“Funger” is my word for when you eat something, not for Hunger, but for Fun. I think most of the time you should only eat for hunger (I’m working on that part), but sometimes you eat for “Fun-ger”. Example: At a birthday party – you may have cake even though you’re full or ice cream on a hot summer day hits the spot.

One time an RD told me – “We don’t eat ice cream because we’re hungry, we eat it because it tastes good.” That makes a lot of sense, but I am still learning about all this Intuitive Eating stuff and it’s not easy to deal with.IMG_0902

After dinner Ben wanted frozen yogurt and that never happens! I am normally the one suggesting it! So, I didn’t want to turn it down even though I was full. I decided to go and enjoy it 🙂 I went all out and got chocolate with 3 toppings!

The reason I was so full started with this guy – I tried the Choc Peanut Butter bar from Amazing Grass. I meant to only eat half of it, but I was enjoying it so I ate the who thing. The bar, along with some grapes kept me full for a very long time! I ate it around 3:15pm and was not even hungry when dinner was ready at 6:45pm – that NEVER HAPPENS!IMG_0905

I think the reason I stayed full was 1.) The bar has 270 calories (with the grapes this was a high calorie snack) 2.) It has 12g protein. Wow. This is more than I’d like to eat for a snack, but it did teach me a lesson. If I eat a BIG SNACK I am not as tempted to snack at home. I had no desire to eat when I got home at all – that NEVER HAPPENS either!

Dinner was a tofu stir-fry with brown rice.  I finally got the chance to break in our new wok. It was one of our wedding gifts! The wok had special instructions for first time use – including heating it dry and wiping it with oil. Heating it dry made it burn and get a big brown spot on the bottom. This is the first time I’ve used it and now it’s jacked up! Oh well, it still makes delicious food 🙂IMG_0888

I stir-fried up the tofu with garlic then added teriyaki and veggies. Tofu + veggies + brown rice = one of my favorite meals of all time!!!IMG_0895

I am pretty sure my camera is dead, but thank you guys for the suggestions!

Someone on top of us is playing Rock Band and I need to get some sleep! I am tired from a full week back at work! Wasn’t it just yesterday I was relaxing in Belize, good times 😉

I think Ben has something planned for us tomorrow – should be great!


3 Responses

  1. i get funger alot too! haha.. maybe more of bonger (bored so i just eat)

  2. funger food definitely tastes better than hunger food. That’s good you went out for froyo together, it was cookie friday afterall, and cookie/ice cream is potato/tomato

  3. Funger days are always fun, as long as I don’t get out of control with it.

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