No Cold Condiments

Today I totally ate what I wanted and it made me happy 🙂 My lunch was a big salad bar feast and dinner was simple, but the best!

I made a veggie wrap with my new favorite veggie burgers. I put a random carrot on the side for kicks.DSCN1359

My condiments of choice for this meal 🙂 I don’t keep these in the fridge because I hate when condiments make your food cold! I don’t care what it says on the bottle – I live dangerously.DSCN1361

I also ate a FiberOne bar after this since I felt snacky.DSCN1364

Dessert is on the menu – I broke up 2 ice cream bars (100 calories each) and topped them with apple chips and Yogi Crisps…happiness is eating ice cream while watching trashy TV 🙂DSCN1363

Since I ditched my lunch for today I don’t have to make lunch right now!

My Food Find of the day is Yogi Crisps. These were in the “healthy/organic/expensive” cereal section of the store. I was expecting granola, but this was more like cereal.DSCN1350

Here are the nutritionals…DSCN1352

These are a lot like corn flakes, but thicker. They have granola pieces stuck to them, but it’s not granola. My search for the perfect granola that isn’t 200 calories for a half a cup continues…does it exist???DSCN1356I had a few handfuls of that with an apple and seltzer for an afternoon snack. DSCN1357Why do I watch Top Chef? It just makes me hungry….

P.S. – FoodBuzz Fest – I need a roommate for the FB fest – email me if you know anyone 🙂


14 Responses

  1. I use go-lean crunch as my granola. Its 190 cal for 1 cup.Its great in yogurt!

  2. zazz raspberry lime seltzer = the only seltzer i will drink. good choice 🙂

  3. Ha, my boyfriend’s parents don’t refrigerate their condiments either! I find it makes them taste more vinegar-y. But I haven’t died yet, and neither have they, so there ya go 😉

  4. I never refrigerated my condiments until after I went to college, where my roommates did it. I guess I just felt the peer pressure 🙂

  5. Erin Baker makes good granola that is under 200 calories per 1/2 cup. She has chocolate, peanut butter and cinnamon raisin. There is another flavor but it wans’t fun enough for me so I haven’t tried it/checked the stats. I highly reccomend those flavors though! They are kind of elusive for me…I can only find them at Shaw’s. I don’t know if you have those in Maryland.

  6. some condiment I prefer warm, like my ketchup. Glad to see I’m not alone and were all not Dead! lol

  7. I usually heat up my ketchup, salsa, etc in the microwave–it never really occurred to me just not to refrigerate them 🙂

    I’m searching for that granola too, so if you find it let me know! I know there is a company called Zoe’s that makes low cal granola, but it has soy in it which is a big no no for me. Might work for you though!

  8. I just watched Top Chef too, all the food looks amazing! I wish I could be that good sometimes.
    Those Yogi Crisps look good, how do you eat them?

  9. Granola crisps?? YUM!

    I have never really thought about leaving my condiments out. My parents also kept them in the fridge so I guess it’s just a habit at this point!

  10. i’ve never seen that granola! YUMM whered you find it?? 🙂

  11. I don’t keep condiments in the fridge either! I hate it.

  12. “MOM’s” (aka My Organic Market — not sure if you have those) has pumpkin flax granola in their bulk section that is really, really low in calories/fat for granola. I can’t remember the exact nutritional stats since I don’t have any around the house right now but it’s delicious & not as calorie dense as most granola.

  13. I think Bear Naked makes “Bear Naked Fit” granola that’s lower in calories and sugar 🙂 I’ve only seen it once or twice in my grocery store and haven’t had a chance to buy it.

  14. zoe’s granola! it’s amazing! it is REAL granola but less than 200 cals for 3/4 a cup!! some stores carry it, or it’s super cheap on 3 different flavors too

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