Honeymoon: Tina & Mal in Turks and Caicos

Tina from Carrots n Cake sent over this recap of her honeymoon to Turks and Caicos…  mal and tina 1

Our honeymoon was amazing! It was the perfect combination of
relaxation and adventure– and of course, delicious food! It was a
trip of a lifetime!

The absolute BEST dining experience of the honeymoon was at Anacaona, a gourmet, ocean front restaurant that a lovely reader suggested before we left on our trip. (Thank you!!!)

Our evening started at the nearby Infiniti Bar, a 90-foot bar that stretches from the Grace Bay Club to the shores of Grace Bay beach. From the website: “The bar features full restaurant service allowing guests to dine under shaded umbrellas with waves lapping at their feet.” Breathtaking, right?by the water

kissing*You can check out the details of her delicious dinner here 🙂

My favorite meal at Plunge was the Vegetarian Platter– I actually ordered it 4 different times in 6 days! The Platter comes with lightly toasted pita bread, homemade hummus (I found a whole chickpea it in one day), couscous, baba ganoush, cucumber slices, sprouts, roasted red peppers, olives, and feta. I loved combining all of the different ingredients to get various tastes and flavors. The dish never got boring for me! *Here is the full recaptina with foodby the pool with drink


There is another great recap on her first moments of the trip here 🙂

Thanks Tina!


Belize: Snorkeling and Lobster Salad

The highlight of our first full day in Belize was snorkeling to Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley. Hol Chan is a Marine Reserve.

But before we left I did a quick 3 mile run.DSCN1454

We needed water so Ben and I walked to the store. He picked up a fry jack to eat. It is a fried dough stuffed with things like beans, cheese and ham. He was excited about it 🙂 DSCN1457DSCN1458

Then ate breakfast. The hotel has free continental breakfast which was fruit and  huge, warm cinnamon roll. I ate a good piece of the roll because it smelled and tasted amazing… DSCN1460

Then, finished off my breakfast with yogurt and a few handfuls of cereal. DSCN1461The boat for our snorkel trip picked us up right at the end of the hotel’s pier! It was so easy to just get ready, walk out and be picked up! DSCN1464 

Including us there were only 5 people on the tour plus the guide. This made for a great trip. The guide was super attentive and everyone had fun!


On the way out to our first stop my bathing suit top BROKE! One of the ladies on the trip used my neck strap to tie it behind my back and I wore it as a tube top. I am so grateful to her, I was about to freak out!

DSCN1468 Highlight #2 of the trip – Lunch. I ordered a  Lobster Salad and it was the best lobster ever!!!! The salad was packed with so much lobster – it was amazing. I actually only really love 2 kinds of seafood – salmon and lobster. This made my day.DSCN1480DSCN1476  And I got an order of coconut rice and beans on the side. It was good, but disappointing since I was expecting it to taste like coconut – it doesn’t. It tastes like rice and beans. DSCN1478

We started with chips because Ben was hungry, but I couldn’t resist them either.DSCN1475

We order a “Horny Monkey” to share. Basically, every place has their version of this drink. Last night it was called a “Dirty Banana”. It’s Banana, Kailua, Bailey, Chocolate and heaven…


Lunch dessert? I think it’s kinda weird to order dessert with lunch, but I wasn’t going to say anything when Ben suggested it. Coconut Pie served warm. I’m not normally big on coconut unless it’s in Pina Colada, but this was good! DSCN1481

More drinks 🙂DSCN1483

After an afternoon nap I snacked on Sun Chips and Uvas (no pic)DSCN1482

Dinner -  I wasn’t hungry for dinner given all the Sun Chip and grapes I ate, but Ben was and I figured I should eat something too. Do you go to restaurants and not order anything?? I should have just gotten a fancy drink or dessert…

We walked up the beach into San Pedro, the main town on the island. It was a very nice and breezy walk up the beach.

The bread they gave us was so good and doughy. I ended up eating 2 pieces, which wasn’t necessary and I felt too full after.DSCN1485

We drank too many fruity/high calorie/sugary drinks today. Another one with dinner that I didn’t get a pic of…


I ordered a spring roll with lobster and mango for dinner from the starter menu. It was good, but not as good as the lobster salad from lunch 🙂DSCN1490 

Ben was very happy with his dinner and wanted a picture of it too. DSCN1492

We took a taxi back to our hotel since it was dark and had been a long day. When we got back we stopped at the beach bar for a drink. I let Ben go at it 80/20 style. I think my goal of 80% Healthy 20% Fun food is reasonable and something I can maintain, it’s just a matter of making it a part of my life right now. I also think sharing with Ben 80% Ben 20% Monica for indulgent foods is a good idea when I can do it too!

Greetings from Belize! See you later 🙂