Honeymoon Week: Kath’s Sonoma Dream

Kath of Kath Eats went to wine country with her new husband Matt for their honeymoon. Here’s her recap…

Our honeymoon couldn’t have been more perfect for our foodie loves: wine, cheese and a beautiful, romantic landscape.  Couple Drinks (800x600)


We spent six days in Sonoma Wine Country in June 2007 just after our wedding. Our trip began in the town of Sonoma, where we went running amongst jasmine plants and drinking amongst gorgeous grapevines. 

Dining in Sonoma III (800x600)

We shared lots of bread and cheese picnics during the day. Picnicing (600x800)


We tried to pace ourselves throughout the day, but also had that urgency to sample as much wine as possible!!

St. Francis Chardonnay (600x800)

Nights were spent going to fabulous fresh restaurants, like The Girl and the Fig in Sonoma.

I guess I'm the girl (600x800)

I had my share of amazing cocktails too!

Strawberry basil cocktail (600x800)

Barndiva in Healdsburg was another highlight. Here’s our cheese platter!

Barndiva Cheese (800x600)

The highlight of the trip was a 12-course dinner at Cyrus in Healdsburg. Known as the "French Laundry of Sonoma," Cyrus was super fancy. Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime meal and something we’ll probably never do again (unless we win the lottery or land a Food Network show 😉 ) The food was creative as can be – a shot of split pea soup with lavender foam, cheeses, crab ravioli, lamb, kettle corn "soup" for dessert, truffles – and wines to pair with. Needless to say, we were stuffed to the gils when we left!

Before Cyrus Dinner II (800x600)

We spent our final night in San Francisco, eating crabs, sourdough bread, drinking beer…

Beer   Sourdough (600x800)…and drinking WAY too much wine!!

Too much wine (800x600)

It was the trip of a lifetime, but I couldn’t fit into the skirt I arrived in for the flight home!!

But I still can’t wait to go back someday 🙂


7 Responses

  1. […] Honeymoon Week: Kath’s Sonoma Dream […]

  2. Awww… looks so lovely! 🙂

  3. Looks like an amazing honeymoon. I love visiting wineries! Sonoma is next on my list.

  4. Gorgeous honeymoon pictures 🙂 A 12 course dinner sounds amazing (and very filling!). Thanks for sharing these adventures!

  5. What good is a HM if you don’t enjoy the food and make it a once in a lifetime trip 🙂

  6. These are really beautiful pictures — they make me start daydreaming about my wedding (and honeymoon), in case it ever happens 🙂

    I live in northern california but have never been through the wine country (I think it’s about that time!)

    Your photos really show how relaxed you both are, and it’s lovely to see the nor-cal countryside stretching behind you. How did you choose that location? What possibilities did you throw around? I’m so interested to hear how people find the right events to mark ‘coming together’ in a way that reflects who they are, what they love, and what they love about being together. Thanks for sharing these photos with us — All my best, Luc.

  7. Nothing better than visiting wineries w/ a loved one — good wine, good food, great company — doesn’t get much better 🙂 !!

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