Belize Day Three

We started day three with a Bike/Run – This means Ben bikes and I run along side him (kinda like his dog I guess?). Our hotel rents out bikes for free so we grabbed up one of those super early and took off for 5 miles round tripDSCN1498

We went up the beach and across a bridge when it started to completely pour! We were already drenched from sweat since it’s super hot and humid here, so the rain was almost welcome 🙂DSCN1496 Right after the Bike/Run we walked to the store a few doors down to get water and supplies. Ben picked up this meat filled pie and chicken burrito for later. I love learning about new foods from the places we visit and figured my foodie readers would too 🙂DSCN1511The top one was filled with ground beef, potatoes and carrots – DSCN1513 

The hotel’s continental breakfast is the same each day – fruit, a huge cinnamon roll, coffee and orange juice. It’s served on a plate – not buffet style so it’s hard to avoid the roll.  DSCN1499

I ate a couple bites of the roll, but the bulk of my breakfast was what I brought – yogurt and cereal. I meant to give the OJ to Ben, but I ended up drinking it! Oops.DSCN1502


On the third day of our honeymoon extravaganza we decided to take another snorkel trip because  the first one was so much fun. They didn’t have anything available until the afternoon so we spent the morning swimming off the dock and relaxing.

It is very dead on Ambergis Caye right now. The locals blame it on the economy and the start of the slow season in general. In regards to how the economy affects Belize – Our snorkel guide said, “When you guys sneeze, we get a fever.”DSCN1516

But, it was good for us in that the snorkel trip was so small. It was just us and one other couple – they are newlyweds too! Once again we were picked up at the end of the dock 🙂DSCN1517

Before we left, my afternoon was mostly snacky – nothing exciting really… plus Sun Chips and a Kashi Bar…DSCN1510DSCN1514

Ben and I walked into town at some point too and I wore my ridiculous hat because I am sensitive to the sun…DSCN1509

For dinner we stopped at a “hole in the wall” for pupusas. There is a lady standing in the front of the place slapping them together by hand. DSCN1521 DSCN1519

I ordered a Zucchini and  Lobster one. I asked for extra cabbage since that was the first time I had eaten veggies all day! I asked and the cabbage mix is: cabbage, onions, vinegar, lemon and salt ( I tasted a hint of oregano too).  DSCN1523

On the way back to the hotel we stopped at a Rum and Cigar shop and they gave us free samples of their rum drink and 2 liqueurs – All 3 kinds we tried were amazing! We ended up walking out with one of each! Out of control. DSCN1526DSCN1528The guy said you can pour this coffee liqueur over ice cream – I can’t wait to try it like that. This one is super rich and has hints of dark coffee and dark chocolate 🙂DSCN1529   

The “PantyRipa” is basically just coconut rum with pineapple juice – which is one of my favorite drinks – (Malibu Rum and Pineapple!) so we went for it. DSCN1527

Since it was Ben’s birthday – Birthday Cake was in order 🙂 I bought this for him on our walk to dinner, it wasn’t a surprise, but still fun. I made a makeshift candle out of rolled up paper 🙂DSCN1533


Despite our sunburned backs – we are having a great time! See you later 🙂


7 Responses

  1. Snorkeling looks amazing, I love clear water!
    Love all the homemade foods from little stands or holes in the walls!

  2. That cinnamon roll looks so good right now, i didn’t get to eat dessert tonight b/c i forgot earlier and now its time for bed.

  3. I went snorkeling in Jamaica! One of the coolest things that I have ever done. Belize looks amazing!

  4. Looks like you are having a fantastic time! I love reading about your adventure!

  5. The picture of you running down the dirt road takes me back to my runs there. So peaceful!

  6. I went to Belize on out-of-season, and I got scuba-certified in 2.5 days! The snorkeling/diving there is amazing! I think they have an intro type dive if you want to just try it. Totally worth it.

  7. Hi Monica,

    I found your blog by searching for “ground beef in Belize”.

    interestingly enough – I was in Belize about the same time as you. I just took a look at your photos, we were at the Pupusa stand the same evening as you. I remember you two.

    Congrats – if I had known it was your honeymoon, I would have bought your dinner!

    PS – I’ll try to get my photos online soon and will send you a link.

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