Time for Dinner!

After a few cold dinners on the table Ben and I have declared 7pm Dinner Time. This way he knows when he should be home and I know when I will be eating dinner and can plan my snacks accordingly. I am thinking between 3 and 4pm is the best time for my afternoon snack so I’m hungry for dinner. Do you have a dinner time? I never had one before, but we’re trying this whole shack-up marriage thing and we want to eat dinner together ๐Ÿ™‚ How cute.

In case you were wondering what I look like when I get home from work…I was trying to explain to friend that I look like I am coming home from a walk in the part – not work, when I get home. This is because I change out of nice, work clothes and put on walking clothes for my “commute” home ๐Ÿ™‚DSCN2025

My afternoon snack was supposed to be this…but I ended up ditching the yogurt for a Kashiย  bar. It was good, but the yogurt would have been better ๐Ÿ™‚IMG_0996

I also had some of these True North Nut Clusters. The company sent me over some samples of their goodies and this was the first one I opened. I have to say that they are delicious! And I sent some in Ben’s lunch last week and he came home asking about them, saying that he loved them! Two good reviews in one and we haven’t even tried the other samples ๐Ÿ™‚DSCN2035

Here are the nutrition stats.DSCN2036

My only hesitation with buying theseย  is that 5 clusters is a serving size. It’s hard for me to stop at 5! But if you pack them in your lunch it’s perfect. You get to enjoy the clusters and have portion control ๐Ÿ™‚DSCN2039

Visit the True North website for a $1.00 off coupon! I will let ya know what I think about the other kinds too ๐Ÿ™‚

Dinner was leftovers from Indian food on Saturday…DSCN2033

And I really really wanted dessert so I had a handful of chocolate chips before deciding to make cinnamon toast with chocolate chips! DSCN2044A little later Iย  was craving hot chocolate and Ben reminded me that we bought chocolate in Guatemala that turned out to be for makingย  (Mexican) Hot Chocolate! Have you ever had Abuelita? The best hot chocolate ever. You break off pieces of the chocolate bar and mix it with milk. DSCN2046

It is seasoned with cinnamon and other spices – it reminds me of my Aunt Martha since I rememeber her making this for me and my cousins ๐Ÿ™‚DSCN2047Someone asked about the ingredients of my precious Pumpkin Butter…here are the stats…DSCN2041Cut the Crap – I have gotten a lot of emails about how my Cut the Crap Month seems to be hurting my Intuitive Eating. After much thought, I agree. As soon as I said I am not going to eat something my instinct is to eat it! It’s very frustrating, but years of restricting/binging has completely screwed up my head and body.

I feel like it is a complete cop out to say I am stopping my efforts to Cut the Crap ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So, I am going to continue to make an effort to eat foods that make me feel good and fuel me well! But, I am not going to restrict myself to x number of treats a week.

My small goals each week are building on eachother am I’m doing well with those so I’m going to continue

1. Not eating for 30 minutes after I get home

2. Brushing my teeth after dinner/dessert and closing the kitchen


11 Responses

  1. Learning what works for you and your eating patterns is important. You don’t need to answer to us if you decide to change it up again. Do what you know you need to do.

    I always see those nut things at Target but never actually pick them up. I may have to print the coupon and try some.

    Hunni and I try to have dinner between 5 an 6. Many of our evening ministries either end at 5 or start at 6 so that window is a nice time frame for us. It works and is a nice time to decompress together even though we work together.

    On last note: I love mexican hot chocolate. I used to make it all the time with my students when I taught spanish. They always thought it was the best thing ever. But Mole is another story ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. When I was in college my roommate and I had a 6pm dinner time. We were so busy that it was the only time that we could “check in” with each other!

  3. I like the idea of brushing teeth right away and not going bakc into the kitchen, good one. My instinct right after I say ”No” is to say ”yes” when it comes to some foods too.

  4. Proud of you girl. I think you made a great decision for yourself. =)

  5. I’m the exact same way. If I tell myself I CAN’T have it then I am way more likely to WANT it and over-eat (that actually just happened to me tonight with DQ!)

  6. i don’t have a specific dinner time, but i do eat at about 6ish and 7ish unless it’s church days when i eat at 8.. yea.. have a little bit of everything in moderation!
    Nut clusters looks good! i want some! lol

  7. Good luck finding out what works for you. It’s really tough and I don’t have it all figured out either. I do know that when I make something forbidden or restrict it, I want it so much more. I am trying a gluten free diet right now to try to solve my stomach issues, and all I want is bread! But I felt much better yesterday, so if this works, it will be worth it to cut out certain things.

    We usually eat dinner between 6 and 6:30 and we always eat together which is very nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I’m an old lady, I like a 5-6pm dinner time. That’s why I always let myself have an evening snack though, I always get really hungry again before my 11pm bedtime.

    Ahh, that True North stuff is crazy good! Thankfully I had it in a handy single-serving packet. But I can definitely see it being easy to go overboard on!

  9. I just saw those butters at TJ’s this weekend!

    Brought home the apple cranberry one and had it for the first time on my english muffin…delish!!

    and as a Point counter…great stats!

    i’ve been lurking for a while now but absolutely love your blog!

  10. My husband is Mexican and we make Abuelita for our nieces and nephews every time they’re over. Actually my husband will make it for anyone, anytime. I think he is addicted. ;p

    BTW – now that I have tried those chocolate covered pretzel slims from TJ’s…I am addicted!! I could eat those every day, but it’s $2.99 a bag! Hopefully that will prevent my habit from getting out of control. haha

  11. I think you made a good decision to stick with the Intuitive Eating. That’s a long term lifestyle that will give you greater rewards in the end. You’ve already proved you have willpower and dedication to meet a challenge (your running schedule amazes me!), but the eating this is a not a short-term obstacle but something to figure out long-term.

    Don’t give up on Intuitive Eating! I finally feel like it’s really working for me!

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