I’m Going Downhill Fast

Yes, I have to admit that I’m going downhill fast. And then, when I go uphill I’m slow! My training plan called for 1 mile easy, 5 miles at Marathon Pace and 1 mile easy. I did pretty well keeping my Marathon Pace, but the last 3/4 mile of my 5m Marathon Pace is uphill and killed me!

See how I’m going downhill fast:

Downhill mile: 8:24

Hilly mile: 9:00 (and this was me trying super hard!)

I’m proud of myself even though I walked some of the last easy mile since I got a side cramp – that never happens?!

Breakfast was cereals with soymilk and a banana. I don’t get eating half a banana – they come individually packaged by nature so I figure one is one serving size. I also feel the same way about watermelon though. IMG_1037IMG_1036

I ate some of the banana with PB 🙂 The key to making cereal keep you full for more than 15 minutes is nut butter!IMG_1033

I had to wake up super early to take Ben to the airport for a short business trip. This means I have time to myself after work! I used to go to Target or get my nails done when I had time like this, but since I’m poor I’m not sure what to do…

Edit – Last night I wrote “flower” instead of “flour”?! Feel free to correct me if I make errors like this that you notice. I think it’s kind of embarrassing and know it bothers some people.


14 Responses

  1. I find bananas to be very filling and can only eat half at a time. You should pamper yourself by doing your own manicure. It’s relaxing and saves money. Enjoy your alone time!

  2. your downhill and hilly are almost the same times.. so good job!! have a great day

  3. I usually eat half a banana because my mom gets them from Trader Joe’s and she picks the ones that look like a yardstick. I also always have half a can of tuna, but that’s because I so rarely open a can that I like getting 2 meals out of it when I do to prolong the tunaness

  4. Is this mac and cheese night? I wish that I didn’t have to go to class because I would come over, and we could go for a walk.

    Drat, I really hate this schedule!

  5. I agree with you on the banana thing. A half one doesn’t fill me!

  6. One of my favorite things to do when I don’t want to spend alot money is to go to Borders & read magazines. Borders has some special from 3-5so you can get a drink for $2. I ended up dishing out $2 for a $4 drink… I was pretty happy! Great job on the run!

  7. Cereal doesn’t last me very long either!! But it’s still hot here in CA so after a morning workout it’s all I crave, I will definitely have to start adding some nut butter to the mix. As you keep training the hills your time will improve dramatically! Hope your having a great wednesday!

  8. I guess you half banana eaters are right, I buy the small ones from Costco so they’re only $1.40 for a ton! Might as well eat ’em.

  9. ha, I didn’t even notice that error. Oh, well. Oats look good, I needed some to warm me up this morning too.

  10. I feel the same way about bananas. How do you keep the other half fresh if you only eat one half? You’re not supposed to refridgerate ‘naners, so leaving them out in a baggie is gross. It would get all brown and mushy.

  11. Uphill is really tough to do. When I ran cross country we would have an entire day just dedicated to hills. We would just run up these huge hills and back down. It’s a great way to get better at running them. What is hard for me is to keep my pace after I get up the hill. That is when I tend to slow down!

  12. I love fruit on my cereal but I have to eat a whole banana. It’s just too good to eat half.

    I like to just look around Target and dream. But I like to sit in Barnes and Noble and read and sip coffee or day dream. I also like to go mall walking and just look at stuff but not purchase. I leave my purse in the car so I can’t buy anything.

  13. i completely agree about the banana! even though i only use half (or sometimes less) in my cereal or in a sandwich the rest must be eaten. it’s like a law or something

    and uphills suck. a lot. way to gut it out though!

  14. Thanks for the B&N suggestion! I may check that out.

    Missyrayn – I def go to Target and just dream…

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