Honeymoon Week: Guest Posts

Since I am on my honeymoon I have declared it

Honeymoon Week at Run,Eat,Repeat!

I have asked some of my favorite bloggers to share a recap of their honeymoons! Enjoy 🙂

Bobbi and Matt in Hawaii

Bobbi from In Her Shoes wrote this recap of her honeymoon…

Hello Monica’s readers! I have the pleasure of being a guest today while Monica is out enjoying her honeymoon.

Hubby and I got married on July 21, 2007 one of the best days of my life! bobbi wedding

We decided to Kauai, Hawaii for our Honeymoon, because neither of us had been before and we had heard some pretty amazing things about this island. I have to say our Honeymoon by far exceeded my expectations. We rented a little cottage in Waimea that was secluded and the perfect escape from reality! hawaii hut

Because I love to cook we bought groceries at the local Hawaiian Market and I made breakfast and dinner quite a few times while we were there. On our first night we made steaks, Hubby’s favorite! bobbi with food

We went on so many fun adventures and did a ton of touring all across the island. We went on a kayak tour and had so much fun pretending to be Indiana Jones(where the movie was filmed). ocean

We found the cutest little deli there called Bobbie’s.

The scenery was UNREAL!!! bbview

Half the time we were there I felt like I was in a movie, everything was so green and absolutely breathtaking.

Not only was the island beautiful it was also pretty darn romantic. bb with hub

We went to a Luau our last night there, and it was very interesting and very “touristy” we loved it!luau

What an amazing relaxing and romantic time together, I can’t wait to have many more!!!

Hope you are having a wonderful time Monica!!!


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