Belize: Inland Time

We did one last Bike/Run before we left the island. We spotted this fruit/vegetable stand and bought some fruit. The lady cut up the mango for us! Score! Mangoes are the worst to cut.DSCN1586

Yes, we ate 1/4 of a watermelon between us….DSCN1589

After a shower it was time for our last breakfast on the beach…DSCN1595 I incorporated these “local ingredients” into my breakfast….

DSCN1591 DSCN1590

DSCN1547 You can’t beat this view with breakfast! It was paradise…


We took a 13 passenger airplane back to the mainland. Ben sat in the co-pilot seat!DSCN1620

DSCN1617DSCN1613 After a very bumpy ride we made it to our inland hotel – Black Rock Lodge.DSCN1627

Black Rock Lodge is so secluded! We were in the middle of the rainforest 🙂 There was a hammock right outside our door.DSCN1640DSCN1631

The rooms are very minimal and rustic. It is an eco-lodge and feels like you’re “roughing” it on vacation a bit.DSCN1637All the guests eat together in an open air dining room. It has beautiful views. DSCN1629

The first thing we did was tubing down the river.   IMG_0748 IMG_0734

I did get pooped on though 😦IMG_0737

We ate dinner at the Lodge. DSCN1647They have a set menu, but let you choose from a meat or veggie option.  I chose the veggie option veggie option – it was chickpea curry with rice and veggies.DSCN1652

Dessert was an apple streusel – delicious 🙂DSCN1654

The rainforest is beautiful, but it’s a rainforest – this means bugs everywhere. I’m not a big fan. And I got pooped on!

Monica’s Random Comment of the Day:

Monica: “Every time I think I’m an outdoors girl, I do something outdoors and a bug jumps on me and I think – ‘What the F, what the F?!’”

Ben: (Laughs)


6 Responses

  1. Monica, I am so jealous looking at your pictures. I just showed a couple to my husband and we started making plans for out next trip. I can’t wait!

    I love that you got in some running…there is no better place to run!

    And lastly, I love the bikini pictures. You look beautiful, and so happy! Just as a woman on her honeymoon should look!

  2. That small airplane sounds fun 🙂 Bugs actually don’t bother me so much, it’s usually my boyfriend who starts freaking out about them 😛

  3. I Loled at that quote. I think I’m sort of the same, especially if wherever I go has snakes

  4. Those views look amazing and the veggie option looks delish!
    Love your comment!

  5. omg those pictures are beautiful! and that quote totally describes my life too. almost peed myself reading it though 🙂

  6. BEAUTIFUL!!!! i can’t believe you got pooped on, lol. i’m very glad you got a pic of that. memories!!!!! i also HATE HATE HATE bugs. anytime there is a spider in our house i freak out and call elliot to come and get it. except he SAVES them. i just want them dead. lol.

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