Everyone has bad runs

I am a recreational runner and in no way can I compare myself to these amazing professional athletes – I’m talking about the best female runners in the United States. Kara Goucher and Tera Moody are two of these women. These ladies had “bad” runs this week. Well, bad for them, I guess. Those stats would have been life changing for me 😉 But, it does give me some comfort to know that you can have a bad run and still be amazing like them!

From the LA Times…

Even The Best Female Runners Have Bad Runs Sometimes.


5 Responses

  1. Amazing. I can’t imagine ever attaining a time that they consider a “bad run.” So inspiring!

    Monica, I’m so disappointed. I went out to eat last night and all my intuitive eating rules went out the window. I overate and left feeling disgusting. I just started really trying to eat intuitively though, so I’m trying not to get too down about it. We all have setbacks so I’m just going to move on and pay better attention next time. It’s a new day right?

  2. hahah their bad runs are the in-my-dream runs 🙂

  3. They showed the entire race on TV here. It was inspiring to watch and even though it was a South African channel, they showed a lot of footage of Goucher. It was so inspiring. And a great race to watch, even if it was disappointing for Americans. Right up until the last kilometer you weren’t sure who was going to win.

  4. What a great article! Thanks for sharing. I would looove to have their stats!

  5. Glad you guys enjoyed 🙂

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