Rock the Nomination

I just realized there are a couple of categories I actually qualify for on the Foodbuzz Food Blog Awards. I happen to have a suggestion as to who you should maybe vote for…DSCN1892

So, let me beg kindly suggest that you nominate me for the following:

– Most Humorous Food Blog

Why should you vote for me? I make jokes! I shamelessly provide embarrassing information about myself to make you laugh. I often leave food in my teeth just to make my dining companions laugh!

– Blogger you’d most want to: See their blog made into a movie

Why? Ummm…I kinda just got engaged, got married 6 months later, quit my job, moved across the country, took a major pay cut to follow my goals, am training for a marathon, went to Belize, have red-hair, am Mexican…I could go on…

There’s some other great categories too, I’ll take what I can get!

My lunch was a big salad I took a pic of at home before it got all “messed up”. Lots of hummus!!!DSCN1872

I have a slight headache that I’m trying to cure with iced tea (I obviously skipped med school) and I added ww toast to the mix.DSCN1881

Watermelon for fruit and happiness 🙂DSCN1882

Two articles about cool runner peeps…

Running instead of Drugs One woman battles lifelong depression with running.

You think you’re a badass? This guy ran 43 Marathons in 51 days!

Don’t forget to nominate if you have some time:)


15 to 15 – Cut the Crap

After a week of indulging on my vacation and also eating a lot of sweets and treats before  – I’ve decided I need to Cut The Crap. All the “crap” I’ve been eating has been affecting my energy level, running, skin and healthy mindset. It’s also become a habit – I’ve eaten dessert everyday for the last 2 weeks (at least).

September  15 to October 15 is the

Cut the Crap Challenge

The guidelines

  • Eat Whole Foods as the base of meals and snacks
  • Cut out processed foods as much as possible (cereals, crackers, bars, etc = 2 servings a day)
  • Decrease “sweets and treats” to 3 times a week maximum

These guidelines are very lenient because I am still trying to follow Intuitive Eating and restricting would mean taking steps backwards in the process. I think I.E. is working well for me, but I have gotten off track in terms of nutrition and health and it’s affecting how I feel.

I weighed myself today and was surprised and happy to see I actually lost a pound since my last weigh in 🙂 We’ll see how Cutting the Crap affects my weight!

Question: So, anyone else need to Cut the Crap?

Sorry for the weird post last night – I was really feeling bad. I actually don’t feel that great right now either, but we’ll see if it gets worse. I’ll try to tough it out till then!

Tuesday is a new Rest Day for me (on my 4 day running week) this worked out since I still feel sick. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and will do some strength training when I get home.

Breakfast was on the go! We were running late so I threw cereals, naner,yogurt and PB in a tupperware to eat on the road 🙂 DSCN1875

This weekend I discovered a New TJ’s Find – PB&J Bar. It’s supposed to be Peanut Butter and Jelly coated in chocolate.DSCN1828

The “Jelly” was too Jell-o like and kinda weird. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t as good as you would think with a name like PB&J. DSCN1830

But, do you see why I need to Cut the Crap?! I shouldn’t even have bought this!

Happy Tuesday 🙂 See you later!