Seven dollar salad

I made the exact same lunch as yesterday for today and just wasn’t feeling it. So, I went next door to the Giant market and got a salad from the salad bar. While $7.00 is A LOT cheaper than a WF salad it’s still 7 bucks I didn’t have to spend. At least I got a BIG one! Look at the salad container compared to the Kashi box. I was the only one at the salad bar using the biggest container. I think it’s meant to feed a party or something…DSCN1353

I don’t use dressing so I can use high-fat toppings as my dressing. I got some pasta salad, asian noodle salad and potato salad – on top of a lot of veggies!!! Kashis on the side 🙂DSCN1355

I also picked up a new find that I’ll tell you about later! Working next door to a supermarket is making it hard for me to stay on my food budget 😦

Mid-morning I had some kiwi and watermelon. Boo, I’m all out of watermelon and since we’re leaving on Saturday I won’t have time to buy more until we get back. I’m hoping for some great Belize fruit on our trip 🙂DSCN1349


Tempo Run

My training program called for a Tempo Run this morning – 1 mile warm up, 4 miles Tempo, 1 mile cool down. The point is to run faster than your marathon pace, but be able to sustain it for 4 miles. My  pace fluctuated depending on whether or not the ground was flat where I was, but I think I did well. I hate speed work, but I can get used to tempo runs 🙂

I wanted a big bowl of cereal for breakfast, but couldn’t decide between a yogurt bowl or soymilk – so I used both! I put a 1/2c of yogurt on the bottom then cereal, banana, PB and topped with soymilk. After I took the picture I mixed it all up and it was great! DSCN1347DSCN1346

Barefoot Running – I know there is a whole subset of runners who run barefoot. I have even seen barefoot runners speeding beside me at the Long Beach (Half) Marathon. I look at them and think, “That guy is an animal! I couldn’t do that.” But, I have never run barefoot. I’m scared that it will send pain up my knees or I’ll step on something gross. The NY Times is asking if you have run barefoot since it’s catching on…

Question: Have you/Would you run barefoot?

Happy Wednesday!

My life sounds interesting…

Today at the doctor’s office my life must have sounded interesting, or at least crazy, when I had to explain the following:

– Sorry, I am late and sweaty because I walked here since my car is in California.

– I don’t have any of my medical records, as they are in California, but I swear I got the first shot for Hep B – you can take my word for it. I also need Zoloft – just kidding. (She didn’t think that was funny.)

– I need anti-malarials since I’m going to Belize on Saturday.

–  And I need BC since the Belize trip is my honeymoon and without that there’s no point in going…

Well, one shot and some prescriptions later I am ready for Belize!!!

When I got home I was hungry. Since I didn’t have an afternoon snack and dinner wasn’t for another 3 hours I thought I could break my 30 minute kitchen wait rule and eat. I finally wanted yogurt and cereal.DSCN1327

Yesterday all I wanted for dinner was Rice and Beans, but the beans took to long and I made a Plan B dinner. So, tonight I used those beans with some brown rice for a super simple meal. DSCN1334

I made a big salad on the side for Ben and I to share.DSCN1329

and topped the beans and rice with tapatio 🙂DSCN1332

I wanted dessert and since the last 2 chocolate chip cookies were calling my name I went for it. Did I tell you that when I made these I used half the amount of butter and the rest a mashed banana. So, they totally taste like banana chocolate chip 🙂 I like it, but Ben didn’t so I ended up eating the whole batch myself. DSCN1335

I need a good traveler coffee mug since it’s getting chilly here and that means tea time! I’m thinking a Target stop is in order tomorrow.

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