I actually look forward to my walk home after work – courtesy of my “Chevrolegs” 🙂 Ben and I are still deciding whether or not we should get my car out here (it’s still in CA!). I can’t decide. I know I will really appreciate having it here in the winter, but I don’t know if I need it here??? It’s realistic that I may need it, I have no idea what a “real” winter is like (I actually don’t want to find out!).

Lunch was my traditional 2nd grade PB&J (on raisin bread = genius) and carrots. Maybe the diet Coke isn’t very 2nd grader friendly, but you get the idea.DSCN1169

I was still hungry after this, so I ate some pretzels with almond butter. I lost one in the jar!DSCN1171

Around 11am I ate 2 kiwis 🙂 Ben won’t eat them with the skin and I don’t want to peel them so they’re all mine!DSCN1168

My afternoon snack was cereal and soymilk. But, what I really wanted was fruit. I need to pack more fruit to work – that’s all I end up craving in the afternoon lately! DSCN1172

Ben is going to some new club for geniuses guys who like to make things after work, so I am flying solo for dinner. I have a lot of leftovers to hog to myself, I mean eat 🙂


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  1. Just warning you: winters in this area are BRUTAL. It gets bitter cold, especially in the early mornings. I grew up around here and I still can’t stand it. Having your car may be a good plan…

  2. I’m in No. VA not too far from you it sounds like – you will absolutely need your car!!

  3. PB&J on raisin bread? Well now I just feel stupid for never thinking of that

  4. I have a feeling you’re going to want a car in the winter….unless you have excellent public transportation nearby. Walking will be awfully cold.

    I’m on my own for dinner too. Hmmm… What to have?

  5. get the car…before it’s too late!

    even if you can brave the (very!) cold weather, it’ll be icy and the last thing you need is to fall and get injured.

    just lookin’ out for you 😉

  6. lol Great post title!

  7. Darn it. I need my car!

  8. You will want the car by November. The cold can be tolerable once you get moving as long as it’s dry outside. It’s the icy rain and snow, nonstop for hours and hours, that kills the will to be outside. And it gets dark early in winter.

  9. I’d also say get the car – better save than sorry…
    Also (and I’m not sure if I said this before) I LOVE your breadbox! I totally need to pick one of those up next time I’m in the states!

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