My Lunch Doesn’t Stink

…but it smells like it does!

After heating up my lunch today my co-worker asked me, “What did you bring for lunch today?”

Because I managed to bring the two smelliest lunch foods I could – cooked broccoli and egg salad! Ha. After the fact I realized that I stunk up the office. But, it tasted great! I prepped it all last night after dinner and took a pic then.DSCN2026

Stinky, but delicious egg salad made with 2 eggs, mayo, S&P and Lawry’s knock off. I would have done 1 egg and 1 egg white, but Ben made the hard boiled eggs and I lost most of the whites while peeling them. What is a tried and true trick to avoid this? I always flush them with cold water after I cook them.  *I use light mayo not FF. I think FF is often full of sugary fillers to replace the fat, and tastes different.DSCN2029

Scared of the Flu? There has been so much talk about Swine Flu this year! It’s easy to be afraid with all the hype. Then, we have to worry about the regular old flu too! At least there are a few easy steps you can take to stay healthy – like keeping up your healthy eating habits and getting enough rest.

Healthy Eats (like Vitamin C from fruits and veggies) + Rest = A Good Defense Against Illnesses.

Question: Do you do anything extra to stay healthy during flu/cold season?

Me: I’ve never really done anything extra since I already get lots of fruits and rest in my life. But, I may do something extra since I will be living in the shitty Arctic tundra Maryland this flu season!


15 Responses

  1. I usually drink Emergen-C, but I didn’t stock up on it this year, and lo and behold, I have the flu. Now that’s the really stinker!

  2. That same exact thing happened to me the other day when I heated up my broccoli. OOPS! I know the feeling.

  3. with all the weird things coworkers do in the office… i think some broccoli is the least of your worries!

  4. I just make sure I load up on the Vitamin Zzzzz

  5. I always get sort of offended when people say my food stinks. I’m like ‘Yo, Mr. Processed Sandwich Meat Eater, who do you think you are cutting on my food?’

    Maybe I’m just too possessive of my food.

  6. Here’s how I make hard-boiled eggs and since I’ve been doing it this way I haven’t had any stickage (yes, I make up words). Some people say to add a little vinegar to the water, but I just salt it.

    Start with cold water, bring it up to a boil then turn it off after 5 minutes and cover. At 12 minutes (I have an electric stove, so it continues to boil for a bit) I remove the pan from the burner and transfer eggs to a bowl of ice water and leave them there until they’re cool.

  7. I’m not too worried about catching The Oinks. My significant other is a different story. He flipped out the other day when he saw someone cough without covering their mouth. He was all “Don’t they watch the news! Swine flu is everywhere!”

    I bet your food smells better than nasty fast food bags. That smell bothers me.

  8. Whit – Ha, Love it – ‘Yo, Mr. Processed Sandwich Meat Eater, who do you think you are cutting on my food?’

  9. I don’t do anything special. I never get the flu and I haven’t had a cold since I got my sinuses worked on. I used to use airborne, then I read it’s basically a scam and doesn’t work, so I stopped.

  10. When you boil the eggs, add salt to the water, this will help keep the shell from sticking to the egg!

  11. I wish I read your tips a couple days ago because I am now suffering from some bug :\ boo.

    I hate that some of the most delicious food (ie eggs and broccoli) reek.

  12. heh. eggs prolly are never a good heat-up for lunch item 🙂

    i try to sleep extra during flu season and i’m much more conscious of washing my hands and stuff. but i’m really not too worried about any strain of flu and have never had a flu shot (quick knock on wood so i dont jinx myself and contract something awful! )

  13. Bikram Yoga! Sweat all those toxins out and there are certain postures that boost the immune system.

  14. I become a hand washing freak in the winter and am constantly drinking tea. I also get a flu shot because I work with the public. And I try to keep my head covered when outside so I don’t get sick. They do say that a lot of heat escapes through the top of the head.

  15. Older eggs are better for hard boiling, no green ring and easier to peel!

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