Happy Birthday Ben!!!

Today is Ben’s Birthday! We are on our Honeymoon right now, but this trip also occurs during the anniversary of Ben’s birth! I’m going to get him so wasted in Belize.043 006

Ben is the greatest and I am so lucky to be married to him. I know I often talk about him  but I definitely do not tell you how awesome he is. I feel like I’m showing off when I talk about how amazing this man is, and I absolutely hate doing it, but I do feel like I should let you all know he is much more than a “Comment of the Day”…DSCN0126  DSCN0881


All About Ben:

-  He was born and raised in Florida, where his family still lives, and killed an alligator when he was two*

– He played football in high school and is built like a lineman

– He went to Princeton (despite what it may seem from past blog posts, he is a genius)

– After college he moved to California for a job and eventually met me 🙂

– He is an aerospace engineer. When we met and he told this I said, “So, you’re a rocket scientist?”

– He loves new experiences, even if they are bad.

– He loves animals and will pull over on the side of the road to help a cat that was hit by a car. This happened.

– He loves me. A lot.

– He has random theories about everything.

– He moved across the country with me to help me pursue my goals.

– He is kind and generous and thoughtful.

– He sent  flowers to my work (at my old job that I hated) and the card said, “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Your job sucks, But my love is true!”

*Not true about the alligator, but he wanted me to write that.


Happy Birthday Ben! I love you!


6 Responses

  1. Happy Honeymoon! And happy birthday to Ben! What a sweet hubby you have! Don’t hesitate to brag – do it every chance you get- it is worth it when you have an amazing husband – I do the same thing!

  2. Aww nice to combine two great events! How funny about his conspiracy theories. Hunni does the same thing. And he’s a poet too 🙂

  3. How cute! It’s ok to brag about your amazing hubby! Happy Birthday Ben!

  4. Happy belated birthday! And happy honeymooning monica!

  5. This was such a cute post! Hope you are having such a great time in Belize!!! Happy belated birthday to Ben!

  6. what a worthless blog,who cares about ur man, iwish i could have those 5mins back

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