Crying at work…

My brother just text me a pic of my cat sleeping and said he was sad and missed me 😦 Nothing like crying at work to make your co-workers think you’re unstable…Thanks Michael, thanks. vegasHere are the perros for fun 🙂dogs

And then at Lunch my camera died 😦 It won’t even turn on anymore! Boo. I am poor so a new camera is going to be rough. Ben has a cam I will use for now. I’m shopping around for a good one so let me know if you have any suggestions/good deals.

This pic is from my pimp phone. Sorry for the quality. I thought about not taking a pic and maybe that would mean the calories don’t count (like if you break a cookie in pieces the calories don’t count since they fall out). But, here it is anyways…lunch 917Happy Friday despite my downer of a post! Someone (this girl) needs a drink!


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  1. Don’t feel too bad! I’ve gone through 4 cameras in 4 years! It could be worse! I get a new camera as a gift from a family member who has taken pity on me…atleast once a year!

  2. I’m sorry about your camera. But even sorrier that you don’t have your kitty with you. Animals are part of the family. It’s hard to be separated from them.

  3. Pretty kitty!

    That’s a bummer about your camera. I’m finding that mine is running out of battery sooner and sooner…. so I have to recharge it more and more often. It gets frustrating >.<

    I really want to get an actual GOOD camera – a real customizable digital one – not just a point and shoot one. Although with my income, and my love of shoes and organic food, I don't see that happening anytime soon…..

    -Allison (

  4. You have a lovely kitty. Will she be joining you in Maryland once you’re a bit more settled into the area?

  5. Sam’s Club (my version of Costco) has a camera online for sale for $110 – its a Canon Powershot A480. It has 10 mega pixels and 3.3 optical zoom. I love mine – use it for all the pics on my blog!

  6. I’m sorry about your camera, I know what that feels like. Happy weekend though. 🙂

  7. That is a cute sandwich container! Good luck with the camera 🙂

  8. My camera is a Canon Power Shot SD1200 IS. I don’t really know what that means, and my BF bought it for me as a gift. I love it, and he always tells me it’s a really good camera for the price. Oh and it’s also pink!

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