I Love Rotta Wine

***This post is from Friday – for some reason it never got published. I’m just posting this for tonight because I’m having computer problems – must be all that porn I’ve been looking at…***

I got home and did my new “30 minute wait” before eating and it totally worked. I bet the chocolate chip muffin helped keep me from being hungry 🙂

I made Pita Pizzas for dinner. I love these. They are so easy and I love pizza. I used to go light on the cheese, but then I felt like I was getting ripped of, I mean c’mon I’m already cutting cals with pita bread instead of dough right? Broccoli in the microwave on the side 🙂DSCN1075

I made Ben BBQ Chicken pizza – he loved it. I love when I make something super simple and he’s impressed with it.

We also enjoyed some light and fruity Muscat Canelli from our favorite winery in Paso Robles, CA – Rotta Winery. Ben and I were wine club members and would drive up to Paso every couple of months for our shipment. I love this place and drinking this wine brought back memories of good times 🙂DSCN1082

I wanted to avoid dessert since I already had a chocolate chip muffin earlier, but I couldn’t (or I could, but I didn’t want to?). I had some of these “let’s make a fruit bad for you by frying it and coating it with sugar” apple chips.DSCN1084

And watermelon that I forgot to take a pic of.DSCN1085

I will be reading comments & you can always email me at runeatrepeat@gmail.com

My Plans for the weekend include – a long run tomorrow, grocery shopping and relaxing with Ben 🙂
Have a great weekend!!!

Wish me luck on the long run – I’ve been really discouraged by the humidity and hills lately!!!

***See you guys tomorrow – it’s a rest day 🙂


5 Responses

  1. Perfect timing for this post! I just bought a pack of pita today, and for the life of me I couldn’t remember why I had bought pita instead of tortillas this week.

    But seeing this post reminded me, pita pizza~!

  2. good luck on the long run! I find those are always more of a mental battle than anything, and the night before I usually do not feel up for it, but once I’m up and running I feel like I have no choice but to finish

  3. I’m subscribed to you for quite a while but can’t believe I have yet to comment.

    Anyway, love the pita pizza! And haha I loved what you said abt feeling cheated. I’m like that with cheese too…pile it on I say!

    Good luck on your runs tomorrow! Think of the refreshing cold shower you’re gonna take after, followed by a refreshing cold smoothie!

  4. I’m totally like you on the dessert thing! I need something sweet after dinner!
    What I do now it’s to eat my largest meal at lunch and my dinner is usually smoothies, oatmeal, cereal 🙂 haha

  5. We have a Friday night pizza tradition at our house. Seems like the perfect way to end the week!

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