Brisk Monday

Both the weather and my run were brisk today. The weather was cool and invigorating and the run was quick 🙂 I double checked and “brisk” can be defined many ways including…

1 : keenly alert : lively
2 a : pleasingly tangy <brisk tea> b : fresh, invigorating <brisk weather>
3 : sharp in tone or manner
4 a : energetic, quick <a brisk pace> b : marked by much activity <business was brisk>

My Marathon Training Plan called for 1 mile warm up, 4x 800s (1min Rest in between)  1 mile cool down. I am not the biggest fan of speed work, but this was short so it wasn’t too bad 🙂

I made Overnight Oats last night and took them out of the fridge before I left for my run so they wouldn’t be too cold. IMG_0989

Topped with granola and PB – deelish!IMG_0984

In case you haven’t heard, it’s Monday. This means a fresh clean slate…a week of great runs, accomplishing a lot at work, new blog posts and more. Let’s make it great!


7 Responses

  1. what’s your trick for getting your overnight oats to be so thick? When I try they are always watery (ick).

  2. Yes, Monday – clean slate. I like that approach a lot & will give it a try – thanks 🙂

  3. Way to be so positive on this Monday! Have a great day Monica.

  4. Julia – I use a 1/2c of oats, mixed with 1/2 yogurt and 1/3 soymilk. You can always add more liquid in the morning if they are too dry 🙂

  5. Those overnight oats looks nice and thick!!!! I just ate lunch, but now I am totally craving oatmeal! 🙂

  6. the weather’s definitely been nice and brisk lately. glad that it’s translating into good running for you!

  7. ahhh… yogurt. that must be the ticket. i’ll try it. i was being wimpish with the calories and trying to just use water. serves me right. 😉

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