdoing it lately. I am not sure how to get back on track, but luckily I have a 5 hour drive tomorrow to think about it. Stay tuned for a crash diet extravaganza!!!


Positive Affirmations

I love listening to the Intuitive Eating CDs. Today they talked about switching some of the things you tell yourself with more positive thoughts.

One of them was:

Old thought: “I need a diet and specific meal plan to lose weight”

New thought: “I know my body will return to it’s best weight if I listen to my hunger and satiety cues, eat satisfying foods and stop using food to deal with my emotions.”

I need to keep telling myself that because it’s so hard to practice in everyday life!

DSCN9987I ate a bunch of cherries midmorning and again mid-afternoon. I can’t stop.







DSCN9985I really wanted open faced grilled cheese for lunch. But, I’ve been trying to get away from eating so much dairy. I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow because I went for it.

I also had tomato soup with animal crackers 🙂 DSCN9984

DSCN9989Mid-afternoon, in addition to cherries of course, I had popcorn. I really need to get away from so many carbs all the time.






Dinner was centered around the lovely avocadoes the tree in my backyard gave us 🙂

I love having an avocado tree – plus they’re organic and local 🙂 I made a massive taco salad. I don’t even have a bowl big enough, so I had to use a tupperware. DSCN9992DSCN9991 

After dinner I went to buy my Bridal Party gifts. I failed miserably and came home empty handed! Well, not completely empty handed, as I got a new running book I’ll show ya tomorrow. But I have no idea what to get them. Two of them don’t really wear jewelry, so I think that idea’s out. Help! Any ideas???????

DSCN9993Dessert – Vitatop that I topped with Almond Butter. Then, I had a piece of toast with AB&CC, now I”m stuffed.

By Cereal I Mean Cookies

DSCN9956I had to pick up a few things from TJ”s after work. I have been eyeing this cereal for a while now. 

But didn’t want to get it because the nutritional info is not too good – Very high in calories for 3/4c serving. Who eats 3/4c cereal? Not this girl!DSCN9966

I caved and bought it to try. I had a few handfuls on the way home. Then, when I got home I had a little in a cup with milk. It works well both ways.DSCN9958

DSCN9964I like it, but I say it should be eaten as a dessert. These are more like cookies – not cereal. Do you like how I changed the box?

See, they’re filled with chocolate. It was like frosting.  DSCN9962






The one good thing about these cookies are they don’t have a ton of random ingredients:DSCN9967


This pretty  much ruined my dinner and I wasn’t hungry after all the cereal, but I still felt empty for some reason. So I ended up snacking a bunch. Boo. I didn’t taking pictures since it was a lot of mindless eating.

I took a walk to get away from the kitchen and then came back to a huge salad topped with leftovers.

DSCN9948My afternoon snack was going to be fruit and tea, but the fruit was “tingly” so I think it was bad. I drank the tea, but ditched the fruit.

My real snack ended up being the $4.00 hummus with broccoli. DSCN9952 DSCN9953

Intuitive Eating – I was genuinely full today after snacking, but I convinced myself to eat a “real dinner” and now I feel like crap. I am going to stop snacking before dinner time. If I’m really hungry I’ll have some afternoon fruit, but I always end up eating more than that and I’m never hungry for dinner! I don’t want to make a Rule that I only eat fruit before dinner, but I am NEVER hungry for dinner. I need to change something.

Rain be gone

After two hours of downpours it finally stopped raining and we went down to the beach.

DSCN9855The Bride and Groom Challenge game was fun. I learned the name of Ben’s childhood best friend that he’s never mentioned and he learned that I would rather be President of the United States over President of a fortune 500 company 🙂







DSCN9865While we played I ate some grapes and pita chips with hummus.







DSCN9869Then, it was beach time. I wish the water in California was warm enough to enjoy like this! But the salt water does a number on my hair if I don’t put it in a braid or bun. It gets super tangled!






DSCN9873Dinner was meat lasagna for everyone else and a HUGE salad with tons of toppings for me. Someone gave me a hard time about it, but I pointed out that my toppings were full of fatty and delicious mayo and stuff. It was a base of veggies with coleslaw, potato salad, mac salad, spinach artichoke dip and a veggie burger. I told you it was big!  



DSCN9876After I got a piece of Health Nut bread with artichoke dip as a spread.

My goal right now is to eat what I want, but feel good and feel healthy. So, while the toppings to my salad are not “healthy” per se, they worked as the dressing to my salad and tasted great!






DSCN9879Then we went to take family pictures on the beach. I didn’t get any on my camera, but I did get this one of Ben and I. 

Victorious Tuesday!

So despite the fact that I couldn’t stop “tasting” PB&Co Dark Chocolate Dreams throughout the afternoon, I consider this day a success. That’s because I ate dinner and had 1 piece of chocolate and called it a night.

I started dinner with hummus and broccoli. I love this hummus and can never go too long without it.
Dinner was this Soba noodle bowl thingy and some salad. It looks gross, but was good – trust.
Dessert! My one and only dessert for the night. This is an accomplishment since I am in the bad habit of night time eating. Yeah for me! Now only if I could get my act together enough to get my nails done…