Tempo Run

My training program called for a Tempo Run this morning – 1 mile warm up, 4 miles Tempo, 1 mile cool down. The point is to run faster than your marathon pace, but be able to sustain it for 4 miles. My  pace fluctuated depending on whether or not the ground was flat where I was, but I think I did well. I hate speed work, but I can get used to tempo runs 🙂

I wanted a big bowl of cereal for breakfast, but couldn’t decide between a yogurt bowl or soymilk – so I used both! I put a 1/2c of yogurt on the bottom then cereal, banana, PB and topped with soymilk. After I took the picture I mixed it all up and it was great! DSCN1347DSCN1346

Barefoot Running – I know there is a whole subset of runners who run barefoot. I have even seen barefoot runners speeding beside me at the Long Beach (Half) Marathon. I look at them and think, “That guy is an animal! I couldn’t do that.” But, I have never run barefoot. I’m scared that it will send pain up my knees or I’ll step on something gross. The NY Times is asking if you have run barefoot since it’s catching on…

Question: Have you/Would you run barefoot?

Happy Wednesday!


19 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t run barefoot personally, but I also run on the street for portions of my daily runs. I know a few people who like the Vibrams Five Fingers running shoes – they’re like toe socks, but shoes – I think those are nifty.

  2. barefoot running? no. BUT, I did run about a mile on my toes this weekend during my 11 miler because I had BLISTERS! gah no im trying to heal those suckers and my race is in 10 days 😦

  3. I’ve never run barefoot because my doc would kill me. After all my back problems I need the support of my shoes.

    Hunni wanted to try it though. He saw the guy at the running store with Vibram 5 fingers and begged me to buy them for him. I almost did except the price tag and his big feet. Perhaps we’ll get them in the future.

  4. I personally wouldn’t run barefoot. I’d be afraid of stepping on glass or god knows what else is on the ground…

  5. I also use a yogurt/soy milk mix when I can’t figure out which one I want. It seems to do the trick of satisfying both cravings. And running barefoot? Sounds a bit weird to me… but i am not a runner. Enjoy your day!

  6. i tried to define tempo running today, too! lol. we have very similar ideas to what it means. have a great day!

  7. Lacey – yes, we have similar ideas on what it means, but your body has a different definition of “faster”. You are speedy girl!

  8. I would not run barefoot. I feel like the roads are just too damn dirty and I’ve seen far too many dead animals on there lol

  9. ooo lovely breakfast!

    i have ran barefoot on the beach, for like … 1/2 mile or something, but i would NEVER run barefoot out on hard ground, it is SO BAD FOR YOUR JOINTS and your feeties .. torture!

  10. I would never run barefoot unless it was on the beach.

  11. I cna’t stand to get my feet dirty so I’l pass on it, It does look cool, they are SOLDIERS for being able to handle that!! Props to them!

  12. I love walking barefoot when I`m at my mom’s house in her nice clean grassy yard. But I could never run barefoot on pavement or anything. I`d be too worried that I would step on something.

  13. The consensus seems to be no to barefoot running 🙂

  14. yeah i’m going to go with no on barefoot running. i’ve done it on the grass after, say, a track workout but it looks like it would hurt too much!

    nice tempo! i did one yesterday and it felt great

  15. yeah, I am going to agree with everyone. But kudos to those that do!

  16. I don’t run so I can’t really answer that question. I would be a bit skeptical of germs and stepping on something horrible also though.

    That breakfast looks great!

  17. When I ran my marathon last year, there was a guy running it barefoot. And this is through the streets of Dallas= asphalt, glass, gravel, other bad things. His t-shirt said that it was something like his 60th barefoot marathon. Way to go, I suppose…

  18. Not sure I could ever run barefoot. I’m a bit of a germaphobe and I have enough trouble with my feet at times already. So, probably a ‘no’ from me. But if you try it, I’d love to hear what you think!

  19. I guess I’ll have to be the dissenting opinion here. I don’t often run barefoot except on the beach, but I’ve been wearing the Vibram FiveFingers that missyrayn mentioned, which while they protect your feet from stuff a lot like normal shoes, are pretty much like being barefoot when it comes to musculature.

    It’s weird, but even though it’s taken a while to get strong enough to wear them for a run, I enjoy running so much more now. I do highly recommend them and I have a full account of my experiences with the FiveFingers here if anyone is interested in seeing more.

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