Butter is Back

Pumpkin Butter that is! TJ’s Pumpkin Butter is back out. It’s a seasonal item and I completely love it! I put it on toast, plain yogurt and more! Get some, seriously – it’s better than this blog, stop reading and go!DSCN2006

Sunday is a Rest Day. Ben and I did some elliptical this morning. It’s nice to have someone to workout with sometimes 🙂

I’ve been wanted French Toast for a while and have to wait for the weekend to actually make it. I happily made French Toast today!DSCN1995

I topped it with a mix of mashed up banana, PB and maple syrup. Delicious!DSCN1997

Since we’re new to the area we’ve been “Church Shopping” on Sundays. We’ve been to 4 different churches now and still haven’t found that clicks. The search continues…

After church we went to Costco and TJ’s. Is it sad that I have been looking forward to this all week? I ate a bunch of samples and a bunch of this Costco style “Pirate’s Booty”. Ben wanted this stuff, I’ve actually been avoiding it when I visit Costco since this is one of those foods that I just eat and eat and eat….DSCN2002

Ben and I always joke about the Nutella at Costco. It is two containers of it! Another Dangerous food = A Costco size container of Nutella x2! To our credit, we didn’t buy it 😦 It’s for the best….DSCN2000

I just enjoyed a big smoothie with granola (more granola than shown). And some grapes (no pic).DSCN2004

Now it’s time for some cleaning and relaxing 🙂 Hope you’re having a happy Sunday!


Day at the Museum

Ben and I went into DC today to sight see. It was the most gorgeous day! Love it!

We hit up the Natural History Museum and the Jefferson Memorial. The (ONE) thing I like about living in Maryland is having so many great museums and sights so close to us! I have always loved DC and am really going to try and see as much as I can while here 🙂IMG_0943IMG_0954

We stopped and got a Honey Crisp Apple. These are amazing – I wish they weren’t so expensive!DSCN1991

Lunch on the road…PB&J, carrots. I knew we would be eating out for dinner and didn’t want to do that for lunch too!DSCN1994

We went out for Indian Food for dinner. I love this stuff! We started with a mixed appetizer plate. It didn’t describe what the mixed appetizers were – turns out all the fried stuff 😦 The samosa was really good and I ate some of the other stuff too.IMG_0962

I ordered Chan Masala, Rice and Naan. The waiter served us each of the dishes as he brought them to the table. He insisted on putting some of Ben’s lamb on my plate. I tried to tell him I didn’t want any, but there was a language barrier and he insisted it was good. I took the pic and then gave it to Ben 🙂 IMG_0968

I’m currently blogging and enjoying some TJ’s tart frozen yogurt with granola 🙂 Good night!IMG_0973This is not poop! Ben was eating trail mix in the car and dropped some chocolate chips on his seat. I guess they melted and then he sat in it 😦 We don’t know when it happened or how long he was walking around like this…IMG_0970

Ben’s Random Comment of the Day:

Ben: “The Panda is the direct opposite of everything I am.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Ben: “He only eats vegetables and refuses to have sex.”