On the second day inland in Belize we went to Guatemala. DSCN1667

Before we left breakfast at the lodge – I ordered homemade granola, yogurt and fruit. The yogurt was kind of weird – slightly tart, but not as smooth as Greek yogurt. It was okay, but looked really pretty 🙂DSCN1662

Cashews on the ride thereDSCN1670

Tikal! We went to Guatemala to visit Tikal – it is one of the largest Mayan civilizations in Central America. DSCN1708DSCN1680

It was very hot, so we’re unbelievably sweaty in all these pictures, but it was amazing!!!DSCN1690

They created an entire city center here. DSCN1700DSCN1727

Lunch at Tikal was good. I chose the Vegetarian option. It was rice, veggies (cooked in butta), beans, plantains and 2 corn tortillas. It was delicious!DSCN1734

The plantains were caramelized and so amazing.DSCN1735

It was a 1.5 hour car ride back to Belize! It was great to ride through Guatemala and see that countryside too.

DSCN1738Dinner was back at the  lodge. Since it’s so secluded it’s not realistic to eat somewhere else. That is frustrating because we don’t get to experience the town, but at least the food is good (even if it’s expensive).DSCN1658



The food was just okay, but the company was great! The lodge has everyone sit together for dinner, but they only had one other couple there the whole time we were there! We became very good friends with Joe and Julie. They are also newlyweds and are super cool peeps from San Francisco. DSCN1802 I wish we still lived in CA so we could hang out on our road trips around the state. *Added info: Julie went to work in Rwanda for a year and the first night we had dinner Ben and I couldn’t stop asking her questions about it. She is super inspirational and I want to be more like her. Oh, and Joe is a lawyer – Power Couple all the way!


3 Responses

  1. ugh i seriously need to stop looking at your pictures 😛

    glad that your having a good time though, and someday i want to see ancient mayan ruins!

  2. Those temples look like something out of a textbook–amazing

  3. All of your pictures from the trip are beautiful! It looks like an amazing time.

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