Monica Does Connecticut

Have you noticed how I love writing suggestive titles? ‘Cause I do…

My Saturday started with a 9 mile run. I changed my long run this week so we could get a early start to CT. So, I ended up doing 9 miles yesterday and 9 miles today. It is completely NOT the same as an 18 miler. But, next week I will get back to a long run. I have to admit it was nice to have a week off 🙂

After I got back I made pumpkin oatmeal in a PB container (I don’t say jar because it’s plastic).IMG_2407

Topped with the devil trail mix. I am giving that stuff away today. After I have a little bit more that is…IMG_2409

Then, it was a l-o-n-g drive from MD to CT. We packed lunch, but planned to pick up drinks. The easiest thing was to drive through McDonald’s. I got a diet Coke and Ben got a coffee and fries. Great Ben, bring fries within arms distance. I had a few of course. IMG_2413

The rest of lunch consisted of a week-old tuna in a wrap. Yes, you read that correctly – tuna that was a week old. I live dangerously, are you impressed? IMG_2411

And these chips. Chips are necessary for any road trip. IMG_2414

And so is road mix – oh, I mean trail mix, even though we weren’t on a trail.IMG_2405

Finally we got to Ben’s brother-in-law’s sister’s house (Emily)! We finally got to meet Owen, our new nephew! He is adorable and Ben loves him so much. Ben loves babies. I don’t know what to do about that right now. No comment.  IMG_2426

Emily made vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie! She is an amazing cook and I was sooooo happy to find a vegetarian dish for dinner.IMG_2422 I loved loved loved the Whole Foods Shepherd’s Pie I used to eat in CA, but never could make it for Ben because he swears he doesn’t like it! Well, he loved it so now  I am totally going to recreate it at home! Loved it. IMG_2424

We brought an apple pie, let me rephrase that – HUGE apple pie from Costco. So, dessert was apple pie, ice cream and home made whipped cream. For real. IMG_2430 I feel like I’ve really been overdoing it lately. I am not sure how to get back on track, but luckily I have a 5 hour drive tomorrow to think about it. Stay tuned for a crash diet extravaganza!!!


How ya feeling?

I’m not feeling so great because I’ve been eating a ton of crap – processed foods, too much sugar, too many empty carbs…

Since losing weight is sort of on the back burner right now (orders of the RD) my priority is feeling good. Well, too many processed, empty calories are making me feel bad. I’m switching my focus to whole foods!

I have decided on my next race – The Marine Corps Marathon October 25th!  I wanted to hold off on my next full marathon until November or December, but since I will be in the area and I have heard great things about this race I thought I’d give it a shot. The race is actually sold out, but I found someone on the RW message boards that wants to transfer their bib 🙂 Thanks Ron!

Since I only will have 14 weeks to train (once I get back from the wedding and am done moving) I don’t expect to hit my goal, but I do want to try and beat my first mary time. I think I’m going to keep an eye out for another race early next year when I’ll be more prepared. I really really really want to do the Walt Disney World Marathon, but it’s Jan. 10 and I don’t think I have the money to fly to Florida right after Christmas 😦 If there is any way I could do it, I will!

Marine Corps Marathon – The course crosses all around Washington DC, running by memorials and landmarks makes this a beautiful and meaningful race. Plus the men and women of the Marine Corps had out the finisher’s medals. This is considered one of the giant Marathons. It’s the 5th largest mary in the US. There will be 30,000 runners!

I’m going to read this book and try the FIRST training program. I have no history with actuall speed work, so I think it’s going to be hard. The good thing about this program is it only requires 3 days of running each week. You also do 2 days of cross training. I’ll talk about it more once I read more though!DSCN0002

DSCN9995Breakfast was a “gross out your friends” meal. I added a scoop of Amazing Grass to my oats.DSCN0001

So, I had a “Green Oatster” for breakfast. Topped with crushed up Larabar and brown sugar. It was okay, but a little grainy/grassy? I couldn’t put my finger on it, maybe it was just the look of it was weird? They were okay, but I’ll probably stick to drinking the Amazing Grass from now on!DSCN9998

And I just realized that I’m going to be training for a full mary in the middle of the summer…maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all!

Thank you for all the great bridesmaid gift suggestions! I’m going to go out and get them today 🙂

10, 9, 8, 7…

destination weddingSomeecards… so funny!







DSCN9973Only 10 days until my wedding!

Raise your hand if you’re excited stressed out!

Raise your hand if you can’t take a clear picture… sorry it’s blurry. It’s probably for the best as I just got back from my run.









I realized this morning that I only have 10 days to get a long list of tasks done. Way to procrastinate Monica!

DSCN9975While I ran I went over the list in my head. I did 5 miles and then came home to a ww english muffin with PB & Pumpkin Butter – it’s almost gone and TJ’s won’t have it again until October 😦





DSCN9978I did some stretching and had the second part of my breakfast – a smoothie. I made it with almond milk, Amazing Grass, blueberries and half a banana. 

Now I’m off to work and then do wedding stuff.

Four dollar hummus

After a whole week off it’s hard to get back into the swing of things. I got up early and ran 6 miles with a few hill repeats. Actually, it didn’t feel too early since I was on Eastern time when I left FL yesterday.

DSCN9930I was about to make oatmeal since I hadn’t had it in so long when I realized that I really wanted a yogurt/cereal bowl. I piled yogurt, banana, blueberries, Flax Plus, Peanut Butter Pows and a scoop of PB & AB. Exactly what I wanted 🙂




DSCN9935But, I don’t know if it was boredom or what, but I got hungry around 11am and had this bar. It was good and I love that it’s only 140 calories for a treat.






I went to the Farmer’s Market on my lunch to pick up cherries. I’m all out and that is a no-no during cherry season in my world. DSCN9937 DSCN9943

I also sampled a ton of fruits… DSCN9940

And I sampled some hummus and totally caved and bought it. I feel bad sampling things without buying them and pressured myself into just getting it. Boo. It was $4 for this container when it would only be $2.50 at TJ’s! Or even cheaper if I would have made it myself! Lesson learned.



Really, I love supporting local farmers, and I will continue to visit the FM – but this Farmer’s Market is not cheaper than Costco (or some other local stores) & I do eat fruits and veggies in bulk. I need veggies and will probably make a Costco stop after work or tomorrow.


DSCN9946I ate a ton of cherries on my way back to work and then dug into my PB&PB sandwich.


I’m going to break into my hummus in the afternoon. It better be good for the buyer’s remorse I got after buying it!

Rained out

DSCN9852Coming from California I don’t see rain much. So, the rain in Maryland and today in Florida has me water logged! I don’t know if you can tell, but it is storming here. Ben and I wanted to go outside and play tennis, but it was lightning pretty bad, so we had to play racquetball. Still fun!

The weather channel here was saying lightning is the single biggest weather related cause of death in Florida! I don’t mind the rain when it’s warm out, but I don’t want to get struck by lightening before my wedding!

After a 6 miler this morning we went to a fancy brunch. I LOVE brunch! DSCN9835Breakfast is my favorite meal and I love having tons of choices 🙂 I always eat the same things for breakfast – cereal, oatmeal, egg sammie but I love waffles and pancakes so that’s what I had. I also had eggs benedict, I had never had it before and have said for a long time that I wanted to try it. I gave Ben the ham and ate the bread, egg and sauce – I liked it. I also had a regular & a chocolate waffle, apple walnut pancake, potatoes and fruit. 

DSCN9838In addition to the usual goodies, they had a banana/raspberry smoothie. I added blueberries and topped it with granola. 

Dessert round was pumpkin bread, an almond roll and fruit. I had a few bites of each, but was stuffed by then! DSCN9841

DSCN9843They also kept the fresh squeezed orange juice flowing! I normally don’t drink juice with breakfast, but this stuff tastes so fresh. I love it with pulp. 

Overall, brunch was delicious, but I over did it. It’s so hard not to overeat with a buffet!



DSCN9862I got this game from David’s Bridal. Ben and I are going to play it in a bit since we’re not back in the condo waiting for the storm to pass. 

Road Run

I have a set little route I run on Wednesdays. It’s about 7.5 miles out and back and it’s great because there are only 3 lights (each way) for the entire time! But, the city (?) has been doing road/sidewalk construction for the last 2 weeks. There is no sidewalk on the other side of the very busy street so I just have to try and dodge bulldozers and huge cement trucks – this means I end up running in the street alongside cars rushing to work! Plus the construction guys just look at me annoyed like I am getting in their way. Uh!!! Sorry, I’m just really annoyed that I have to risk my life to get in a good run.

I ended up running 7 miles this morning. When I got back home I tried to do some weights, but my stomach told me to eat breakfast. By the time I got out of the shower it had been 2 1/2 to 3 hours since I woke up and I hadn’t eaten anything. I may need to break up  my breakfast into 2 parts – a small breakie right when I get back from running & something else when I get to work (about an hour and a half later).

Question: Do any of you eat 2 breakfasts?

I could not decide what I wanted for breakfast and settled on an alternative bagel with PB&naner and jam, plus 3 egg whites with ketchup. dscn6646I thought this protien filled breakfast would get me full, but I was not full or satisfied at all after. I ended up eating a few handfuls of grapes & when I still felt like I wanted something, a cup of cereal with skim. dscn66471I actually am a little hungry right now, I think I need to chug some water and get some work accomplished though…

I registered for the OC half marathon yesterday 🙂 (Note: 70 bucks later, races are too expensive!!!) And I found a very difficult half marathon training plan online 🙂 It’s a little advanced for me, so I’m going to tweak it a bit before I post it! I’m excited though!

Hot weather oats

I started the day with a rough 13 or 14 miles. I say 13 or 14 because the last mile was walk/run. I wanted to walk by mile 10 and a runner coming from the opposite direction actually said, “Smile, it’s okay to smile.” Ha. I smiled and decided I would keep going for another 3 miles. I actually discovered a new path today too. But, for some reason my legs felt tired & it was a struggle. Now I don’t know what to do!? I was hoping for a good run so that I would be confident to sign up for the full marathon. I also really want to cut my time in the half marathon, so it would still be rewarding to do. Hmmm. I am still considering it…

I actually had always wanted to try Corner Bakery’s Swiss Oatmeal & reader Steph actually suggested it yesterday so I knew I had to go for it. It is oats mixed with yogurt, milk, apple, banana and currants. dscn6338


Loved it loved it loved it! Now that I have tasted the professional version I am a lot more confident to make it at home. I am so making it for breakfast soon & I see it becoming a regular breakfast. Thanks for the suggestion Steph 🙂

I also had some of this egg white panini. I wanted to make sure to get in some good protein after the run. dscn6340

Ben took me to go see The Watchman in a fancy IMAX theatre today. I normally don’t like movies like that because I am way to high strung to watch a bunch of fighting and action, but I liked it.

While running errands we picked up some strawberries from Costco (plus samples of course).dscn6341

I also ate a piece of Cliff Bar because I was feeling a little hungry before we left to do a couple more things.dscn63441

Dinner was out because Ben’s kitchen is still under construction. I am so over it! I like cooking on the weekends and I hate that I can’t just make what I want and have a leisurely dinner with my BF. I think it will be done soon 😦  We went to Souplantation because I was craving a BIG SALAD. I totally made the biggest salad of anyone in the place 🙂 I made sure to put on a ton of veggies and top somewhat lightly with goodies.dscn6346

I also partook in the pizza bread/garlic bread/pasta goodness. That soup was a split pea. I ate the cornbread as dessert since it’s so good. It was brutal to skip the chocolate brownies and they had and they had this pb/choc chip cookie bar thing that I was dying for. Damn it. I am seriously craving a brownie or piece of cake like no one’s business right now. dscn63471

I ate a lot at Souplantation, but I kinda skipped lunch so I am not worried about it.