15 to 15 – Cut the Crap

After a week of indulging on my vacation and also eating a lot of sweets and treats before  – I’ve decided I need to Cut The Crap. All the “crap” I’ve been eating has been affecting my energy level, running, skin and healthy mindset. It’s also become a habit – I’ve eaten dessert everyday for the last 2 weeks (at least).

September  15 to October 15 is the

Cut the Crap Challenge

The guidelines

  • Eat Whole Foods as the base of meals and snacks
  • Cut out processed foods as much as possible (cereals, crackers, bars, etc = 2 servings a day)
  • Decrease “sweets and treats” to 3 times a week maximum

These guidelines are very lenient because I am still trying to follow Intuitive Eating and restricting would mean taking steps backwards in the process. I think I.E. is working well for me, but I have gotten off track in terms of nutrition and health and it’s affecting how I feel.

I weighed myself today and was surprised and happy to see I actually lost a pound since my last weigh in 🙂 We’ll see how Cutting the Crap affects my weight!

Question: So, anyone else need to Cut the Crap?

Sorry for the weird post last night – I was really feeling bad. I actually don’t feel that great right now either, but we’ll see if it gets worse. I’ll try to tough it out till then!

Tuesday is a new Rest Day for me (on my 4 day running week) this worked out since I still feel sick. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and will do some strength training when I get home.

Breakfast was on the go! We were running late so I threw cereals, naner,yogurt and PB in a tupperware to eat on the road 🙂 DSCN1875

This weekend I discovered a New TJ’s Find – PB&J Bar. It’s supposed to be Peanut Butter and Jelly coated in chocolate.DSCN1828

The “Jelly” was too Jell-o like and kinda weird. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t as good as you would think with a name like PB&J. DSCN1830

But, do you see why I need to Cut the Crap?! I shouldn’t even have bought this!

Happy Tuesday 🙂 See you later!


16 Responses

  1. i did a crap free week but it was much stricter (and thus miserable). i think your plan sounds great!!

  2. i think your strategy is really good and sooo do-able. i think too many ppl make such strict rules about cutting the crap that they end up failing. props to you for keeping true to i.e.

  3. ehhh i dont like the sounds of the challenge, i dont like put limits on what i eat. i think it is GREAT to eat as much whole, unprocessed foods as possible, but in my experience, placing strict guidelines on meals gives me a bad relationship with food, and it becomes some kind of thing i have to regulate instead of something to enjoy.

    for the most part i like to eat raw stuff anyhoo :p and some cereals and things you can buy that are not full of preservatives and weirdness.

    with that being said, your bfast on the go looks GREAT … 🙂

  4. Normally I would say I eat fine and don’t need to cut any crap, but last night I did some caving at Coldstone’s and got a sinless cake batter ice cream. Trans fat and sucralose. Joy. That’s the kind of crap I’m glad to cut out, and I wish I resisted the urge and waited till I could get some healthier, natural frozen yogurt today(which I’ll totally have anyway),

  5. I’m feeling down with energy and need to cut the crap too, good luck!

  6. That pb&j thingie looks good, too bad its looks are deceiving!

    I REALLY need to cut the crap too. I’m glad your doing this. When I first read Jillian Michael’s book “Master your metabolism” back in June, I was all gung-ho about cutting processed foods out of my life. And then something happened within the past few weeks…Jillain has some preocessed foods she likes, so when I had a carb craving I bought some kashi crackers…which led to Newmans own cookies…which led to housing chocolate chips…which ultimately led to me eating my mothers edy’s frozen yogurt out of the carton every night. I haven’t gained weight; I’ve actually maintained, but my skin is breaking out like whoah and this morning it finally hit me after days of telling myself to cut the ish. All this crapola I’m feeding myself is what making me break out. I mean, I blame the edy’s. Maybe it’s not right to blame poor edy’s but I am. I’m going to challange myself to not eat crap. I will allow myself 2 servings of processed foods a day, like you. Granola at breakfast and maybe crakers at lunch if I feel the need. No more edy’s, no more sneaking cookies, no more of that. We can do this!!

  7. I have been working on cutting the crap out for a while…unfortunately it has not helped my scale move at all! I feel much better, but a drop would be nice. Most of my processed stuff is grain – bread, wraps, english muffins….hope you feel better soon!

  8. Cut the Crap sounds like a great idae. I think I willjoin you on this 😉

  9. sounds like a great idea to CTC! danica tried that bar and gave the same review. too bad!

  10. In general, I haven’t been too bad in the types of foods I’ve been eating, but I do need to cut out the night time snacking. it’s a bad habit…like, I survived the day, and now I need to treat myself. Just leaves me feeling overly full. Count me in!

  11. Yah for fellow Cut the Crappers! I’m glad you are joining!

  12. Danica tried that bar too and hated it. I saw it at the store and avoided buying it!!

  13. This sounds like a great plan! I can’t wait to hear all about it! I love your sense of humor about food!

  14. I’ve been working on cutting the crap. I haven’t had dessert/sweets in over 2 weeks and next week I’m giving up Diet Coke. IT’s freaking hard but my body is actually happier without my daily chocolate bar.

  15. […] are the stats…Cut the Crap – I have gotten a lot of emails about how my Cut the Crap Month seems to be hurting my Intuitive Eating. After much thought, I agree. As soon as I said I am […]

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