Yogurt and too many toppings

I keep saying that I don’t want to eat yogurt and have been making myself eat it to make sure I’m getting enough protein. I think one of the reasons I don’t want it is because I don’t like plain yogurt! But – that’s the only kind I’ve been buying (from Costco, so I have a lot!). So, when I do eat yogurt I have to top it with something sweet like granola, cereals, other Crap I should be cutting back on.DSCN1924

I would be happy to eat this yogurt alone (or with a piece of fruit on the side). This is good stuff!DSCN1926

I made myself eat my packed plain yogurt with granola for a snack (I even added more toppings after I ate all the granola). But, tomorrow I am eating my fun yogurt 🙂

My lunch was a salad, grapes and PB&J. I love eating salads with lunch – this way I don’t have to worry about getting in so many veggies with dinner 🙂DSCN1914

I told Ben I eat my PB&J by taking it apart and eating one side at a time and he thought that was so weird! Ha! DSCN1921

Dinner: I had a very bad day of eating for dinner and snacks that I don’t really want to talk about – wow, that’s really unlike me! I think it’s a combo of desperation to lose weight and pressure from the blog I put on myself 😦

Now I’m watching QVC sell The Biggest Loser stuff – I am tempted to buy all of it and lose weight already damnit!!!

Question: Have you ever bought anything from TV? Infomercials? Home Shopping? QVC?

Me: My friend bought me a Snuggie for Christmas and I thought it was the funnest thing. I think part of the allure is that you see it on TV and you have one too!


4 miles slow, 2 miles fast (kinda)

My training plan called for 2 miles easy, 2 miles at short tempo pace and 2 miles easy. My short tempo pace should probably be around 7:50 miles? based on my half marathon time, but I have not been able to get even 1 mile that fast yet! I did the tempos at 8:34 and 8:15 — I’ll be faster next time!

Once again we were running late so I had to throw together a quick lunch and eat breakfast in the car. I really should have asked Ben to make my lunch, but he says he doesn’t know what I like – which is kinda true. So, someone will soon be getting a lesson in How to Pack My Lunch!

Lesson #1: I bring a lot of food = a lot of tupperware!DSCN1913

Breakfast was oatmeal – 1/2c oats, soymilk, cinnamon, naner, PB DSCN1911Happy Humpday 🙂 I’m currently drinking a new tea from TJ’s. I think it’s a Mango flavor!

Dangerous Things

Things I think are dangerous:

  1. Running by yourself through a dark alley
  2. Going to Iraq
  3. Base Jumping
  4. Juggling Knives
  5. Eating Almond Butter right out of the Jar

My afternoon snack was an apple and almond butter. I ate the AB right out of the jar = VERY DANGEROUS!DSCN1895

Despite my decision to “Cut the Crap”, or really probably because of – I came home and ate a bunch of random cereals. Actually, now that I think about it,  this may be due to my lunch being on the lighter side. Anyways, I am truthfully and ashamedly admitting I ate way too much “crap” today. It all started with a small bowl of granola. Granola was a forbidden food for me for a very long time and I am still working on giving myself permission to eat it, hence the binge. I’m really trying to have my forbidden foods around and eat them like a normal person!DSCN1899

The dinner I made was tacos – eh, I was already full at this point and should have passed, but I did eat one. I am okay with it since my weight was down today and I’m not going to beat myself up over it.DSCN1902

Question: Is there anything “food wise” that you think is dangerous???

I also think baking is dangerous for me. The last time I made cookies I think I ate 5 of them and a bunch of batter 😦