How to pack my lunch Lesson #2

Lunch Lesson #2: Prep (or completely  make) all your lunch ingredients the night before.

Last night I made salmon salad for lunch today (I actually ended up eating if for dinner too). I thought putting it on the bread would make it too soggy, but at least I had it ready to go for this morning. I left Ben a note before I left for my run to please make a Salmon Sandwich for himself and a Salmon Wrap for me 🙂DSCN1936My packed lunch and snacks – apple, grapes, nut-clusters, cereal, carrots, wrap. I have yogurt waiting for me at work for an afternoon snack so I might switch that out with the nut clusters…DSCN1946

The Night Before Lunch Prep Tips:

– Chop up veggies or fruit for salads and snacks

– Put chips/cereals/trail-mix/fruit into baggies or tupperware

– Make sandwiches or leftovers as the “main course” if it will keep overnight

– Set aside any yogurt/bars/snacks you want to take so they are easy to grab on your way out

Run – I meant to run out as fast as I could 3 miles and jog back, but I completely burnt my legs out by miles 2 and was dragging the rest of the way. I need to work on pacing  myself better!

Breakfast – Ben made a double Green Monster for us to share for breakfast. GMs go best with a bagel and PB&J 🙂DSCN1943I’m happy it’s almost Friday! I’ve been trying to fight off getting sick all week and have really been dragging.

Thank you all so much for the positive comments after my post last night. I am very frustrated that I keep backtracking on my journey towards a healthier lifestyle, but I need to keep it in perspective. I just got back from vacation and need to get back on track – but drastic measures don’t work long term (even short term for me!).

Today I am committing myself to a healthy, balanced eating and excercise plan – thanks for following along 🙂


6 Responses

  1. Great lunch lesson, you always have great lunches!

  2. I wish I could get the hubby into green monsters. Making double batches would be fun!

  3. Anne Marie – has he tried them? They are really good once you get past the color! Ben loves them!

  4. I can’t wait for Friday to get here. finally a realxing weekend. Hope the day goes by fast for you. I haven’t had a GM all week, I’m going crazy! lol

  5. Keep up the small meals and healthy snacks. Not only do I feel fuller on less, but it breaks up the day. Silly how I get so excited about snack time!! Now that I have been eating clean for a while, I don’t even crave the “unhealthy stuff”, like burgers and fries, etc….Although I totally plan on having sweet potato fries this weekend. I have found a new love!

  6. ugh i’m terrible at pacing myself too! definitely need to work on that

    and when i pack a lunch, literally everything is done the night before. puts my mind at ease. great tips though 🙂

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