Dangerous Things

Things I think are dangerous:

  1. Running by yourself through a dark alley
  2. Going to Iraq
  3. Base Jumping
  4. Juggling Knives
  5. Eating Almond Butter right out of the Jar

My afternoon snack was an apple and almond butter. I ate the AB right out of the jar = VERY DANGEROUS!DSCN1895

Despite my decision to “Cut the Crap”, or really probably because of – I came home and ate a bunch of random cereals. Actually, now that I think about it,  this may be due to my lunch being on the lighter side. Anyways, I am truthfully and ashamedly admitting I ate way too much “crap” today. It all started with a small bowl of granola. Granola was a forbidden food for me for a very long time and I am still working on giving myself permission to eat it, hence the binge. I’m really trying to have my forbidden foods around and eat them like a normal person!DSCN1899

The dinner I made was tacos – eh, I was already full at this point and should have passed, but I did eat one. I am okay with it since my weight was down today and I’m not going to beat myself up over it.DSCN1902

Question: Is there anything “food wise” that you think is dangerous???

I also think baking is dangerous for me. The last time I made cookies I think I ate 5 of them and a bunch of batter 😦


20 Responses

  1. Baking is dangerous for me too, I just love any kind of batter.
    Tortilla chips and salsa, guac or any kind of dip are very dangerous for me. I really have a hard time stopping, but love it so much.

  2. Baking for me too. I always tell myself I’ll wait till they cool down, wait a while so the craving sin’t as strong but it never works!! Nothing beats a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie, nothing. Hummus and granola are also danger for me too.

  3. Oh, I had to add for accountability…I had a small (organic! that makes it better, right? Kidding.) chocolate chip cookie and a spoonful of coconut milk ice cream. Um…at least it wasn’t edy’s?

  4. I love to bake! But i always try to pawn off everything i make to my room mates, family etc because i will literally eat it all if it’s in the house!

    Granola is definitely on the forbidden list for me. I unfortunately have yet to accept it back into my diet like a normal person… annoying!!
    I also have a hard time moderating how much i eat of snacky foods (anything like chips or cookies out of the bag) so i stick to only buying whole fruits and veggies and hummus etc.. and making all my snacks. it’s tedious but keeps me from eating an entire BAG of something!

  5. An open box of crackers…combined with cheese anywhere withing a 50 foot radius of said open box = danger binge-fest. Which is why I must practice portion control…!

  6. i cant buy PB puffins.
    the box will be gone in less than a week…
    there is actually an unopened box in my cupboard.. im wondering how long that one will last.

  7. Crackers!

  8. PB used to be dangerous. I’d never have a jar for more than 2 days. Since starting intuitive eating I still have the same jar as last monday and I’m actually *gasp* following the serving sizes (sort of- I just eat it when I want it). I can’t believe how FREE it feels to have free access to formerly “forbidden” foods. I love Intuitive eating.

  9. All nut butters are dangerous to me! I can eat spoonfuls x 10935035 million out of the jar. And ice cream. Definitely ice cream.

  10. I am also one of those people who shouldn’t bake unless I’m taking the baked goods out of my house. I really can eat a ton of baked goods in one sitting. Also, cereal out of the box is very bad for me. I try really hard to only eat cereal in controlled portions now because I can sit and eat half a box without even knowing.

  11. Accepting food in moderation is not easy if you are used to not eating it at all… Working over time can help acclamate yourself to eating all kinds of foods. This is definitely something I struggle with as well.

  12. Hmm tortilla chips and salsa can be dangerous (and combine them with my guy’s margaritas and it’s downright ugly) and baking can be trouble for me too. Other dangerous stuff is dried fruit, pretzels, or basically any carby thing that I can grab “just a few” every single time I’m in or near the kitchen…

  13. eating AB out of the jar is not dangerous! I do that way too often.. I think it’s the frequency of doing it is dangeous! I suppose eating deep fried stuff is dangeous.. But as i said, i think it’s more of the frequency. Best way- keep the food away/don’t buy it. out of sight-out of mind!

  14. any kind of cookie for me!

  15. Home-made baked goods and ice cream are the 2 things I have trouble eating in moderation. My husband likes having ice cream around though, so I have to tell myself that it is his ice cream.

  16. #5 – Me too!
    Baking is also dangerous for me as well, but I am doing more of it to force myself to have some control. I’ve started out with some muffins and healthy cookies, and most of them go in the freezer when they’re done. It’s not easy, but I’m determined to be able to bake and have self control.
    Good luck!

  17. Any kind of sweets and/or salt & vinegar potato chips! But I can also go crazy on flour tortillas. Yikes!

  18. Definitely almond butter for me. If it’s around, you better bet I’m eating it straight out of the jar!

  19. Baking is dangerous for me too! I make chocolate chip cookies several weeks back and gave myself a stomach ache! Granola is a doosy for me too! I could eat it for every meal and snack of the day!!! My biggest danger is chips…especially salt and vinegar…just can’t get enough so they never enter my house unless it’s a really bad day!

    The running by yourself thing…I agree. I always try to run different routes back to back…always thinking way too much!!

  20. I can’t have an open jar of any nut butter because I don’t stop at the serving size. It continues to disappear in my mouth and down my throat.

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