Greeting From Belize!

After a 4:15am wake up call, short flight to Atlanta, longer flight to Belize City and tiny plane ride to Ambergis Caye – we made it!DSCN1414

For our first half of the trip we are staying on an island called Ambergis Caye. This is the beach portion of our honeymoon. We will move to the mainland/inland for the rainforest/Mayan ruins for the second half.

I’m so excited to finally be here! We have been planning this trip since before the wedding and it always seemed so far away 🙂

I began the honeymoon extravaganza with a celebratory beverage! The hotel gave us complimentary drinks upon arrival.DSCN1428


They also upgraded our room since they knew it was our honeymoon! This hotel isn’t very fancy, but it’s got a great location, super friendly staff and a beach bar!

This is the view from our roomDSCN1422 

It is a suite with 2 bedrooms, a dining room, balcony and kitchenette. DSCN1417 DSCN1420

After we checked in we put on our swim suits and went down to the hotel’s pier for a swim. They have a hammock at the end of the pier that Ben enjoyed too. DSCN1430

Then, we walked into town to find dinner. The city center of San Pedro is about a 15 to 20 minute walk from where we are staying. It’s perfect because our hotel’s beach is very private, but we still have great access to everything in town!

On the walk I took a pic with this iguana – DSCN1437

The only bummer of the day was most of the restaurants weren’t serving dinner until 5pm – it was 4pm and we were STARVING! We tried to stall by having a drink at a beach front bar… DSCN1438

Ben had a Belikin – it’s the national beer and is kinda  rite of passage for visitors.DSCN1439

Finally we found this place open and willing to give us food! It’s a super informal place where there is no menu – everything is written on signs on the walls. This made ordering a little confusing since there were no descriptions.DSCN1449

Ben ordered a pupusa to start.DSCN1440

He got a lobster burrito for the main course. They completely hooked him up with lobster – look at those pieces around the plate! You bet I stole some of this lobster!DSCN1442

I ordered grilled fish with rice, beans and salad – and I got this…baked fish in a foil pouch.DSCN1443

with rice/beans and coleslaw on the side. Apparently when I say “green salad”, they hear “coleslaw”. Oh well. DSCN1445

The fish was amazing – and they gave me so much! DSCN1447FYI for those who love to travel -  This meal for 2 people, with drinks was about $35.00 U.S. dollars not including tip. Again, this place was very informal, but prices on Amerbgis Caye are higher than most other parts of Belize because it’s a tourist town.

On the walk back to our hotel we stopped in an ice cream shop for a banana/chocolate smoothie. I had a few good gulps of it, but tried to leave it to Ben.


We have a fun day planned for tomorrow  – hope you all are having a great weekend!

I can’t be too specific with details of the trip since I am posting quick style, but feel free to comment/email with questions and I will answer them when I get home.


7 Responses

  1. Wow! It looks beautiful there! And your place looks fancy to me! 🙂

  2. omg what a great start to your honeymoon!

  3. Everything looks beautiful! And informal is totally my style, looks like y’all are going to have a blast!

  4. How awesome they upgraded your room because it was your honeymoon, what a great way to start the trip!
    That lobster roll would totally be on my plate too, LOVE lobster! Your fish looks great too!

  5. I love local food. That all looks AMAZING!

    Nice on the room upgrade too :=)

  6. Beautiful weather there. Have a blast food looks great. Complimentary drinks are always nice!

  7. It looks wonderful there!! My old roommie went to Belize last year on a school trip and had nothing but great things to say about it. I bet you’re having a blast!

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